1957 ELMS

of the

state university of new york

college for teachers at buffalo

Elms Staff

Editor Business Manager Advisor Art Editors Literary Editor Photography Editor Managing Editor ART STAFF

Ed Kostuk Carole Smith Roland Wise Jack Evans and Nancy Svensson Jodelle Wuertzer

Bill Vantine Judith Stern

Richard Heim, Janet Klein, Robert Wiegand, Richard Wolf. LITERARY STAFF

Ann Bigelow, Gera ld Duffy, Lynda Lozeroff, Lenore Mitofsky, Jean Morri– son, Peggy Rapp, Donna Scheffer, Nancy Tolbot, Sa lly Warboys, Barbara Zynda. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Bruce Bommer, Richard Heim, Bob Montford, John Panko, Paul Wrobbel. Patricia Crompton, Jean Gelder, Rita Ferraro, Nancy La lande, Rhoda Levine, Dianne Payne, Roxanne Root, Gay Rought, Virginia Schmidt, Donna Schug, Judy Stalker, Sharon Wright. TYPING STAFF Linda Lazeroff, Nancy White, Barbaro Kniffen, Peggy Rapp. Cover design by Jack Evans Division pages by Nancy Svensson Layout by Jack Evans and Nancy Svensson Sketches by Richard Wolfe, Janet Klein, Robert Wiegand and Wa lter Blinde Photography by Don Jay Stud ios, Inc., Lancaster, New York Printing by Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffa lo, New York BUSINESS STAFF Joan Besenfelder r

We, the students of this campus, find it fitting and iust to dedicate this publication of the 1957 ELMS to a man who is well-known both to faculty and students. His service hos been known in many fields, both locally and nationally. To enumerate them would be difficult, but to mention a few, there ore the services in education, ath– letics, coaching, V.M.e.A., boys' camps and Boy Scouts, a background of seventeen years of service in his country's armed forces accompanied by a Presidential citation for outstanding service in ,the China-Burma-India Theatre, mem– bership in organizations, publications and public relotions. We know him on campus for his flne work in athletics as a coach t instructor and booster of morale and interest. He will always -greet you with a smile and a hello that means more than a thousand words. We dedicate this book to a man whose character is highly respected by students and colleagues. His enthusi– astic teaching inspires students to do their best and- makes them want to learn. As a director of athletics, -he not only had winning teams, but molded the character of many . . . loyalty, responsibility, and to show how a common purpose can win over selfishness. Warm understanding and un– limited patience mark him as a friend of young and old. His sense of humor is known to everyone. Thus by this act of our appreciation of your outstanding service to us, we salute you •• • our own COACH- HUBE COYER. Ed Kostuk Editor


· .. turbulence, confusion, anxiety ... a schedule

· . . life at State

I If l




- 'CIf!Ji.!


. ~ . "

. . , . .


- ~ '.


· ... the dazers ,

the dazed


· . . as you were . . .


fun for a cause ...

a memorable tradition



· . . classes, friends, memories . ..


a relaxing moment . ..

:::- 'if





" ~.



" ,, '


a step forward • • •

Row 1: Y. Minet, K. Murphy, J. Korkowicz, Rec. Sec., R. Mary, V. Trees., W. Burns, A. Z~ppia, R. Van Housen. Row 2: C. Smith, J. Hutzler, W. Thomes, C. Beeman, R. Smith, Sgt.-ai·Arms, R. Root, Carr. Sec., A. SchwarzmuelJer, Treas., G. Stephenson, Pres., R. Thrun, V. Pres., R. Aquino, V. Pres., J. Carr, S. Selig, R. Ruocco, J. Rindfleisch. Row 3: D.

York, W. Petillon, J. Welt. R. Worner, K. Kommire, l. Gage, A. Robinson, l. Borkowski, M. Van Dyke, N. Malter, P. Wooda ll, J. Graham, E. Mock, M. Martin, C. Dean; D. Aakesson, C. Mitche ll, M. Marzolf.

Student Congress

Promotion of college citizenship ..... fourth year as stud ent governing body ..... class and division representatives ..... seven officers ..... appointment of commission and boards .... . administration of college activities ..... "Sorry, sir, Rockwell Rood is for private use" ... .. active traffic commission ..... an introduction to State traditions in freshmen ori- entation ..... community services _.... Thursday night meetings in activity rooms ..... change of Christmas vacation ..... sponsorships of a foreign student. . .. aid to Cambodia book drive ..... se rvice to the State students ..... voice of the student body.


Finance Agency

Row 1: Dr. Rodney, Advisor, M. Kaczynski, A. Schworzmueller, Chairman, C. Gesl, R. Zucker, Sec., M. Von Dyke, P. Horton, R. Mertens. Stonding: E. Kostuk, D. Dryer, K. Murphy, E. McDonald, M. Guerry, J. Tunle, J. Word, W. Blind.

Subdivision of Student Congress ..... allocation of student funds ..... representation from seven college boards ..... treasurer of College Student Association ..... submission of board budgets ..... examination ..... revision, .. . , presentation for approval ..... recommendations .. , .. responsibility in capable hands .....


President Harvey M. Rice

Dignity ..... responsibility ..... integrity. Pleasure derived from a iob well done. A busy schedule of activities ... , , meetings .. , .. dinners ..... speeches ..... d iscus- sions. Always in the public view ..... leading a Sing in the Union .. . . , appearing on tele– vision ..... being elected to a nationa l office , .... always with a smile, a cheery "hello" •.... g uiding life on our campus.

C. Gray, L. GHbert, R. Rogers, J. Mitchell, M. Hesch, B. Tucker, G. Kohut, G. Andrews, M. Dunn, N. Rodenbaugh.

Row 1: N. Dorn, B. Gugino, C. Smith, E. Gotti, J. Cotter. Row 2: J. Sespico, Pres., J. Sibbie, Treas., f.J udge, V. Pres., H. Ensminger, Sec. Row 3: K. Fischer, G. Garofalo,

Residence Centers Life away from home ..... on or off campus ..... Working together for a common couse .. ... "adopted family" .... . annual mixer dance . . . .. Professors Promenade ..... solving problems ... .. learning to be an adult .. .. . gaining independence.

