Research Report on COVID-19

Prepared by an epidemiologist, this report shares and reviews clinical studies, documentaries, articles, reports, interviews, personal injuries and other matters regarding COVID-19 and the so-called vaccines.

Prepared by an epidemiologist (Edward), this report shares and reviews clinical studies, documentaries, articles, reports, interviews, personal injuries and other matters regarding COVID-19 and the so-called vaccines. Research Report on COVID-19



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3. Covid documentaries and illustrations 3. Mock pandemics that became true 4. Foretelling of the Covid pandemic 4. VAERS information 5. Clinical trial data and studies on the Covid vaccines 7. PCR testing and bogus Covid data 9. Doctors against Covid vaccines and mandates 11. Pfizer vaccine injuries and vaccine shedding 12. CDC studies and statements with erroneous logic 15. Flawed data from vaccine registries 16. Pandemic of the vaccinated 18. The Covid pandemic was incentivized. 18. Big pharma facts that make you wonder 19. Weird news on the FDA 20. Change of heart: mRNA technology and Dr. Malone 21. Moderna news for you to know 21. Ingredients of the Covid vaccines and potential effects 22. Ivermectin: potential treatment for Covid 23. Remdesivir and Olumiant: potential killers for Covid patients 24. Health care workers against Covid vaccines and mandates 24. Face mask wearing to stop viruses is uncertain. 25. Covid bills and patents with too many 6’s 25. Bill Gates is a problem. 26. Startling information on vaccines

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“If you think the government loves you or created the Covid shots for your health, take the blue pill, close this report and believe whatever you like. If you think something is wrong with the Covid narrative or shots, take the red pill, proceed with this report and see how far the rabbit hole goes. Just know information in this report may cause mental or emotional distress. ”

27. Is 5G technology related to the Covid pandemic? 28. Strange things related to Covid and the vaccines 31. Unethical practices related to Covid and other health issues 32. Fear and mind control tactics of the Covid pandemic 34. The Race angle on Covid and the vaccines 34. The World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and The Great Reset 35. Covid vaccine injuries and adverse events 38. Satirical Covid sketches and videos 38. Findings and questions that challenge or debunk the Covid narrative 40. List of doctors against Covid vaccines and mandates 41. Final thoughts

*COVID-19 stands for coronavirus disease of 2019. *COVID-19 is also referred to as COVID or Covid. *Vaccinated is also referred to as vaxxed. *Unvaccinated is also referred to as unvaxxed. *Vaccine is also referred to as shot.

*For familiarity, this report uses the word ‘vaccines,’ even though many doctors in this report identify them as gene therapies. *The developer does not agree with every person in this report.


As of 8/26/22, all web links in this report work.


Plandemic is a documentary about the Covid narrative and shots.

Plandemic 2 is a documentary that delves deeper into the Covid narrative.

This documentary (The Real Anthony Fauci) deeply investigates Dr. Fauci’s connections with Covid, HIV, AZT, secret experiments on children, Bill Gates and other major events.

This documentary (Following the Science) investigates the Covid narrative from multiple angles.

This documentary on the Covid crisis is entitled Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion.

This documentary (Anecdotals) shares the life stories of individuals who were injured from Covid shots, while being ignored, gaslighted and shamed from mainstream authorities.

This documentary (Fluvid-19) unravels the Covid pandemic, including the mislabeling of Covid cases.

Here’s a fascinated video on different aspects of the Covid pandemic.

Here’s a cool Illustration that highlights important facts about the Covid narrative.


Event 201 was a high-level pandemic exercise that occurred in New York City a few months before the pandemic started. Coincidentally, the mock exercise involved a novel coronavirus outbreak. All the major players attended, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University

and Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

In March of 2021, the Nuclear Threat Initiative conducted a mock exercise of a monkeypox pandemic that spreads across the world. Coincidentally, they were right again, since authorities now claim a monkeypox virus is actually spreading. Wow, these people are magical with their mock exercises. consequence-biological-threats/ Her e’s a link to a mock pandemic (SPARS) developed by Johns Hopkins University. This exercise was completed in 2017 and involved a response to a novel coronavirus originating from Southeast Asia. This one hasn’t happened …yet. scenario.html (Mike Adams discusses the SPARS script.)


