Room to Read | 2021 Annual Report

MAJOR PARTNERS Organizational investors are critical to our success in improving the lives of children from historically under-resourced communities around the world. Whether through grants, employee engagement, cause marketing partnerships or in-kind donations, these partners help us create benefit at scale.

Atlassian Foundation International has donated more than US$12.5 million toward Room to Read’s programs. In 2019, Atlassian was the largest investor in our Girls’ Education Program in

Credit Suisse has been a strong corporate partner since 2005, benefiting more

than 150,000 children to date and funding multiple strategic projects, including the launch of Room to Read’s technical assistance work. Room to Read is one of the key partners in the Credit Suisse Financial Education for Girls Program, implementing financial education and life skills clubs in Tanzania and Sri Lanka. In addition, Credit Suisse launched a corporate matching program in 2020 to support our COVID-19 initiatives. Furthermore, Credit Suisse sponsored our 2020 virtual global gala, donates office space for Room to Read staff in Asia and provides capacity-building through its Global Citizens Program. In 2021, Echidna Giving made a 4-year grant investment in our Girls’ Education Program. Echidna Giving is a leading thought partner for Room to Read in the areas of innovation, analysis, learning and systemic change.

Cambodia and the largest corporate investor from Australia. Atlassian staff also provide significant personal support to Room to Read through their “Dollars a Day” workplace giving program.

Since 2015, Bank of America – BA Continuum

India (BACI) has supported Room to Read’s literacy efforts in India through the establishment of 230 libraries. BACI is also supporting thousands of girls in the Girls’ Education Program in India.

Since 2016, Room to Read has gratefully received over US$2.7 million in funding from

BNP Paribas Group and its employees globally. BNP Paribas Group entities supported our Girls’ Education Program in India and Vietnam through corporate social responsibility grants and employee engagement. This partnership has helped more than 19,284 girls to succeed in secondary school and develop key life skills. Since 2019, Cartier Philanthropy has partnered with us to support Girls’ Education in Cambodia and Bangladesh through a multiyear grant. Cartier Philanthropy is promoting the advancement of gender equality in education in these countries by impacting a total of 4,350 girls, changing the life trajectory of not only these girls but also their families and communities. is a long-time, essential partner in advancing projects

critical to Room to Read’s mission. Google has supported new projects to train teachers in Indonesia on conducting effective reading activities and increase access to Bahasa Indonesia children’s stories on, our digital learning platform. In addition, many Google employees have directed their time, talent, and treasure to help create much-needed educational opportunities for children around the world.

Through Goldman Sachs and Goldman Sachs Gives, the company and its senior executives have contributed more than US$25.6 million to Room to Read. In 2021, Goldman Sachs supported our Literacy

Through its e for Education initiative, Citi donates a percentage of the business proceeds traded electronically across its

and Girls’ Education Programs, benefiting more than 10,827 children.

Markets franchise to education-focused nonprofits. Citi’s e for Education has raised over US$56 million to date and Room to Read and Citi have been partners since the inception of this campaign in 2013. In 2021, Room to Read was the recipient of a US$930,000 grant toward our areas of greatest need.

IKEA Foundation has invested in

Room to Read’s literacy work in Bangladesh and Indonesia since 2016. The IKEA Foundation has also supported Room to Read’s first-ever girls’ education-focused technical


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