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For many people, knee pain can be a way of life, limiting their ability to climb stairs, squat down to get something off the floor, enjoy long walks, shopping and a host of other daily activities. The knee joint is one of the most complicated joints in the body and has to bear up to 6 times your body weight with running or jumping. This incredible joint has to move over a million times each year and over 80 million times over a lifetime. This is also the reason why things can go wrong, causing injury and pain. (continued inside) 3 EASY STEPS TO STRONGER HIPS & KNEES “The Sky’s The Limit When You’re Pain Free!”

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Health & Fitness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


“What Will You Do When The Elevator’s Broken?” 3 EASY STEPS TO STRONGER HIPS & KNEES

Just like taking care of your heart, your joints need attention to maintain a healthy state. Here are easy ways for you to take care of your knees, avoiding arthritis and other joint problems: 1. Stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps and adductor muscles each day. By keeping these muscles flexible, the forces on your knee joints can be balanced, allowing your joint to bend, rotate and for your patella (kneecap) to track properly. 2. Keep the muscles around your hips and knees strong. Especially the gluteals and quadriceps muscles. Studies show that thoseadults, especially over 55 who have stronger gluteals and quadriceps, tend to have less back pain and more ability to do daily activities. 3. Exercise regularly. While this is good for the whole body, the knees especially need exercise to keep their cartilage healthy.The cartilage does not have much blood supply and requires its nutrition from joint fluid. Most of the joint fluid absorbs into the cartilage only through movement and compression of the knee. Therefore, it is important to do weight bearing exercise such as walking, running and other sports. However, if you have arthritis, it is advised to do more low-impact activities such as biking, elliptical machines, aquatic exercises, etc. Having a regular physical therapy checkup ensures that your joints are working at their peak performance. In addition, any problems will be

discovered early, preventing the onset of arthritis and joint injury. If you do have arthritis or have had surgery, then a regular physical therapy check up is especially important. If your attention is on that sore knee, then it is time you called us for a free knee joint analysis. Talk to one of our expert physical therapists today and see how life can be with freely moving knees.

PATIENT SUCCESS SPOTLIGHTS I don’t get dizzy at all anymore! “When I first started therapy here at Back To Action I was very dizzy and had bad balance. I would trip a lot when I walked.  I had no confidence in myself. Since I have been here doing therapy, I feel like I am in my 20s again. My confidence has increased dramatically and I don’t get dizzy at all anymore. I also haven’t tripped lately. All the staff here have been great.  They treated me very well. They really care for you here. I would recommend Back To Action and their staff.” - Raquel S. Knowledgeable of my problem and needs! “I found the staff at Back To Action to be knowledgeable of my problem and needs. They were interested in improving my condition. Everyone there was very friendly.” - Richard W.

Look inside to learn more about our programs to say good-bye to aches and pains and return to a pain-free, active lifestyle!


Whether you are a high school athlete or just like to exercise for fun, improving your body’s ability to exercise is a good challenge. While there are many different ways to train for your particular sport, including nutrition, we are going to focus on improving your joint performance and stability. This will allow you to run longer, cut faster, and throw better. Joint Stability. Improve your sports ability through joint stability. When a joint is more stable, muscles can function better. For knees, ankles and hips try balance exercises on uneven surfaces such as foam or a folded towel. Try standing on one leg while doing small knee bends. Joint Flexibility. Joints need to be flexible in order to move through their proper range and allow muscles to pull correctly. For many people who are runners, stretching must be done every day to maintain muscle and tissue elasticity. Dynamic stretching is often best, where the stretch is done in a moving fashion, such as in Yoga. This is different than a prolonged stretch. Joint Strength . Incorporate strengthening exercises into your sports routines. This is especially important for runners and weekend warriors. A little strengthening exercising can go a long way to prevent sports injuries and soreness. The stronger your muscles are around your joints, the better ability you have to play and avoid injury. Joint Coordination. You have an inherent sense of where your joints are in space (proprioception) and how they are moving in space (kinesthetic sense). This allows your brain to coordinate the muscle movements around

your joints. By improving your balance and coordination with specific exercises, you greatly reduce the chance of injury and will enhance your sports performance. If you would like to enhance your ability to run, play sports and prevent injury, then talk to one of our physical therapy specialists today.

Physical Therapists Are The Mechanics Of Your Body! Minor aches and pains are warning signals from your body to let you know something is not working properly. Don’t put off the pain until it’s too late. Come in today for a “Tune-Up.”

