HISTORY OF THE ORACLE In 1991, J EAN S MITH , an owner serving as Activities Chair was the first to suggest a newsletter. She and S HERRY O UTLAW , also an owner, serving as Activities Coordinator, put together a paper called Recreation in Paradise ; soon it became No Name News . They had a contest to name the paper. At that time our Resort went by the title Outdoor Resorts of America - Palm Springs , or ORA-PS for short. J OE & D INNY F RASIER won the contest by tacking CLE onto ORA. H ELEN N AYFACK was the next to take over as Editor. J OHN C HARLES B EAULIEU & S TEVE M ICHAELS , who had one of the first computers in the Resort, helped Helen. In 1993 C ATHY C HAUNCEY joined the team and became Assistant Editor. S HEILA K OENIG & N ANCY W RIGHT also joined. M ARGIE S LEIGHT , Board Secretary at the time, assisted the volunteers. They used their own typewriters and word processors. For years they gathered in the Board Office and put the ORACLE together with a cut and paste session, then taking it to a local printer. In December, 1998, Helen became ill and passed away. Cathy became Editor and started using a computer. In February 1999 we were given a Resort computer and a space in the Board Office. Karen Peterson, Ellen Lynch, Gloria Michaels, Judy DeRanek & Yvonne Ogle joined the team. We had to get out if the Board wanted a private meeting, usually the day before we had to go to print! We soon moved into a stor- age room next door. That’s where we lived two weeks of every month for many years. A few years ago we moved to a room near the fireplace at La Palma that was formerly the Security Office. We have enjoyed having access to it whenever we had free time, even on weekends and evenings. So it is time to say good-bye to the old format and hello to the online version.

We thought this would be a good time to recognize the many volunteers who have worked on the ORACLE through the years…. going back to the first issue and trying to calculate the years served. See below and around this page for the names and the approximate years they volunteered.

Nancy Wright - 12 Mary Ann Priddy - 11 Elizabeth West - 10 Frank Ellis - 10 Sheila Koenig - 10 Steve & Gloria Michels - 10


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