Room to Read | 2021 Annual Report


Global Board transitions

We welcomed several new Global Board members in 2021, including Vicky Tsai, founder of Tatcha; Lydie Hudson; and Najoh Tita-Reid, chief marketing officer of Logitech. In addition, Room to Read’s Founder, John Wood, transitioned off our Global Board of Directors and joined our Emeritus Board. John will always remain an active member of the Room to Read family, continuing to help transform the lives of children through education.

“I’ve now reached every founder’s dream-state: to look across the entire organization and see hundreds of skilled leaders making change happen every day and knowing that the organization will continue to thrive even after I depart.” – John Wood, Founder, Room to Read

“For a sustainable future, it is essential that we invest in the next generations globally. This entails enabling access to education for children everywhere, irrelevant of gender or economic backgrounds. It is my honor to join hands with Room to Read and their global board of executives from both private and public sectors to support and contribute to the mission of eradicating illiteracy and gender inequality.” – Lydie Hudson

“Education is everything — an invariable right, regardless of gender or economic background. We have an opportunity to ensure all children experience this, without prejudice or inequality. I would not be here today if someone did not fight for my right to have an education as a young girl growing up in a village in Africa and as a minority in the United States of America. I am humbled to join the Room to Read community and excited to play a part in supporting future generations with literacy and life skills that will shape tomorrow’s world.” – Najoh Tita-Reid, Chief Marketing Officer, Logitech “I’m incredibly honored to join Room to Read’s Board of Directors and for the opportunity to continue supporting Room to Read’s mission of transforming lives through education in an expanded, global role. As more than one billion children globally face pandemic-related learning loss, the need for Room to Read’s work has never been greater. I’m humbled to be a part of the program’s continued growth and impact both personally and professionally through Tatcha’s Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures Program.” – Vicky Tsai, Founder, Tatcha


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