Pioneer Building lasting friendships ..•.. life in the Freshman Women's Dorm. Taking inconvenience with a smile learning to live with others. Picnic ..... open house.

On Floor: P. De Ventier, Pres., Seated: B. Olshanski, Sec., Standing: R. Lewis, Trees., J. Lewis, V. Pres.


K. Brown, J. Wuertzer, S. McQueen, J. Britton, A. Howard, A. Johnson, J. Howland, J. Fisher, J. Gatti.

Row 1: G. Harter, E. Rosenstien, 8. Young, G. labouseur. Row 2: D. Gottung, Pres., M. Henion, B. Tansey, Sec., H. Taylor, Treas., l. Rumack, l. Griffin, M. Abate, A. George, F. Lombino, S. Patchen. Row 3: J. Acenowr, A. Kavulich, B. Zucker, A. Freiner, R. Getora,

Dormitory Council Girls making the rules they live by ..... carrying them out ..•.. revising . • . •. improving •.. .. solving prob. lems of dorm life ..... Dorm·formal •.... exam time coffee hours ••••. pajama party. Democracy in action.


Row 1: J. Carberry, Sec" j. We lty Rutledge, C. Denny. Row 2: J. Wogner, Treas., R. Jennette, Student Chairman, R. Wettlaufer, P.

Cline, G. Reuue, S. Boyd, Fae. Chairman, A. $innigen, C. English,

Fcc. Adv., J. Wincenc, Fae. Adv., T. Fillipponi.

Music Board liaison . .... among the campus musical organizations . . . . . Student Congress . .... each group has one rep– resentative. The financial needs . . .. . taken to Finance Agency_




MEMBERS: A. Babcock, C. Be rlinghoff, B. Brooks, F. Bnmo, D. Bumbar, N. Burgio, J. Cameron, A. Derengowski, J. Droit, li brarian, T. EJliolt, M. Embs, A. Foyer, A. Freiner, J. Ge lsomino, R. Gelzin, D. Hardy, R. Jennette, Pres., J. Kishi B. Muir, F. Odenwald, N. Ordian, W. Ottowitz, R. Patterson, V. Pellegrino, A. Phillips, B. Ronkie, J. Rouhe, P. Roberts, E. Rothman, It Roush, R. Simpson, D. Smith, H. Taylor, J. Welty, V. Pres" T. Widzinski, M. Woodall, J. Wincenc, Foe. Adv. a nd Director.

Wednesday, four to six, practice hours ..... members assemble ..... rehearsal begins ..... violi ns cnd string bosses are quiet ..•.• new symphonies mean more practice ... .. a concert at the Crippled Chi l- dren's School ..... music of strings, brass, and wood- winds ..... weaving a beautiful melody,


Pep Band

Black crew-neck sweaters ..... straw hats. Pep and musical ability. Helping to cheer the team on to vic– tory. Late hours, .... bus trips ..... fun, with a worthwhile aim.

MEMBERS: T. Brown, J. Chisholm, R. Clark, P. Cline, Librarian, B. Coleman, F. Conrad, J. Cowley, M. Crotty, L. Dunn, H. Erickson, T. Fillipponi, D. Funseth, R. Gasper, R. Getzin, L. Griffin, J. Hohman, D. Horlon, W. Huber, A. Jones, A, Koch, E. Koeppel, D. Kowalski, R. Lagan, R. Macaluso, W. Maggio, S. Mann, P. Martin, R. Martyn, W. Merrick, T. Men's-Women's Glee Clubs MEMBERS: E. Albrecht, S. Armbruster, G. Barone, R. Beebe, M. Bennione, D. Biller, P. Bongiva, M. Borzilleri, l. Borkowski, B. Bricmont, B. Brooks, M. Case, J. Chioco, M. A. Cook, V. Crozier, A. Cuccia, M. Currio, C. Denny, A. Derengowski, M. Dickerson, M, Egensleinef, M. Embs, K. Erickson, C. Finch, N. Fish, C. Furman, N. Gilson, M. Gloss, B. Golan, S. Gowrys, M. Gray, M. Grant, M. Greiner, B. Greenberger, B. Hammer, M, Hodgins, J. Holz, R. Horn, C. Jordan, K. Kammire,

Reilly, G. Ressue, T. Shannon, A. Sinnigen, Pres., E. Stull, H. Temple, L. Travers, Sec, Treas., M. Wagemaker, R. Wolloce, G. Weinfurtner, M. Whiting, R. W illiams, R. Winters, S. Zimmermon, S. Boyd, Directar.

R. Kent, J. Kofoed, M. Lawler, A. l owell, M. Mantione, A. McConnell, J. Mc· Loughlin, D. McMahon, J. Milliman, L. Mitofsky, M. Nadin, S. Noble, C. Norton, J. Pancio, B. Parks, M. Pra nge, B. Queen, A. Rasmussen, P. Roberts, M. Robert· son, A. Robinson, A. Roth, P. Schlehr, J. Sibbie, R. Simpson, N. Suedemeyer, C. Szymanski, M. VanDyke, J. Wagner, M. Wahl, J. Wendel, C. Williams, S. Woodward, E. Zdie blo, C. English, Director.


A Cappella Choir

MEMBERS; J. Ackerman, B. Selchen, M. Bound, T. Brown, Sec.·Treas.• J. Corberry, A. Corswell, J. Chisholm, R. Clark, P. Cline, B. Claeman, F. Conrad, J. Covel, S. Covel, M. Crotty, H. Doerler, I. Docrler, .H. EricKson, T. Fillipponi. Pres., D. Fooselh, B. Getzin, B. Gertz, l. Griffin, J. Hohman, M. Holmon. D. Horton, W. Huber. A. Jones, H. King, C. Klein, E. Koeppel, B. LaBarge, N. Leinback, R. Logon, R. Macaluso, S. Mann, M. McArthur, W. Merrick, C. Mills, G. Ressue. P. Sehlehr, J. Scolzetli, F. Shory, A. 5innigen, J. Sispico, D. Skidmore, E. Stewart, N, Strauss. E. Stull, B. Thorley, M. Tousey, L. Travers, M. Volentine. S. Tuyn, B. Walloce, G. Weinferlne r, M. Whiting, R. Williams, B. Winters, S. Zimmerman, S. Boyd, Director.

