Room to Read | 2021 Annual Report

Delivering on our commitments

COMMITMENT TO DIGNIFIED LANGUAGE At Room to Read, we believe in the power of words to create a more equitable and just world. For this reason, we updated our language guidelines in 2021, pursuing an intentional and thoughtful shift toward increasing dignity and precision in how we reference the people and communities we serve. We look forward to a future in which all people — no matter the challenges they face or the circumstance they may currently be in — are recognized for their individuality and personal agency and represented with the inherent respect and dignity they deserve. COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION, GENDER EQUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY In our five-year strategic plan, Room to Read

committed to strengthening gender equality and diversity, equity and inclusion in our operations, and ensuring appropriate environmental sustain- ability practices are embedded in the organization. Collectively, these organizational commitments are strengthening the quality and sustainability of our programming and our worldwide enterprise. Our achievements include the following: • Gender Equality: We developed a gender- sensitive model for our organization and drafted gender policy recommendations and trainings; collaborated with Equimundo to review our Girls’ Education Program life skills curriculum and identified how to make it more gender- transformative; and designed programmatic offerings for boys, so that they, too, can become advocates for gender equality.


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