In October of 2022, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University and the World Health Organization conducted another mock pandemic called Catastrophic Contagion. This time around, this “exercise” covered the spread of a respiratory illness with a higher fatality rate than Covid that targets young people and children. Thus, no one should be surprised when it happens again. Bill Gates did say this about getting people’s attention with the next pandemic.


This is the statement from Bill Gates in 2010 saying , “If we do a good job with new vaccines, health care and reproductive services, we can lower the world population by 10-15%. ” Start at 4:25. Dr. Fauci made a definitive statement in 2017 that a surprise infectious disease outbreak will occur during the Trump presidency. He was completely right, but how did he know for certain? address.html A couple of months before the pandemic, Dr. Fauci and others discussed the creation of a disruptive event that wouldn’t be restricted by governments. They spoke about a novel virus deriving from China and how that RNA sequence could be beamed across the world. Coincidentally, the Covid genome sequence is now beamed across the world to hospitals and doctors, as viral isolation is not encouraged or recommended by the World Health Organization. The National Institutes of Health authored evidence that the US (via the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases which is led by Dr. Fauci) funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China, the place where the pandemic started. Gain-of-function research strives to make viruses or pathogens more transmissible and/or deadly. Dr. Fauci vehemently denied this under oath before Congress. In this old video from 1995, Dr. Pierre Gilbert predicts that a mandatory vaccination will create mind- controlled zombies who’ll receive electromagnetic signals.


Below is a link to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System). This system tracks injuries and deaths from all vaccines since 1990, including the Covid shots. Based on this system and the Harvard study below, the Covid shots have potentially killed and/or injured millions of people. According to VAERS, the Covid shots have killed roughly three times more people than all the other vaccines combined since 1990. ( As of June 25 th of 2022, Covid vaccines potentially caused 29,031 deaths compared to 9,555 deaths from all the other vaccines combined since 1990. These numbers only represent less than 1% of the actual Covid injuries and deaths.) Drs. Fauci and Walensky claim VAERS reports aren’t confirmed, but Covid deaths and cases aren’t confirmed either, all while posting those numbers everywhere. Also, filing a VAERS report is laborious, taking roughly 30 minutes to complete. Who would waste time filing fake reports?


This Harvard study found that less than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported to VAERS. This is why the Covid shots have potentially injured and/or killed millions of people around the world, using the captured cases in VAERS. Any study using only the VAERS numbers (without considering the underreporting of Covid injuries and deaths) is a bogus study. Some of CDC’s studies made this mistake . I wonder why CDC wasn’t responsive to this Harvard study at the end. Also, health care workers are admitting that they never heard of VAERS , so it’s clear that many vaccine deaths and injuries aren’t being reported. ent- reporting-system This sworn lawsuit from a CMS (Center for Medicaid Services) worker states VAERS data are grossly underreported. This person indicates that vaccine injuries and deaths are being removed or hidden in VAERS. When this form was filed on July 19 th of 2021, this person said there were roughly 45,000 deaths that had been reported to VAERS. Now consider the fact that fewer than 1% of injuries and deaths are even captured in VAERS. When asked about the death and injury reports in VAERS, Drs. Walensky and Fauci refused to admit that the Covid shots cause serious illness and death. Their ridiculous example was eerily dismissive. Ironically, people who died from gunshot wounds and motorbike crashes were listed as Covid deaths.


This article discusses Pfizer’s vaccine clinical trial. Less than 1% of people in the placebo group developed symptomatic Covid infection. They used relative risk versus absolute risk reduction, which brought them to their 95% effective “talking point.” FDA recommends using absolute risk reduction, as relative risk reduction misleads people into thinking they have more protection with the vaccine. Also, this study didn’t measure asymptomatic in fection and transmission rates between the vaxxed and unvaxxed. There was no significant difference in mortality between the vaxxed and unvaxxed. (absolute risk reduction vs. relative risk reduction)

This CDC page covers clinical trial data for the Pfizer vaccine. In summary, vaxxed people experienced significantly more symptoms from taking the shot compared to those in the placebo group. If the argument is that the vaccine prevents people from being hospitalized, vaxxed people got more symptoms upfront from taking the shot compared to unvaxxed people who were slightly more likely to get symptomatic Covid infection. It would be good to learn if people are more likely to be hospitalized from taking the shot compared to those who develop symptomatic Covid infection. This study found that people who took Covid shots were 27 times more likely to catch Covid compared to those with natural Covid immunity. Vaxxed people were also more likely to be hospitalized from Covid compared to those with natural immunity. Of the 9 people hospitalized from Covid in the study, 8 of them were vaxxed. This study found that 94% (948 out of 1,006) of vaxxed people had blood that showed clotting, irregularities and objects of unknown origin. The blood samples of 12 of them were collected beforehand, in which their blood was normal before receiving the shot.