Relieve Hip Pain In 60 Seconds Try this movement if you are experiencing pain.

Strengthens Hips

GLUTE BRIDGE Begin on your back. Press your heels into the ground and lift your pelvis up until your knees, pelvis, and shoulders form a straight line. Hold your bridge while you lift your right knee toward your chest, until your hip is at 90 degrees. Return the heel to the floor and lift the left knee. Do not let your pelvis sag or your back over arch while lifting and lowering your knees. Complete two reps.

Take Care Of Your Aches & Pains Before It’s Too Late.


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PRACTICE NEWS: Keeping Our Community InMind!

Harlingen. BTA Harlingen had a busy month in February. We were sponsors of the Los Fresnos rodeo on February 16th.The weather was cooperative this year and the crowd was verygood. Iamsureeveryonehadagreattime. That same Saturday, we worked a booth for the 28th annual Jalapeno 100 bike race. We saw the 100 milers at approximately the 39th and54thmilepoints.The ridershadverygood weather but the wind posed quite a challenge for them. We were busy mainly refilling water and Gatorade bottles and giving them ice, as well as some occasional first aid. Our hats off to those who braved the challenge! On February 23 and 24th we had our annual director’smeeting.Our fourclinicdirectors,as wellasourofficemanagerandpresidentmet in Harlingen forourmeeting.Wecoveredagreat deal of information in a short period of time. As one of our company bonding activities, we went to Trapped to escape from one of their rooms. We almost made it, literally seconds awaywhen the timeranout. Ifnothingelse,we learned thatweworkwellasa team.Hopefully our patients see this as well! Finally, we would like to welcome our newest member, Cindy. We are sure she will do a great job for us. She celebrated her birthday on February 17th as well. Lastly,wewould like to thankJoeyVasquez (8 years) and Joey Flores (1 year) for their hard work. We appreciate all that you do to keep Back To Action flowing. Del Rio. Physical Therapist Kristi and her husband, Carlo, participated in acharity poker tournament this month with all proceeds supporting the Gary Senise Foundation which supports our veterans. It was a fun experience for a great cause! Clinic directors and administration met for their annual director’sconferencethismonth.Wediscussed strategies to improve patient care, employee retention, and overall patient satisfaction. We discovered our emotional intelligence scores and areas and strategies for improvement, the importance of happiness for success, and watched some informative videos about leadership. We also participated in a team building event in a “Trapped” room where we wereall required towork together tocomplete our mission!

Brownsville. BackToActionPhysicalTherapy helped educate the local residents and winter Texans about what physical therapy can do for them and what conditions can be treated with physical therapy. At the 2nd Annual Winter Texan/Senior & Community Health And Wellness Expo 2018, on February 28th, residents were given information on what servicesareavailable to themwhen theyneed it.Wegaveawayprizesat thisevent; therewas dancing and lots of fun for both sponsors and participants. It was a wonderful day meeting newpeople,friendsandacquaintancesaswell as seeing good friends and familiar people. Every year the management and directors of Back To Action gather together for a 2 day annual meeting to review the previous year’s activitiesandresults.Thisyear’s teambuilding was at the Trapped in McAllen, Texas where the management of Back To Action and the directors had to work as a team and, with everyonepitching inwiththeirskillsandtalents, wewereabletoaccomplishourmission. Itwas a fun way to create a stronger bond between everyone and enhance the stability of the company. Eagle Pass. Night toShine isanunforgettable promnightexperience,centeredonGod’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older. On one night, February 9, 2018, more than 500 churches from around the world came together to host Night to Shine for approximately90,000honoredguests through the support of 175,000 volunteers!This event issponsored largelybyTimTebowFoundation and local organizations and hosted by Real PathBaptistChurch.BTAstaffmembersElena, Susan, Rosanna, and Doreen were honored to be able to volunteer at this year’s event. Our honoredguestshadanamazingtimeandmade many unforgettable memories. It was truly an amazingnight forall inattendanceandweare so blessed to have been a part of it! I am proud to announce that Eagle Pass was named Clinic of the Year for 2017.This award is given to the most profitable clinic. Eagle Pass was also awarded the Busy Bee award for seeing the most patients, Philadelphia Eagles Award for having the most improved KPI scores compared to last year, Customer Service Award, and Leader of the Year Award was given to our clinic director, Dr. Doreen Ruiz-Felan.

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