Research Report on COVID-19

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3. Covid documentaries and illustrations 3. Mock pandemics that became true 4. Foretelling of the Covid pandemic 4. VAERS information 5. Clinical trial data and studies on the Covid vaccines 7. PCR testing and bogus Covid data 9. Doctors against Covid vaccines and mandates 11. Pfizer vaccine injuries and vaccine shedding 12. CDC studies and statements with erroneous logic 15. Flawed data from vaccine registries 16. Pandemic of the vaccinated 18. The Covid pandemic was incentivized. 18. Big pharma facts that make you wonder 19. Weird news on the FDA 20. Change of heart: mRNA technology and Dr. Malone 21. Moderna news for you to know 21. Ingredients of the Covid vaccines and potential effects 22. Ivermectin: potential treatment for Covid 23. Remdesivir and Olumiant: potential killers for Covid patients 24. Health care workers against Covid vaccines and mandates 24. Face mask wearing to stop viruses is uncertain. 25. Covid bills and patents with too many 6’s 25. Bill Gates is a problem. 26. Startling information on vaccines

Your Choice

“If you think the government loves you or created the Covid shots for your health, take the blue pill, close this report and believe whatever you like. If you think something is wrong with the Covid narrative or shots, take the red pill, proceed with this report and see how far the rabbit hole goes. Just know information in this report may cause mental or emotional distress. ”

27. Is 5G technology related to the Covid pandemic? 28. Strange things related to Covid and the vaccines 31. Unethical practices related to Covid and other health issues 32. Fear and mind control tactics of the Covid pandemic 34. The Race angle on Covid and the vaccines 34. The World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and The Great Reset 35. Covid vaccine injuries and adverse events 38. Satirical Covid sketches and videos 38. Findings and questions that challenge or debunk the Covid narrative 40. List of doctors against Covid vaccines and mandates 41. Final thoughts

*COVID-19 stands for coronavirus disease of 2019. *COVID-19 is also referred to as COVID or Covid. *Vaccinated is also referred to as vaxxed. *Unvaccinated is also referred to as unvaxxed. *Vaccine is also referred to as shot.

*For familiarity, this report uses the word ‘vaccines,’ even though many doctors in this report identify them as gene therapies. *The developer does not agree with every person in this report.


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