Among the known outcomes for pregnant women in Pfizer’s clinical trial, 82 -97% of them who were vaxxed lo st their baby. These results aren’t complete, since Pfizer didn’t know the outcomes for 238 of the 270 pregnant women in their trial. In addition, CDC also performed a study on pregnant women who took Covid shots, and when assessing for the women who took a shot in the first or second trimester, 82% of them suffered a miscarriage too. This is appalling. This study found trace amounts of the mRNA shots in the breast milk of breastfeeding mothers. This finding presents so many questions and concerns, specifically the extent of the biodistribution of the shots throughout the body and the health effects of these spike proteins in newborn babies and in various organs. 1c25-4828-b261- 9f321e5126a1&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social_jamapeds&utm_term=7701881843&utm_ca mpaign=article_alert&linkId=183092079 Steve Kirsch, who’s the Executive Director for the Covid -19 Early Treatment Fund, presents clinical trial data from Pfizer’s Phase 3 trial. Among those who took the shot, results show there was no statistically significant benefit in reducing mortality, while showing a statistically significant increase in morbidity. In addition, all-cause mortality rates were higher in those who were vaxxed in the trial. Dr. Clare Craig summarizes results from Pfizer ’s vaccine trial for children. Six vaxxed children had severe Covid compared to 1 unvaxxed child. One child was hospitalized, and that child was vaxxed. Throughout the study, vaxxed children caught Covid more than the unvaxxed ones until the end of the study. Also, vaxxed children were more likely to catch Covid twice in the trial. d.html This study found that Pfizer’s Covid shot reve rse transcribes and installs DNA into the human genome. Authorities said this wasn’t possible with the shots. Dr. Peter McCullough discusses it here. This clinical trial is studying the safety, tolerability, immunogenicity and efficacy of Covid mRNA vaccines. This trial started in April 2020 and ends in Feb. 2024. If “science” has already proven these shots to be safe and effective, why are clinical trials like this still taking place? Why would officials give any therapy to the mass public that’s still being studied? To date, more than 1,000 peer reviewed articles have been published regarding injuries and deaths from the Covid shots. vaccine-injuries/ Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the Surgeon General for Florida, released official guidance for young males to stop receiving the Covid shots after finding an 84% increase in cardiac related deaths among males between 18-39 years old within 28 days of getting a Covid shot. This study found that many women experienced menstrual irregularities after getting the Covid shot. Among women with regular menstrual bleeding before the shot, 42% of them bled heavier after the shot, while 66% of postmenopausal women experienced bleeding again after getting the shot.


This study found that Covid shots impair the reproductive ability of vaxxed men.

This study, endorsed by the World Health Organization, found that vaxxed people are more than 300 times more likely to suffer a serious vaccine injury than be hospitalized from Covid infection. This answers the question that was asked here. This study found that mRNA shots have the potential to cause prion disease and other neurological degenerative diseases in those who take them. k_of_Prion_Disease This study found that people in the United Kingdom (over 18 years old) who took three Covid shots were in the negative with Covid complications, meaning they were more likely to experience Covid infections, hospitalizations and deaths compared to the unvaxxed population since December 2021. This study found that young boys and men younger than 30 years old (who received the mRNA shots) were roughly 133 times more likely to develop myocarditis than unvaxxed men/boys in the population. (Dr. Been breaks down this article.)

This study found that Covid vaccines can cause hepatitis, which may explain the rise in hepatitis cases in children across the country. Denmark isn’t offering Covid shots or boosters for people under the age 50 except for particular cases. They claim this is due to the high vaxxed rate in Denmark. You be the judge. This study found that people with PhDs had the highest rates of vaccine hesitancy. People with PhDs were three times more likely to be vaccine hesitant than those with a Master’s degree.


