COMMUNICATIONS MMI Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. WE NEED YOU!!!!! Do you tell others about ORPS? It’s time we all give our relatives, friends and neighbors reasons to come and visit. What other place in the valley offers golfing, tennis, pickleball, access to many pools and spas, laundry and trash services, postal facilities, an on-site cafe and beauty shop and weekly activities and dances? As owners, we are the best ambassadors for enticing new owners and renters. Spread your enthusiasm and promote ORPS. We can look forward to a new improved website soon. Look at the various committees at ORPS:  Health and Fitness  A&A  Facilities Planning  Golf  Activities  Landscape  Safety and Security  Communications See where your interests lie and volunteer. We are al- ways looking for people to help. There is also an Ad Hoc Pets and Marketing Committee. Questions? Contact S USAN M ATTHEW at the Board Office and she will forward your request to the correct chair.  If you received a letter about your trees on your lot and assignment of responsibility and have questions, please contact C LINT A THERTON , our General Manager:  Think about motion-lights on or around your rigs over the summer. Do not turn off your breaker as lights needs to stay on during the summer . See article in the ORACLE that mentions measures lot owners can take to ensure lots and rigs are safe.  If you are beside a lot that is not being kept up, contact B ARBARA 760-328-3834 in the office, she will contact the owners.  The Advisory vote on Pickleball was passed with a total of 771 ballots, 608 voted YES so pickleball will be an activity in the Resort. The two board members who were voted for the three year terms are: B OB M OORE and C RAIG W IRCH . D EDE L OOP will assume the one year term, left vacant when R ON J ACKSON resigned. J OAN C RAVEN Chair George Bernard Shaw

FACILITIES PLANNING Feel free to share your input at:

The Chair would like to thank the Board of Directors for their work in overseeing the best interest of our Resort. The Chair would also like to thank our committee member Volunteers who have worked throughout the season to see that our Resort remains up to date, functional and beautiful. The Facilities Planning Committee has reviewed the capital items submitted to our Committee and prioritized these projects to be addressed within 1 - 2 years and 3 - 8 years. At this time the committee has not made a formal recommendation to proceed with any of the top three projects, as more information is needed in the upcoming months to make responsible infrastructure changes. The committee was specifically requested to work with GM C LINT A THERTON on the ES kitchen update which is a Reserve Fund item. The Kitchen Focus group suggested that much of the current layout in the ES kitchen was working well and did not need major changes. The freezers, refrigerator and dishwasher need to be replaced and countertop repairs will be made. Some of the long range items that need to be addressed in the kitchen are the stove, hood and addition of convection ovens. As reserve funds are limited, this project, and other ES clubhouse and kitchen upgrades have been identified and categorized into phases and will be initiated as funds are available in upcoming years. As always, all owners are welcome to attend any Facility Planning Meeting and we welcome your suggestions, ideas and comments on the state of our facilities. Our goal in the upcoming season is to review all of our facilities and determine if we are staying current with the preferences of our owners and also keeping our five star rating as a premier RV Resort. M ARSHA N ELSON D ICK T OMLIN Co-Chairs


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