Men's voices. , . , . women's voices. , .. , al l dressed in rob es of b lue and go ld .. , , , new music, , . ,. a close blending of beautiful har– mony without accompaniment , ... , known off campus as well as on . , .. , truly a rep– resentation of State's musical abi lity,



18th century music ... •. six women and four men . .... selected from the choir ..... presenting musical ofFer– ings .... . at school and away ..... a tradition at State.

It - I

P. Bailey,- Director, L. Skidmore, J. Carberry, R. Zan:one, W. Hohman, l. Griffin.


J. Antinore, P. Cantwell, V. Chairman, M. Ma ntione, Treas., J. Flora.

Convocations Board

Material supplementing classes .. ... creating interest in national affairs . .... debates ..... creating unity by bringing students together. Eight students, eight fa culty members, a student cha irman. , , . , well– p lanned, well-presented p rograms.


Spring workshops ..... letters

.. identification tags.


That first meeting recognition ..... a friendly smi le .. ... questions to be answered ..... someone to turn to.

Orientation ..... registration . a guiding hand through those

first rough freshman days .. and whenever needed .

Row 1: M. lawler, J. McNab, F. Foltasz, M. Egensteiner, C. Buckley, R. Aquino, J. Pancio. Row 2: S. Selig, R. Sob· uda, M. Ralicki, J. Worley, M. Van Dyke, G. Monk, J. Wuertzer, F. Schroder, J. Sibbie, C. Kosciuszko, P. Kolbe.

Row 3: S. Adom$, B. Britmont, N. Gibson, J. Stearns, E. Mack, C. Piver, R. Thrun, H. Wolbesser, R. Worner, D. Schultz, J. Woskey, L. Gage, W. Blizard.

Junior Councilors

Row 1: R. Hyde, M. Hlle, R. Ruocco, M. Ryba, M. Rindfle isch, J. Mill- G. Andrews, l. lodestro, S. Goldfarb, M. Case, M. Dunn, C. Verta– spaugh. M. Dietrich. Row 2: N. lalonde, R. Root, S. Word, A. lino, A. Zappia, E. Kahler, J. Korkowicz, C .Beeman, P. Geiger, C. Schwarzmueller, Cho irman, R. Levine, K. Murphy, J. Droit, W. Dean. Thomes, P. Woodall, F. Judge, L. Borkowski. Row 3: N. Rodenbough,


R. Haines, V. Pres., A. Schee r, L. Gage, J. Fischer, M. Guerry, Rep. to Finance Agency, Miss Spaulding, C. Gesl, J. Carberry, G. Runckel, Pres.

Row 1:"J. Stearns, V. Young, C. Torch. Row 2: J. Staub, D. Aakesson, Sec., R. DeMarco, Dr. A. Wegner, Foe. Adv., A. Mastrangelo. R. Lomporter. Row 3: W. Mocnish, Treas.,

Athletic Board

Presents to Student Congress financial needs of vari– ous sports ..... recreations. Considers needs of each group ..... draws up athletic budget. Responsibility ..... student-faculty cooperation .•... providing for State's athletic programs.


Women's Athletic Association

Row 1: P. Bell, M. Kaczynski, B. lomako, M. Morris. Row 2: B. Betsc:hen,-V. Young, J. lou, D. Goodheart, Set., M. Huntington, V. Pres" J. Fischer, Pres" J. Carberry, Treos., Miss Spaulding, Advisor, C. Dean. Row 3: J. Yauchzy, S. lou, G. Becker, J. McNess, C. Gesl, M. Szpakowski, M. Grzech, M. Hendricks.

Development of athletic skiU~ . ... . increase in variety of skills ..... promotion of cOMed ath letics . .... co-ed sports night .... . inter-col,legiate sports days ..... Athletic Federation of College Women affiliations ..... Side out! Your serve .. ... Strike three! All these efforts to accumulate points for awards. Splash! Blurb! Foul! My serve ..... Hold the reins tightly ..... a spare! Pick it! On guard! Be careful with the foil! Arrow straight! Fire! .... . two more points to win.


Row 1: J. Bissel, W. Gagnon. Row 2: R. Murray, A. Heinen, G. Fisher, Copt., J. Hughes, R. Knopp, A. Uhl, C. Schwender.

Cross Country

· .... a long run, a tough race ..... first p lace to-State ..... again .. · .... perennial strength, continued dominance, this year as in previous years . .. .. meet, course, individual and team records ..... shattered . . . . . · .... victories . .... a national meet ..... an outstanding team . ... .


Row 1: C. Andolina, R. Ha ines, Capt. G. Runcke l, S. Monspeaker, J. Rauhe. Row 2: M. Guerry, C. Mussen, E, Hardt, 8. Gornish, J. Mesler, M. Pirowskino, H. Meyers. Row 3: J. Panko, M. Axelrod, C. Torch, P. lempko, D, Woods, J. Schnabel, D. Kearsing, S. Zimmerman, D. Taylor, N. We idne r, R. Berger, Coach, R. Van Housen.


..... with autumn .. , .. the jinx.was burned .. ' . . . and Rochester upset...... the booters marched on .... . fina lly met defeat .... • fireless defensive efforts •. . .• star performances •.. .. a fine t eam•.


" and , . . . . ofIorts

Row 1: A. Shilen, B. Elliott, J. Garthner, T. Zaiac. Row 2: M. Guerry, D. Rail, l. Semrau, R. Stein, Capt. A. Kamakaw iwoole, A. Mastrangelo, W. Heater, R. Von Housen.