Dr. Kary Mullis who created the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test and won a Nobel prize for it mysteriously died a few months before the pandemic started. He was a critic of Dr. Fauci, even challenging him to debates. He said Fauci didn’t know anything about anything.(2 nd link) He also stated that the PCR test should never be used to diagnose clinical infections. This video discusses the issue of PCR cycles and how most of the Covid PCR tests are running more than 35 cycles to diagnose Covid, rendering the results completely useless. These researchers performed a meta-analysis to determine the percentage of Covid cases that were asymptomatic. Surprisingly, they found a wide range of results. Asymptomatic Covid cases ranged from 4%-80% across the different studies, showing no real consistent mark. This may be the case, since PCR testing was never an appropriate tool to diagnose clinical infection.


In January of 2021, the World Health Organization released this memo to doctors and medical staff across the world, instructing them to be weary of Covid false positives. This memo instructed medical staff to be more diligent before listing someone as Covid positive. It indirectly stated that false positives can occur using high PCR cycles, and that clinical symptoms should be present before listing someone as Covid positive. Covid cases and deaths dropped dramatically after this.

The Bulgarian Pathology Association stated that PCR tests for Covid are scientifically meaningless.

This FDA document indicates that scientists didn’t use the actual Covid virus to calibrate their PCR test. Therefore, many question the validity of the PCR tests around the world for truly detecting Covid. See pg. 40: No quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed. The scientists who calibrated the PCR test to diagnose Covid made this statement in the background section of their paper: “ We designed candidate diagnostic RT-PCR assays before release of the first sequence of 2019-nCoV. ” This essentially means that they calibrated the PCR test for Covid detection before Covid’s genome sequence was even released publicly. This is completely unscientific. FDA states that: the detection of viral RNA (via PCR) may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for symptoms . (pg. 38, 3 rd bullet point) The sixth bullet point down states that: the test can’t rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens .

Dr. Wu Zunyou from the Chinese CDC states that they never isolated the Covid virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) shared this report with countries and stakeholders, where they provide the following recommendation on page 3 under “Viral Culture”: Virus isolation is not recommended as a routine diagnostic procedure . Why would WHO discourage other countries or entities from isolating the virus to ensure it’s the thing that’s causing sickness in patients? eng.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y CDC no longer recommended its PCR test for Covid detection after 12/31/21. That was odd to many. oV- 2_Testing_1.html

The first PCR tests designed by the CDC had design flaws, leading to many false positives for Covid.

Nurse speaks on the dangers of ethylene oxide on Covid test swabs. It’s mutagenic and carcinogenic.

Ethylene oxide on Covid test swabs is toxic and cancerous and can damage DNA. It can also cause the loss of taste and smell.


Rapid at-home antigen tests to diagnose Covid infection contain a very toxic substance called sodium azide. View news clip. It’s a potent poison and even low dose ingestion can cause significant toxicity. antigen-covid-tests/ Researchers at Johns Hopkins University devised a method via “theragrippers” to deliver medicine inside of animals. Some believe this technology is being used now to deliver the mRNA technology to people being tested for Covid via PCR swabs. The Tanzanian President, who held a PhD in chemistry, purposedly submitted samples of papaya, quail, pawpaw, goat and even engine oil, which all tested positive for Covid. He died soon after this.


This video summarizes the expert advice and opinions of hundreds of doctors and health care providers regarding Covid and the shots. Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize winner, explains how the Covid shots may cause neurodegenerative illness in the vaxxed, while harming the health of future generations. Rest in peace Dr. Montagnier. neurodegenera.html Dr. Vladamir Zelenko, a medical doctor who provided care to presidents of nations, shares his expertise and advice on the dangers of the Covid shots, along with his own treatment protocol. He also created a Covid Vaccine Death Report you can view here. Rest in peace Dr. Zelenko. vacc.html Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, former Program Manager for GAVI ’s Ebola vaccine program, delivers his expert views on the dangers of the Covid shots, including immune escape and unprecedented deaths. dire-w.html Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche gives his last call to action regarding the mass vaccination campaign that caused tons of immune escape and variants, leading to an humanitarian crisis. Dr. Tenpenny presents neurodegenerative illnesses and cancers that the Covid shots may cause. .html

Drs. Tenpenny and Mikovits predict how many people may die from taking Covid shots.

