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May 2018

My Jour ney to a L i fe l ong Career i n Phys i ca l Therapy B ack when I was 13, my 8-year-old little brother broke his femur — one of the strongest, most durable bones in the human body. It was an agonizing experience for him, putting him in the hospital for I can’t remember how long and forcing him to spend months in a body cast Today, I oversee the vision and strategy of From Injury to Inspiration

the clinic, ensuring that the people we serve not only feel better physically, but feel well cared for on a deep personal level.

afterward. Then, once he finally escaped from the cast, he went straight into physical therapy. But even after his therapists got him through the pain and he was back living his life like a kid is supposed to, his troubles weren’t over. A few years later, totally unrelated to his other injury, he was diagnosed with Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease on the other side of his body. It’s a disorder that occurs mostly in adolescents when blood flow is interrupted from the ball- and-socket joint of the hip. Over the coming years, he underwent multiple surgeries, returning to physical therapy after each of them. Though his condition caused him no shortage of pain and functional impairment, I saw firsthand the very real impact that his physical therapists had on his life. No matter what my little brother was going through, his team of experienced professionals guided him through the recovery process and got him back to doing the things he loved. From then on, I developed a growing curiosity about physical therapy as a career, wondering how gratifying it would be to help patients just like my brother return to their favorite activities. In my senior year of high school, long after my brother finished his treatment, I took a job as an intern at the same clinic to see what PT was really about. It was incredible to see the injured patients who were unable to do the simple

tasks we take for granted. Walking, bending down to pick things up, and even sleeping through the night had become serious undertakings for many of our patients. But by the time their treatment graduation day arrived, they were so appreciative of the transformation they underwent with the help of their therapists. Within just a few days on the job, I knew physical therapy was the right path for me. Though I’m no longer a practicing physical therapist myself, I am realizing my lifelong dream by empowering my talented team to help an even larger network of patients through Achieve Physical Therapy. Today, I oversee the vision and strategy of the clinic, ensuring that the people we serve not only feel better physically, but feel well cared for on a deep personal level. Early on in my physical therapy career, I had a patient with a nasty knee injury who told me it was his dream to run a full marathon. He was clearly downtrodden by this new setback, worried that he might never be able to achieve his goal. Over the following weeks, we worked intensively to build up his flexibility and leg strength to the point where he could return to training. A few months later, he sent us a picture of him crossing the finish line with an exhausted, ecstatic expression on his face. The photo was accompanied by an incredibly kind note thanking us for helping him realize one of his loftiest dreams. To me, that is what physical therapy is about: helping people do what they love without worrying about a debilitating injury. It’s difficult to express just how grateful I am that I get to facilitate that transformation every day of the week with so many amazing people by my side.

–Bob Thomas


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