Alpha Sigma Pi


Glad, M. McMahon. Row 3: R. Acquino, J. Millspaugh, 8. 8etschen, P. Crampton, C. Mitchell, D. Schultz, J. Woskey, E. Berger. P. Bjorklund, Corr. Sec., Mrs. Heyman, Ad"., V. Severance, Treas., M. Hendricks, J. GeIger, K. Murphy, C. Milius, R. LoDes.ro, S. Kowa l, S. Erckert;

Row 1: A. Wylegalo. J. Malmquist, M. Pod ia, B. Mason, J. Mitchell, P. Wiegand. M. Ryba, K. Ryan, G. W illiams, J. CoveJ, P. Cantwell, D. McGinnis. Row 2: M. Hicks, J. Stalker, J. Besenfelder, M. Dietrich, J. Kosinski, J. Rindfleisch, Rec. Sec., J. Dingeldey, Pres" J. Twist, V. Pres" M. Marzolf, Treas., J. Acenowr, C. Timm, O. Hayn, R. Majka, B.

)' --- Fireman's Ball ..... committee meetings ..... pledg- ing ... . . planning . .... initiation . .... friendship ..... she's proud to be and Alpha Sig , .... in her castle painted red and white,


Alpha Tau Sigma

A. Williams. Row 3: C. Williams, 1. Geiger, J. Harz, B. lundgren, S. Brisk, J. Jurczak, C. Rumberg er, S. Kenline, S. Simpson, K. Smith, D. Schug, G. Becker. B. Muir, M. Glass, R. Simpson, J. Rutledge, M. Hosner, p, Lamb, E. Neumonn, C. Hole.

Row 1: N. Taylor, A. Foyer, J. lees, F. Judge, C. Davis, B. Hoffman, B. Gre en~erger, F. Foltasz, M. Shay, A. Loyer. Row 2: R. Perthes, M. Schultz, J. Smith, L. Lodedro, A. DiMatteo, N. Huenniger, S. Casey, M. Spinner, M. Egensteiner, V. Pres., H. Joslin, Pres.• M. Von Dyke, Treas" l. Powers, Ree.•See" Jean McNab, Corr.-Sec., C. Buckley, l. Borkowski, H. Moshammer,

Tau Dreamtime ... parties for orphans ... Holly corsage sale ... planning and developing new ideas. The Luella Chapman award for the non-sorority girl. She's proud in th~ gold and green ... She's an Alpha Tau.


Row 1: J. Michel, B. Tansey, C. Soltys, M. Pickett, B. MocKearnin, N. Nissen, M. Connor. Row 2: D. Trost, l. Dono\lon, E. Benson, H. King, J. Korkowicz, A. Kav\lllch, B. Tygert, P. DeBole, D. Dempsey, M. Re, M. Pinzotti, M. Feucht, A. Zappia, B. Goodhue. Row 3:

J. Staub, B. Kulow, A. Rosch, D. Duminuco, A. Soxton, H. Taylor, C. Smith, C. White, D. Gottung, S. Leman, J. Toth, P. Barrett, D. De lahunt, J. Pancio, N. Potter, M. Abate, J. Welt, S. Fitzgerald, J. Graham.

Delta Sigma Upsilon

OFFICERS-Raw 1: B. Miller, Treas., C. Beeman, V. Pres., G. Ste· phenson, B. Zucker. Row 2: A. Lander, Corr. Sec., N. Lagowski, R. Neill, Rec. Sec., E. Kourelis , Ad ...., B. Jakiel, V. Pres., Row 3: l. Haywood, Chap., P. Horton, Sgt.-at-arms.


Emerald Eve ... , . rushing ..... inter-pledge projects ... . . Moving-up Day ..... the float ..... charities ..... a full year of friendly smiles ..... sisterhood. A green iacket .... . for she is a Delta Sig.

J. Naish, l. Marvin, .J. Baker, B. Brooks, C. Mills, P. Woodall, S. Zau, M. Moran, J. Underwood, J. Yauchzy, M. Grzech, M. Anderson. Raw 4: R. Garrett, J. Dean, R. Russick, G. Borom, E. Jahnke, J. Fischer, J. Harloff, M. Kaczynski, N. Blumreich, C. Podsiadla, J. lou, l. Rep p, V. Ruocco, S. Sgroi, G. Barone, M. Curro.

Row 1; V. Young, M. Matheson, J. Keeb, 1:. Albrecht, 1:. Dickson, E. Heumann, M. Flemming, Rec. Sec., A. Newell, lreos., C. Kreuger, Corr. Sec. Row 2; B. lamoka, D. Goodheart, P. Pokorski, J. Wagner, C. Denny, F. Diodato, C. Dean, S. Broun, F. Manko, J. Kl ima , J. Hiscutt, V. Pres., N. Molter, Pres. Row 3: l. Will, C. Verlalino,


Phi Kappa Rho

In navy blue she reflects with pride her sorority's func– tions ..... Mardi Gras and King Rex .. . .. pledging ..... new pledge dinner ..... dance in a snow flake theme ..... bowling parties ..... interest and sincer- ity in all she does.



Row 1: N. Mattei, D. Cook, C. Gallo, E. l apham. A. Robinson, J. Kranock. J~ Kennedy, D. Ruu,J. Kramer, J.lockwood, D. Dahar, G. Eldridge, G. Reilly, M. l ynch. D. Aakesson. Row 2: N. Razia na, A. Purdy, P. Wellech, N. lalonde, P. Miller. M. Martin, A. Nelson, D. Davy, S. Haas, Corr. Sec., A. lyman, Pres., R. Root, V. Pres., J. Rush, Treas., l. Mitof· sky, C. Erwin, J. Kauffman, L. Joslin, Y. Minet. Row 3: S. Zalewski, J. Sztuk, D. Scheffer. M. Misulich, H. Cutaiar, S. Goldforb, P. Woterstrat, E. AbeJli, G. Sullivan, M. Conz. R. Gefolo, J. Haas, A. Ca rswell, S. Word, J. Jorlinski.