Dr. Shawn Brooks gives his expert assessment on the consequences of taking Covid shots. months.html

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad explains the nature of the Covid shots as biological weapons.


Dr. Shankara Chetty provides his thorough breakdown on the Covid shots and pandemic.

Dr. David Martin discusses many facts and details about the Covid narrative.

Dr. David Martin drafted a Dossier on Dr. Fauci. There are many levels to the story.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson presents his medical perspective on the Covid pandemic and lies.

Dr. Christina Parks makes a presentation against the Covid narrative and mandates.

Dr. Christina Parks discusses how Blacks are more susceptible to vaccine injuries. park.html Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP, speaks on the dangers of the mRNA shots. m.html

Dr. Dan Stock, an immunologist, challenges the science behind the Covid narrative.

Dr. Richard Fleming explains how the Covid shots were less than 1% more effective than the placebo along with the difference between relative risk reduction and absolute risk reduction. Dr. Ryan Cole shares how the Covid shots repress receptors that keep cancer cells in check, causing spikes in cancers across the world. Dr. Richard Urso explains where the Covid shot materials travel after injection and how they can harm one’s long-term health.

An Italian doctor provides her dire perspective on the Covid narrative and consequences.

Dr. Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon, published an article on NIH’s website, detailing his expert opinion on the Covid pandemic and shots . It’s a great read with a wealth of information. Dr. Youngblood shares his medical views against the Covid shots to the San Diego City Council. covid-in.html Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay provides her medical reasons for wanting the Covid shots halted. 21.html


Dr. Aseem Malhotra is a vaxxed cardiologist who endorsed the Covid shots on national television. After the death of this vaxxed father, Dr. Malhotra conducted further research to arrive at his conclusion that the Covid shots aren’t safe and should be halted t ill further review. His published paper on this matter can be viewed here. The World Council for Health, which collaborates with 130+ organizations in 40 countries, demands an immediate stop to the Covid shots due to being dangerous and unsafe for human use.


Here ’s Pfizer ’s Adverse Events Report. (2/28/21) Over 1,200 different types of vaccine injuries were reported just during the first three months of the vaccine rollout. (Listed on page 30) Of course, this was downplayed by the mainstream media. Pfizer hired 2,400 new employees to process the “large number of adverse events” that occurred during the first three months of their vaccine rollout. That doesn’t sound too safe. new-report-reveals-63829 This is a touching story about Maddie de Garay who’s a 13 year old girl who was critically injured while participating in Pfizer’s clinical trial for children. How many more stories like this are out there?

The Pfizer shot reduces antibodies and immune systems in vaxxed people.

The European Union warns that Covid booster shots may weaken people’s immune systems. News

Pfizer made the following statement in its clinical report on “ vaccine shedding” or how the vaxxed can be occupational hazards to the unvaxxed on pg. 69: An occupational exposure occurs when a person receives unplanned direct contact with the study intervention, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an adverse event. Such persons may include health care providers, family members, and other roles that are involved in the trial participant’s care. (It essentially referred to vaxxed participants as occupational hazards.) Dr. Kaufman and Karen Kingston present many studies and documents regarding toxic vaccine ingredients, graphene oxide and Covid shedding. Particularly, the FDA clearly knows (via the 2 nd link) that vaxxed people can shed spike proteins to unvaxxed people. However, this information wasn’t shared with the public. shedding-studies-virus-or-bacteria-based-gene-therapy-and-oncolytic-products

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad discusses shedding of the spike protein from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed, causing harm to the unvaxxed too.


Dr. Peter McCullough confers how the mRNA in the Covid shots transfers from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed, potentially reinstalling into the genome of the unvaxxed. He cites many studies and authors who found this to be occurring. unvaccina.html Dr. Lawrence Palevsky shares his expertise on spike protein shedding via mRNA shots. protein.html Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea presents her medical findings regarding D-Dimer tests in her unvaxxed patients, showing that shedding appears to occur between the vaxxed and unvaxxed. Dr. Christiane Northrup discusses her medical observations on the shedding nature of spike proteins (induced from Covid shots) and how they can impair the reproductive nature of both men and women.


