Room to Read | 2021 Annual Report

• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): We conducted a participatory organizational DEI assessment, including focus group discussions, interviews with staff across offices and levels and a worldwide staff survey to inform organiza- tional DEI goals; conducted staff workshops and trainings; established a DEI Working Group to serve as an advisory body for our processes; and continued to develop inclusive book collections with stories and images representing the diversity of the children and communities we serve. • Environmental Sustainability: As part of our commitment to lead responsibly and prepare children to catalyze transformative world change, we defined three strategic priorities for environmental sustainability:

Design programs that integrate environmental literacy; promote long-term environmental stewardship through programming efforts; and enhance environmental operational practices and improve environmental awareness internally. We have developed an Environmental Strategy Roadmap and engaged internal and external stakeholders in a materiality assessment which identified our greenhouse gas footprint, climate justice and materials management as key objectives. We developed climate curriculum to integrate into our Girls’ Education Program life skills curriculum, and we launched a climate justice children’s book series. Employees are also enabled to share best practices globally.


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