Sigma Sigma


Busy days on campus ..... fun and laughter ..... work ..... Christmas mobile ..... formal initiation ..... traditional dinner dance ..... rich in school spirit ..... glowing in purple and white ..... proud to be a sister of Sigma Sigma.

Row 1: J. Smith, Pres., C. Denny, P. Wellech, Rec. Sec., P. Lamb, V. Pres., K. Ryon, G. Stephenson. Row 2: D. DuninucQ, Treas., B. Miller, S. Brisk, J. Rutledge, SWard, J. Wagner, J. Rindfleisch, B. Zucker.

Controlling rushing ... • . pledging ..... initiation ..... Interest Party ..... Scholar- ship .... , academic achievement. Inter- sorority Sing ..... proceeds for chqrity.

Inter-Sorority Council

Inter-Fraternity Council

Promoting better relations between frater- nities ..... Greek Ba ll ..... sports ... .. rules for rush season ..... good fe llowship .... . their aim.

Row l; W. Schum, Pres., K. Beck, Sec.-Treas" W. Thomas, Corr. Sec., Charles Roccvia, Row 2: R. Smith, R. -O'Reilly, P. Svgg, D. Hammond, R. Myers.

,/' /'





~ .. ~ r ~ .


, t






Row 1: R. DClvies, B. Kroecker, M. Mayer, M. Corter. Row 2: M. Hile, B. Corby, J. Williams, '\ J. Prowel, M. Possmore, L. Brown, B. Corby, W. Wil1erlh. Row 3: R. Allen, C. Miller, G. Shep– pard, L. Morse, l. Mofsie, l. Travers, F. Odenwald, G. Davis, J. Howland, C. Furman. \


Canterbury Club

Row 1: K. Kammire, The Rev. Gibson, M. Ryba, Pres., Dr. Corroll, Fcc. Adv., The Rev. Rudwell, N. Ward, A. Sax– ton, E. Raine. Row 2: W. Blizard, S. Wihon, N. Craig, 8, Gilbert, M. Bedworth, B. Jones, S. Emmons.

Each aids in spiritual guidance of State stu- dents .... . religious services ..... Christmas parties . . ... keeping an interest in the tra - ditions of each religion.

Lutheran Student Association Row 1: L. Beckmann, C. Furman, E. Gabler, M. Marcks. Row 2 : Mr. Homer, Adv" B, Muir, Pres., M. Cram, P. Hammond, V. Thomas, A. Becken. Row 3: A. Johnson, B. Kulow.

Row 1: J. George, J. Higbie, D. McGinnis, L. Silvaroli, F. Manko, B. Kendziora, C. Mon– ion, P. Holey, M. McMahon, K. Whall, J. Napienki. Row 2: J. Duffy, F. Foltasz, l. lo· destro, M. Ralicki, M. Wolynsko, M. Fitzgerald, Father Harrington, R. Ma jka, J. Mc– Loughlin, N, Rodenbaugh, H. Ensminger, S. Scinto, G. Jablonski, J, Iwanski, M. Ktlge,

Row 3: C. Healy, P. Horton, C. Ostanski, R. LoDestro, N, Lalonde, A. Lewandowski, M. Padlo, B, Buettner, S. Sgroi, M. McNamara, P. Baldino, M. Grady, N. Thorne. Row 4: C. Milius, M, Marzolf, C. Mitchell, N. Buigio, C. laVallee, K, Burger, C. Wroblewski, I. Moscato, J. Zappio, M. Sepcich, R. Ferraro; A, Derengowski, B. Chopko.

Row 1: D. Sikora, K. Frey, J. Mundhenke, P. Wolski, N. Cassidy, D, Onzu/ak, M. Shan· non. Row 2: E, Cittadino, J, Needham, D. Ferraro, M. Mantione, C. Weigand, C. Berry, P. Kasperek,·G, Becker, E. Berger, J. Grtlham, M. Grzech, M. Moron, S. Heywood, Row

3: E. Galli, R. farallo, J. Grosso, M. Boll, C. Wit:.:/eben, M. DiSarno, J. Gorman, M. Rob· inson, R, Orrange, J, Siener, J. Garabaldi, M. Bryanf, y, Jacques, J. Horrigan, N. Ordian.

Newman Club Catholic Fe llowship ..... e nriches temporal life of Newmanites. Tri-college retreat ... .. "Twilight Twirl" ..... mass worship ..... Christmas party.

Kantor, B. Edwords, T. Wagener, M. Kieta, L. Phillips, A. Zappia, P. Kolbe, M. Borne, M. Killough, F. -Bruno, E. Zdzic:bJo, C. Cosgrove, J. Courtney, S. Burack, A. Miskinis, M. Re, N. Mitrano, C. Kosciuszko, G. Duguay. Row 4: T. Curtin, C. Corr, P. Gront, J. Rein– lander, P. Wiegand, C. Piver, A. lorenzo, C. Gesl, M. Hendricks, B. Logsdon, K. Brown, M. Wagner, P. Hitterich, J. Ward, R. Winters, D. Biller, l. Smith, D. Clark. u

Ro w 1: E. Crowley, O. Cid, M. Vullo, L. Borkowski, J. Baram, M. Curro, R. $obuda, J. Strouch, Treas., P. CanTwell, Ree. Sec., B. Gugino, j. Lelta, M. Mor~hull, M. Clore Hun– germon, J. McNab, J. Haselmoyer. Row 2: E. McCabe, M. Kenney, J. Bloom, C, Sea– ringe, J. Jurczak, M, Pinlolti, E. Donovan, Corr. Sec., S. Kowal, Pres., E. Mack, 1st V. Pres" M. lawler, 2nd V. Pres., C. VanEllen, M. Hoff, J. Higley, J. Takac, M. Glass, M. Embs, W. Cody. Row 3: N. White, D. Hickey, J, Sojewic%, 0 , Woodcock, K, Clark, 8.