This CDC article reports that the benefits of Covid shots outweigh their risks regarding myocarditis. It’s perplexing that CDC would perform a risk/benefit analysis by only evaluating one vaccine risk, that being myocarditis. There are hundreds of other risks associated with the shots. CDC would need to include all risks associated with the shots to be more accurate. Also, this study only used myocarditis data from VAERS, and it’s known that VAERS only captures less than 1% of all vaccine injuries. So this assessment isn’t close to being accurate or complete. How CDC determines the vaccine benefits with bogus PCR cases and deaths is also problematic. This KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) study presents misinformation about hospitalizations and deaths based on vaccine status. The study states that unvaxxed people are more likely to be hospitalized or die, but it included those who were partially vaccinated and those with an unknown vaccine status in the unvaxxed group. This clearly biased the results by combining three groups into one. Why d idn’t they list separate columns and rates per group? This was incredibly deceptive. Also, this study presented an unorthodox manner of collecting Covid data, which was clearly inconsistent and confusing. So many errors can be highlighted, but the study correctly stated that the deaths in the results may not be caused by Covid. Keep in mind that this poor study jumpstarted the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” movement. In 2020, CDC released a report with data showing that 94% of Americans who allegedly died from Covid had on average 2.6 additional comorbidities that may have contributed to their death. Stating people absolutely died from Covid, using faulty PCR tests and incentives for doctors and hospitals to mark Covid on death certificates, is irresponsible and unethical. There are even reports of medical personnel giving Covid tests to patients after death. This presentation, from a CDC doctor representing a Covid- 19 Planning Unit, isn’t erroneous but revealing. This presentation was made in September of 2020, where the doctor clearly showcased (on slide 8) a preliminary list of “adverse events of special interest” regarding the Covid shots. This list included death, Covid-19 disease, myocarditis, transverse myelitis, stroke, autoimmune disease and


many other illnesses. Ironically, the FDA presented a similar list of potential injuries from taking the Covid shots. However, both agencies continued to shout the safety of these shots, even though they clearly knew the shots could cause serious harm in a myriad of ways. Most people knew nothing of these risks before taking the shots. This CDC study is a prime example on how flawed vaccine registries and data massaging may have biased the results. This study presents favorable data for the shots preventing hospitalization, but to its credit, it lists many study limitations, stating that the vaccine effectiveness rates were imprecise and should be interpreted with caution. Without sound vaccine data, these studies hold little weight. In the fifth paragraph, data massaging appeared to occur with excluding certain patients for the analysis. Only 25% of the eligible patients were included in the study, and no explanation was given on how they were chosen. An additional 7,500 patients were also excluded without reason. A sound statistician can manipulate data and include certain patients to get the desired results. Moreover, no explanation was given on why the unvaxxed patients were in the hospital. Just know that unvaxxed patients are tested more often than vaxxed patients and are usually in the hospital for other reasons besides Covid. In Table 1 of the study, they included substantially more unvaxxed patients in this study who tested both positive and negative for Covid. Again, it appears that data massaging occurred to get the desired results, which contradict completely with this study. This CDC study also used data from vaccine registries, and for insight on this tricky topic, click here. This CDC study on breakthrough cases also used smoke and mirrors to give the desired illusion. Even though the PCR test is erroneous, this study claimed that only a small fraction of vaxxed people experienced a breakthrough infection in the US. However, the study listed the following statement as a limitation which says everything — "The number of reported COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases is likely a substantial undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons. The national surveillance system relies on passive and voluntary reporting, and data might not be complete or representative. ” Nothing else needs to be said here. CDC lies by stating that there are only four serious outcomes from Covid vaccines. They keep using the word “rare.” If a legitimate tracking system isn’t in place, how does one know if these injuries are rare or not? VAERS only captures less than 1% of all vaccine injuries/deaths. If a person gets a Covid vaccine and is hospitalized within 14 days, that person is still considered unvaxxed in this study. These studies never attempt to associate vaccine administration with a person getting sick or being hospitalized. They direct all attention to their unvaxxed status, which is deceptive. CDC’s surveillance system for monitoring Covid breakthrough cases and deaths was passive, meaning that health departments voluntarily reported thei r state’s breakthrough cases to the CDC. It also appears that not all health departments participated in this process. Thus, the system for monitoring breakthrough cases was never consistent. Again, the PCR tests are pointless, but it’s notable to mention that CDC ’s method for tracking vaccine effectiveness was inept. Nearly half of those who allegedly died from Covid also had flu or pneumonia, so what really killed them? Also, how does a doctor know what “initiated the chain of events” if one has 3-8 comorbidities?


