MedMMAP Newsletter 1

Opportunity to Reduce Costs Medmarc ® , a leading medical device industry insurer specializing in product liability risks facing medical technology and life science companies, has outlined how it believes programs like MedAccred’s critical process supply chain accredita- tion system are helping the medical device industry to establish, according to Medmarc, “better supplier controls” which “could, over the long term, result in fewer recalls, fewer adverse events, and overall greater quality of products for the indus- try as a whole.”. “Medmarc recognizes the value of a supply chain accreditation program, such as MedAccred, and considers the integrity of an applicant’s supplier controls as part of the underwriting process.” MedMMAP Bottom Line—Growing Top Line Revenue MedMMAP, backed by the power of the MEP National Network, can help U.S. medical device manufacturers improve their competitive advantage and growth capability by adding MedAccred accreditation to their critical processes.

Contact Us Seven MEP Centers are leading the MedMMAP program. Give us a call for more information about how MedMMAP is helping manufacturers achieve MedAccred accreditation, or visit us at:

California California Manufacturing Technology Consulting ® (CMTC) Chris Buthe 310.634.2908 Georgia Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership (GaMEP) Tim Israel 404.894.2272 Indiana Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Purdue MEP) Chris Pearson 317.388.5124 Michigan Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) Robert Lyscas 734.451.4228 New Jersey New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc. (NJMEP) Bob Salamone 973.998.9801 Texas TMAC Mona Elkhatib 469.767.4305 Virginia and Nationwide GENEDGE Anthony Cerilli 804.517.1235

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