Friday evening services ..... study g roups ..... social functions, observance of customs ..... traditions ..... holiday celebrations. perpetuates and develops Jewish heritage.

Row t: ~. Riggil lo, l. Ackerman, l. Kaminsky. Row 2: S, Yorysh, D. Morgolius, Corr. Sec., E. Rimes, Y. Pres., S. M05cowilz, Pres. Rabbi Justin Hofmann, R. Nagan, B. Shapiro, H. Matalon. Row 3: N. Darn, S. lapides, G. Weisman! B. Kaufman, S. Rubenstein, R. Block, A. Fink, Adv., S. levin, N, Rosen, M. Krossin, J. Merlo, C, Hillman.


George, J. Boker, M .. Dickerson. Row 4: C. Ackland, E. Mosvidol, S. Bolt, G. Tennant, M. Huntington, G. Harter, R. Beebe. G. Davis, B, Glad, C. Nelson, N. Shoemaker, E. Forrester, A. Harnish, C. Dean.

Row 1: M. LaMont, D. Schl,l9, M. Shay, M. Anderson, K. Meyerhons. Row 2: E. Gil bert, S. Emmons, E. Nel,lmonn, J. Marshall, A. Rosch, Treas., J. Dean, V. Pres., R. Garrett, Pres., M. Connor, Sec., S. Potchen, M. Grant, E. Kahler, l. Taylor. Row 3: D. Prittin9, J.

Student Christian Association

Students brought together by a common bond .... . fellowship and worship. Sponsors State Fair .... . vesper services ... .. camp retreats ..... denomina· tiona I stud y groups.


I I ,


College Union Board



Row 1: M. Hicks, Treas., J. Pancio, V. Pres., S. Erckert, J. Waikey, M. Hession. Row 2: N. Gibson, Sec., Dr. Pruitt, Foe. Ad...., M. Grant, Mr. J. Cannomelo, Fae. Adv., J. Houghton, Corr. Sec., C. Gasl, D. Schult:z:., Pres., Row 3: H. King, B. Zucker, M. Szpakowski, L Gage, W. Thomes, G; Harter,


A new tradition ..... Thanksg iving gathering. Glee clubs, community singing ..... Christ· mas week ..... decora tions galore .... . tree in lounge ..... fireside sings ..... bell ringe rs ..... Wassail bowl. Doors open to all ..... hard work by a few ..... appreci- ation of many.

Row 1: l. Silvoroli, M. Tropmon. Row 2: E. KO'locki, M. Goosen, foc. Adv., J. Richert, S. Sandler, P. Conlin, M. Kirkland, J. Moore,S. Kozlowsko.

Speech Arts Board

Representative agency ..... bring– ing financial needs of its member organizations to finance Agency ....• . advisory group . • .. . financial a llocations ..... keeping books ..... representation ..... propor– tional to organization needs.

Nu Kappa Alpha

Developing speaking ability . .... differences of opinion . . . • . an interest in current affairs .... . developing debating techniques . , . , . inter-collegiate competition.

E. Kozacki, M. Goetz, J. Carlo, C. Mullen, Mr. Trueblood, Adv., S. Kozlowski.



j , I

l ewis. Row 3: J. Yager, R. Peters, A. Snitzer, W, Q uick, S. Wilson, V. Russell, T. Gmerek, J. Hubbs, B. Wagner, R. Williams, G. Soja· man, F. Royden, C. Work, O. Neville, J. Napierski, A. frodin. ----

Row I: P. Duckef~, A. Koch, M. Marshall, J. Ehrlich, S. Stark, M. Mil· ler. Row 2: G. Steffen, P. Conlin, W. Blind, M. Tropmon, l. Sil~aroli, E. Raine, Min Goossen, C. Palmer, J. Moore, C. Carr, F. Lombino, R.

I ,


Casting Hall

Dramatic group ..... fun. , , .. hard work. , .. , achievement. Arena th eate r ..... Chi ldren's Theater .. . .. dramatic readings .... "Thieves Carnival" .. ... big or sma ll . .... a ll productions bringing pleasure to the acto rs and audiences.

, ,

1'1 I

Row 1: C. Furman, J. Strouth, M. Ego, Dr. Urban, Chairman, K. Meyerhons, Sec., M. Morris, Treas., A. McAllister, V. Chairmon, N. Truesdale. Row 2: G. Asproy, D. Hammond, R. Bradley, l. Collen, S. Sherman.

'Camp Board

Development and control of-college camp .•. . . five faculty members .. " .. eight students, two from each class. Setting up the college camp calendar • ... supervising camp use ..... buying equipment .... making regulations ..... student controlled and student operated.


, 1

j I

Row 1: R. Knapp, W. Gagnon. Row 2: A. Heinen, Mgr., J. Hughes, J. Bessel. R. Murray, Coach.

Indoor Track

... In winter, the boards . .. in spring, the cinders ... the training, tense spir– its, exhausting long distances, strength of the field events ... these ... the rigors of track ... the dual meets .. . bigger ones •.. the Penn relays .. . excitement and strain ..• the flnal thrust ... cou'rage for a stretch sprint ...


Row 1: L. Zangerl e, Coach, M. Axelrod, Mgr., R. Maybcck, A. Bean, M. McNeil, D. Dobbins. In wa ter : D. Rhodes, D. Debell, G. Kontos, J. Kontos, D, Karre, V. Marando, G, Tyson.


· .... the starter's gun ..... the thrashing swimmers ..... the post-race exhaustion · .... the streaming specta tors, .. , all part of the meet . .. .. · ... , a young t eam ..... a strong team ..... a team of pride. , .. .



Row 1: R. Stotz, and J. Merlo, Captains. Row 2: C. Torch, Mgr., S. Mo nspeaker, D. Ellis, P. luczak, A. Sinnigen, R. Haines, H. Meyers, F. O'Shei, J. Brown, R. Louc.hren, S. Austin, J. Cauley, J. Coppola, D. Michalak, Asst. Coach, L. Katzman, Coach.