CDC does not require a positive PCR test or laboratory confirmation for Covid to be listed as the underlying cause of death on death certificates. Even though the PCR tests are pointless, this caveat is notable. This finding also challenges Covid death data that are presented by CDC and others. (Dr. Bukacek discusses this baffling issue.)

This CDC document shares guidance on how doctors should certify Covid on death certificates, clarifying that a positive PCR test or lab confirmation isn’t needed. On page 2, it reads: “In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID – 19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID –19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.” In these instances, certifiers should use their best clinical judgement in determining if a COVID –19 infection was likely.” CDC did not share large amounts of Covid data with the public during the pandemic, citing the data weren’t ready for primetime and that other political agencies had to approve it first. Essentially, it appears that CDC cherry picked and shared data that fit the desired political narrative. data Dr. Walensky stated that vaxxed people don’t get sick and don’t carry the virus. No, that statement didn’t age well at all. sick.html

CDC may force “high - risk” Covid citizens into “green zones” or camp s away from families. ml

CDC removed their original claim that the injected mRNA and spike proteins don’t last long in the body. Now, people must wonder the health effects of having mRNA and spike proteins in their body for extended periods of time, especially when no long-term studies were done with these shots. the.html In August of 2022, CDC changed many of its Covid recommendations regarding masking, social distancing, isolation and testing. The new guidelines roughly treat vaxxed and unvaxxed people the same. This confused many citizens, since the original guidelines were allegedly based on science. Then when checking Covid cases in the US from March 2022 to August 2022, cases had actually climbed in the US. That’s st range. Why would the CDC now alter their recommendations? personal-risk Dr. Walensky admitted that the CDC made huge mistakes during the pandemic, and that major changes are occurring. Even though this is admirable, many people don’t think this is nearly enough considering the huge errors and false talking points that were made. Truly “ following science ” wouldn’t lead to that many errors, so many are calling for the CDC to be disbanded or defunded.


CDC’s Covid tracker mistakenly counted more than 72,000 deaths as Covid deaths. Even though CDC corrected this mistake, they didn’t mention how long thi s mistake had been there. In combination with the other data and communication issues from the CDC, its credibility has completely plummeted. ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) won a lawsuit against the CDC, resulting in a court order requiring the CDC to release vaccine injury data captured in its v-safe phone app. Of the 10 million people who used the v-safe app, roughly 7.7% of them sought medical care and 25% experienced serious symptoms after taking the Covid shots. Why didn’t the CDC release these data sooner? When did CDC get a sense of humor with its zombie preparedness exercise? (They recently removed the whole zombie webpage from their site though.)


Vaccine registries in Texas are outdated and inaccurate. One pharmacy in Texas learned that 500 administered Covid shots weren’t showing in the system. This was just one location, so imagine the inaccuracy of vaccine registries in whole. Then imagine how public health studies use these registries to determine if vaxxed or unvaxxed people are more likely to die or be hospitalized. These vaccine registries are broken. CDC confirms that vaccine registries for Georgia and other states are flawed, so any study using their data should be questioned. This is important when reviewing the CDC Covid results depicting unvaxxed people to have higher rates of everything. (2 nd link) CDC receives vaxxed data for their analyses through state-based vaccine registries.

Here’s another article with quotes from CDC and ASTHO personnel on the huge issue of data flaws in vaccine registries and how CDC’s vaccine results may be unreliable based on this. the-shots/

Authorities in New Hampshire reported that both CDC and New Hampshire had inaccurate Covid vaccination data for the state. At one point, there was a 14% difference in the reported Covid

vaccination rates between the CDC and New Hampshire for that state.

This article tackled the reality that many states and registries are n’t properly collecting Covid vaccination data, making it difficult to use that data to determine shot effectiveness or efforts. Dr. Peter Mccullough provides sound information on why CDC’s data show the Covid shots reduce hospitalizations in the US. Covid vaccine data from nearly every other country show the oppositive results. Potential reasons for the US vaccine results are: unvaxxed people are tested more than vaxxed people and are usually in the hospital for other reasons besides Covid.


