ORPS QUILTERS We meet in the West Room Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9AM to 4:30PM

LOT SALES AND FINANCING POSSIBILITIES The Ad Hoc Committee on Marketing has discussed many areas that would enable Outdoor Resort to move into the future. These include improving our web site, utilizing social media, creating brochures, targeted advertising, expanding the Ambassador’s Program, and video presentations at the front office. The key focus is to increase our visibility and expand into new markets to attract future owners and renters. One newer issue that has developed given the generational change that is occurring here is the need to provide financing options for prospective buyers. This option is not only a marketing tool and increases the pool of buyers, but also creates an additional yield on the investment to the benefit of the Seller or a private party lender. The Committee is exploring this option and will have more information to share with Owners over the next few months.

The ORPS quilters brought the season to an end with Round Robin quilts (a quilt that is made by a group of quilters) which resulted in a creative explosion of skill and artistic talent in each quilter. The LINUS Project was successful with raffles and quilt sales that provided for a donation of significant money and quilts. Classes were held in Tuffet making and Paper Piecing . Many beautiful quilts were created. Overall, a very successful season and we especially thank you for the support you provide in our LINUS Project.

NEEDLECRAFT We meet every Monday 1:30 to 4PM in the East Room We socialize as we work. If you enjoy any kind of needlework, please join us. P HYLLIS P ASHOTE , Lot 402 925 786-4472

The winner of this beautiful quilt in March was M ARGARET S MITH

MAHJONG Meets in the East Room Tuesdays at 1PM For more information call S UE D OTY 916 205-7966 or

Next year consider bringing your sewing machine and join us in making LINUS quilts as well as something for yourself. We have some fabrics available just for LINUS. Happy travels to you all. S ANDY B RIDGES , Lot 784 - Quilting Reporter

Thursdays call M ARTHA C AMPBELL 707 228-0567

TEXAS HOLD’ EM Texas Hold’em continues to grow with events held Monday & Thursday at 6:45PM With a maximum of 50 players, we have experienced sellouts, so show up EARLY.

Come and play or learn to play. It’s addictive!

WEDNESDAYS AT LA PALMA 6:30PM Early Bird Bingo 7PM Regular Bingo Games end around 9PM


Join us for Happy Hour 4-7PM

Free popcorn, coffee and fun

Paper pack of 10 games $6 Early Bird sheets $1 each Intermission game $1 each Candy & soda pop available See you there!


Cocktails - Music Goodies


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