..... Stotz ..... Merto ..... Austin, .... O'Shei ..... Coppola. Height, speed, skill, spirit, drive ..... the necessary qualities for success . .. .. all present. The games ..... thrilling, fast, close ..... always exciting ..... always deepening our pride.


Row 1: M. Axelrod, MgT., C. Scofield, R. Zipp, E. Brooks, D. Wood, MgT. Row 2: A. Zenin, C. Hillman, R. G roniem, J. Bauer, C. Garfinkel, B. ~teele, F. Kick, P. Kovach.


G. Zimmerman, N. Lalonde, V. Pres., A. Scheer, J. Staub, Captain, G. Williams, H. Taylor, Pres., S. Woodward, Sec., J. RindAeisch, Trees.


A shout of "Go, State, Go!" ..... the crowd rises to its feet . ... . a sweep ..... a jump ..... their boundless pep and energy de– mand team support and good sportsmanship.

P. lawrence, J. Duffy, R. DeMarco, M. Scvreffavi.


, I

Row 1: R. Perry, D. Bieber, B. Smith. Row 2: E. Axelrod, G. Runckel, E. Kostuk, J. Ma– rino, M. Guerry, Sec., D. Hammond, Pres" H. luff, Y. Pres., B. Lomporlcr, Trees.• R. Van– Housen, B. Heater, J. Rauhe, A. Mastrangelo. Row 3: J. Falistewskl, J. Panko, S. Zim-

merma n, G. Duffy, R. Case, D. Rol" F. Kuhn, C. Torch, D. Wood, Sec., F. Lovell, A. Bean, D. McGregor, K. Beck, M. Pirowskin, C. Schwender.

Delta Kappa

Tuesday night meetings . .. .. serenading the dorm girls ... " . selling student directories. Rushing ... , . pledging ..... pinning your best girl ..... school spirit ..... frater- nity life ..... work ...... fun ..... fellowship_


Row 1: E. Ahrens, V. Pelle grino, R. Devitt, G. Clever. Row 2 : C. Raccuia, R. Getzin, B. Donn, R. Mazur, W. Schum, Treas., J. Rien– deau, Pres., G. Candy, V. Pres., H. Kuebler, Sec., J. Word. T.Brawn, J.Crcem. Row3: l.Kaplan, R. O'Re illy, R. Papinea u, R.Nolte.

Psi Beta Phi


Close ties of brotherhood in State's oldest fraternity ..... jinx burning to boost the mo– rale for the soccer season ..... scholarship ..... leadership ..... distinguished in gray.

Sigma Tau Rho



Row 1: P. 5U99, Pres" C. WoHler, Rec. Sec., L Goge, Corr. Sec., G. Wcinfurtner, V. Pres" L. Bragg, Treas. Row .2: R. Thrun, S. Sgroi, D. Dent, D. Mary, R. Honeck, N. Plezio, B. levesque, B. Montford, B. Jennette, M. Eberwein, W. Blizard, J. Hohman, W. Thomes. Row 3: A. Pautler, D. Korre, R. Worner, J, Lenhart, l. Dunn, R. Myers.

The blue and white ..... symbol of loyalty ..... integrity ..... friendship , Hayrides ..... picnics ..... barbecues ..... White Elephant Sale, headlining a date for a lucky girl with a brother to the Town Casino ..... service to the school .. J •• growing together.


Parker, J. Collins. Row 3: G. Foster, C. McCloy, A. lander. L. Whittaker, R. Cantor, P. Caplan, R. Levine, S. Lemon, N. Logawski, B. Jakie l, J. Dean, M. Castiglia, A. Waite, M. KUster, R. Wolf, D. Brown.

Row 1 : C. LaPenna, J. Clase, S. Kenline, P. Lamb, C. Buckley, D. Hall, D. Pelletier, P. Keller. Row 2: M. Van Dyke, P. Geiger, B. Bricmont, R. Rosati, Pres., R. Sugarman, Adv., A, Rosch, Sec•• j. Riendeau, V. Pres., S. Pomeranz, A. Carpenter, Trees., N. Sweet, B.

Van Housen, J. Gerken, H. Muir, E. Bailey, E. Jacobs, C. Andolina, K. Kolbe, J. Bloom, M, Vullo, p, levine, C. Beeman.

Row 1: R, Stanley, J. Schaefer, J. Constantino, A. Lerner, J. Stephans, D. DobstafF, A. lyman. Row 2: M. lawler, M. Hicks, It Aquino, S. Moscowitz, C. Dozier, M. Juszczak, J. Acenowr, M. Valentine, J. Kish. Row 3: M. Callahan, A. Schwarzmueller, L. Marvin, R.

Kappa Delta Pi


· .... a member . ... . scholastic achievement ..... interest in education · , ... an aim ..... high professional, intellectual and personal standards · .... recognition of outstanding contributions to education ..... . . . . . together .... , Dean's Teo .. ... discussion groups at ori entation ..... academic assistance program ..... President's Receptions o t Pa rent's Weekend .....

Row 1: Dr. McRae, Advisor, F. Matthews, W. Bukowski, Pres., J. Garcia, V. Pres., M. Augello, Treas. Row 2: G. Nosci, B. Perretti, W. Blind, W. Horn, D. Derrick, R. Pearce, J. Scott.

igma Upsilon

To appreciate literature ..... develop creative writ– ing ..... deve lop literary values. Reading's ..... criticism of work, their own and others • .... giving pleasure to others .. , • . Readers Theaters. Notional honorary fraternity,


Phi Upsilon Omicron


I ~ •

Row 1, A. Hagen, S. Sherman, N. Roziano, I. Doerler, R. GorreJt, C. Gentz, A. Carpenter, R. Watson. Row 2: M. Dunn, C. Adams, Corr. Sec., A. Farrell, V. Pres" N. Walter, Pres., T. Miller, A. Roudebu~h, Adv., P. Fillipponi, l. Meidenbouer, E. Kohler.