CDC stated that vaxxed people can largely skip Covid testing, since they stopped tracking breakthrough cases, occurring when a vaxxed person tests positive for Covid. This clearly biased the data, almost ensuring that unvaxxed people would have much higher rates of Covid hospitalizations. skip-routine-covid-testing requirements-vaccinated-patients

Covid Vaccination Misinformation

CDC and the media propose that nearly 80% of people in the US took at least one Covid shot. However, many people don’t know that many authorities confronted the CDC about these numbers being false. For example, CDC’s vaccination tracker showed that 99.9% of senior residen ts in 21 states had at least one shot, which is completely untrue. Below are three articles discussing this issue with quotes from many health authorities. rates-appear-inflat-rcna7941

This published article discusses the process on how Covid vaccinations were overestimated.

CDC even posted the following statement on their site about their inflated vaccination numbers: “When possible, CDC links a person's first, second, and boost er doses together. However, linking is sometimes not possible because CDC does not receive personally identifiable information about vaccine doses. This can lead to over- estimates of first doses.” (Click the link right above the vaccination table to see this disclaimer.)


Countries like those in Africa have the lowest vaccination rates and the lowest Covid rates and deaths, while countries with the highest vaccination rates like Israel and Gibraltar have some of the highest Covid rates and deaths. (Covid rates/deaths by country) (Vaccinations by country)

In New Zealand from August 2021 through April 2022, vaxxed people (or those with one, two or three shots) accounted for 74% of Covid hospitalizations. From March of 2020 through April of 2022, 85% of people who died from Covid were vaxxed (or had one, two or three shots). From March through April of 2022, the double and triple vaxxed accounted for 81% of Covid deaths and hospitalizations in the country. A director of internal medicine at a major hospital in Israel reported that 70-80% of their serious Covid patients were fully vaxxed. Covid deaths in Israel also soared among the fully vaxxed. vaccinated-video/


Israel experienced surges in Covid deaths after Covid shots or boosters were administered to its citizens. Their vaccine rollout started on Dec. 19 th of 2020 followed by several boosters, one occurring on Dec. 22 nd of 2021. Check Covid deaths during these times for Israel using the data tracker below. In the Walgreens Covid-19 Index as of June 11 th of 2022, unvaxxed people in the US had a lower Covid positivity rate compared to vaxxed people who had one dose, two doses (greater than five months ago) and 3 doses. Even unvaxxed adults aged 65 and older had a lower Covid positivity rate than vaxxed people (of the same age group) who took one dose, two doses and three doses (greater than five months ago). (After clicking the link below, you must click the arrow twice under the graph to see Covid positivity rates.) Dr. Christian Perronne, Immunization expert for the World Health Organization, states that vaxxed people should now be isolated from others and that unvaxxed people are not dangerous. This is one of the greatest plot twists of all time. vaccinat.html This CEO of a large insurance company discusses Department of Defense data showing huge increases in excess mortality and nearly every other chronic illness among healthy military personnel who were vaxxed in the US. He expects to see a 5,000% increase in excess mortality in 2022. excess-morta.html See Covid vaccination rates by state. rates This Washington Post article presents a finding from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), showing that 58% of Americans who died from Covid in August of 2022 were vaxxed or boosted. KFF was the same group that published the bogus data here. This provocative title may seem like a victory for the unvaxxed, but the article still proclaims that being vaxxed is far better. As stated throughout this report, please know that CDC’s methodology for diagnosing and tracking Covid cases and deaths was never consistent or accurate. CDC even admits to not tracking breakthrough cases well, so how can they confidently make these grand statements with this sketchy data. Even with this bogus data, the Covid death rate differences by vaccination status aren’ t statistically significant. For some reason, they wanted to put vaxxed Americans back on their heels, maybe to scare them into taking the bivalent booster shots. deaths/ CDC’s former Director (Dr. Redfie ld) states the notion, of fully vaxxed people rarely dying from Covid, isn’t true and that more than 40% of people who died during a 2 -month period in Maryland were fully vaxxed. This statement was made in late 2021.


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