Research Report on COVID-19


The Covid pandemic will be remembered as maybe the worst time in human history, and not because of a virus. This report reviewed clinical studies, articles, documentaries, personal stories and interviews from sources and people across the world. Being a public health professional or doctor isn’t necessary to understand the gravity and significance of the results presented. This was clearly a planned pandemic with the intent of harming and killing millions of people across the globe, using fear and mind control tactics. This was never about science or the cessation of a virus. This was always about the boldness of pure evil. Unfortunately, people fail to see evil, waiting so patiently like a venomous snake to pump poison into the precious and vulnerable veins of the naïve. Maybe they believe the human race evolved with medical technologies, or that the government loves them and would never coerce them into taking medical poisons for their own demise. One can only guess. However, failing to see evil and its gimmicks will only make you a disposable pawn in this universal game of chess. Humans in totality just represent a combination of good and bad, some mostly good and some mostly bad. However, when merging human flaws with sick governments and factions focused on greed, profit and power, it makes for an amalgamation of factors and events, leading to a certain destruction of society and more importantly, the human spirit. This pandemic was predicated on killing the spirit of the world, pinching away, piece by piece, the innate ways people live, love, relate and experience it. This pandemic attacked the vulnerable cracks of the human psyche, exacerbating worries, fears, anxieties and lastly hope. It corralled people like animals into spaces, degrading any idea or fact outside the predetermined narrative, while offering prizes for individual compliance, including job security, travel, money, food, drinks, weed and even sex. However, none of these things compare to the greatest need in the universe, that being social validation or acceptance. This drug alone is more powerful than anything including fear, so evil couldn’t resist the opportunity to exploit this biological imperative to sway the masses towards the apple of perceived freedom. In the meantime, those refusing this programming would be labelled anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and/or jerks responsible for the continuation of this designed trauma. Being able to show others that you joined the vaccine party with stickers and virtue signaling was too much for some to refuse, convincing themselves that the people spewing “safe and effective” from their mouths must truly love them and want the best for them and their families . Let’s think not about the sins of this country like Tuskegee and the current system of oppression that millions marched against just two years earlier . Let’s just forget and pretend that this system cares dearly for us despite its own admissions and desires for depopulation and world domination via transhumanism and the Great Reset. This Covid farce is wholly malevolent, as this evil has no limitations or favorites. This evil truly believes it should rule this world of “useless eaters” or the ones remaining after the dark culling, as it waits like a lion for its prey to get weaker and frailer. It’s clear that these peopl e are psychopaths and megalomaniacs with god complexes who want to reengineer the world with themselves as rulers and everyone else as their slaves. For now, I can only hope that this report illuminates the truth and agenda of those in power, freeing many from the trappings of this wicked world and need to assimilate into a sick society. It’s time to escape this matrix and mania with this empowering information, knowing that righteousness can overcome this calculated doom and prevail with a greater sense of self and purpose at the end of this spiritual clash of good versus evil. Only one question remains now. What will you do?

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