· ... . establish and streng then friendships · .... mora l end intellectua l growth . •... ad- vance and promote Home Economics ..... varied activities .. . .• Bake Sale .•.. promo– tion of Home Ec program in Buffalo schools · .... Foreign Cookie Booth at State Fa ir · .. .. academic assistance program ••... initiations ..... highlight ..... bi-annual con– clave ot Penn State .•... four national hon– orary members installed .... .


Epsilon Pi Tau

..... scholarship ." ... exchange of ideas ..... prep~ oration for more satisfying careers ..... Spring con– ference ...• . professional material and information file ..... activities toward a goal ..... enriching the lives of future Industrial Arts teachers . .. , .

Row 1: D. Weaver, W. Burns, Dr. Neuthordt, Foe. Ad ...., l. Bragg, H. Foley. Row 2: N. Symington, L. Nicol. Row 3: R, Ping, R. Van Housen, G. Runckel, G. _ Ander~on, A. Hoppa, A. McAllister, D. Denz.


4 I

Row 1: J. Purpura, C. Argen, G. Klinck, M. Kieta, A. Annun:r:iato, M. Tropman, S. Sandler, L Silvaroli, P. Conlin, Row 2: J. Cataldo, Adv., S. Troynor, W. Blizard, S. Stork, R. Jennette, R. Wolfe, J. Moore.

Art Education Club

Encouraging deve lopment of creative activi- ties ..... leadership in the arts ..... sponsor- ship of trip to New York ..... built around professiona l interests, but encompassing socia l functions a lso.


Publications Board

Pelletier, Record Ed., A. Pirro, Record Ed., P. levine, Elm leaves Ed., J. Harz, Record Bus. Mgr" E. Kostuk, Elms E'd., C. Smith, Elms Bus, Mgr.

Row 1: B. Jenson, Pub. ReI., W. Gragg, Record Ad ...., 8. Gronewold, Chairman, a: Thomas, Treas., R. Wise, Elms, Ad .... Raw 2: C. Schuck, Handbook Adv., D.

Guiding publications ..... estab lishing their budgets . . ... an important job well done. Banquet in the spring ..... presentation of the yearbook, .... an active organization ..... students and faculty working together.


Row I: D. Ellis, W. Gagnon, F. Cordaro, R, Stein, Row 2: A, Heinen, Mgr" 1. Hughes, A. Uhl, D. Taylor, J. Bessel, R. Knapp, B. Vantine, R. Murray, Coach.

Outdoor Track


-TI R[{oRD 1-"" I -, kt


Record Serving the students ..... highlighting activities ..... developments ..... problems ..... news of national and local interest. Freedom of expression ..... cooperation .... responsibility .. ... fun through wo rking together.

Row 1: J. Haughton. Row 2: R. Ruocco, J. Boxer, C. Buckley. Row 3: M. towler.

Row 1: P. Kasperek. Row 2: D. Payne, S. Word, K. Smith, C. Miller, 8, Corby. Row 3: S. Kozlowska.

. .. '


.. ,-,

, " ,.I.... 'V' \ ..... F!



Lowler, J.• oxer, J.

D. Pelletier H E , . •nsminger, A. P irro, Editors,

Ruocco M f •

D. Pelletier, R. H. Ensminger.


J. Wl,.lertzer, lit. Ed., J. EVClns, Art Ed., N. Svensson, Art Ed., E. Kostuk, Editor, B. Vantine, Photog, Ed., J. Stern, Mng. Ed.


Pictorial view ..... a year at State, State at work ..... ploy. Planning, . , . , organization .. , .. hard work, .. , . accepting responsibility. Pictures ..... lay·outs ..... copy ....• money ..... meetings ..... problems ..... deadlines.

Art Staff: N. Svensson, Editor, R. Heim, J. EVClns, Editor.



Business Staff: G. Rought, N. lalonde, D. Schug, D. Payne, J. Stern, Managing Editor, M. Sepcich. R. levine, R. Ferraro, R. Root.

Literary Siaff: S. WarboY$, l. Mitofsky, J. Wuertler, Editor, G. Duffy, J. Morrison, N. Talbot.

Photography Staff: J. Panko, W, Vantine, Editor.


G. Nosci, Art Ed., B. Kent, M. Thomas, J. Wuertzer, J. Wightman, P. Levine, Editor, A. Druschel, P. Geiger.

Elm Leaves

Good creative writing . . . .. prose . . ... poetry .. . • . variety . . . . . imagination. Poetry contest .. ... literary techniques ... .. con– structive criticism. Student written ..... published ... . . illustrated . . .. . and financed.




6. Kantor, J. Ehrlich, T. Wagener, R. Borrell, P. Minken, D. Smith.

Striking white uniforms and orange plumed hats ..... gleaming streaks of twirling batons.. .. unity of movement in _marching routines ..... a burst of appreciation from enthusiastic viewers.



E. Ahrens, C. Anderson, M. Anderson, S. Andolina, C. Andolino, E. Batcheller, A. Bauer, J. Bauer, J. Biggie, S. Bolt, M. Bound, L. Bragg, A. Bryce, D. Dumbor, J. Came:ron, E. ,Campbell, A. Craig, M. Crom, N. Curio, T. Czarnecki, R. Davies, A. DeNoon, B. Donn, J. Droit, H. Enoch, A. Foyer, A. Freiner, Sec., N. Gallagher, J. Gelsomino, R. Getzin, L. Gilb ert, M. Guenther, I:. Haywood, V. Hooko, R. Jen– nette, J. Kaiser, 8. Kaufman, G. Kohut, D. Kowalski, P. Lamb, W. Lamb, M. Lewis, B. Ma bie, R. Macaluso, M. Marcks, D. McGregor,

A baton taps against the conductor's stand ..... orange and black figures come to attention ...... flashing instruments are poised , .... clarinets begin ..... trumpets sound ..... drums odd finishing touches , .... a concert at the Veterans Hospital ..... a Christmas serenade in the lounge ..... the B.S.T.e. band is proud to be a part of State's spirit.


6. Meyers, B. Miller, L. Morse, W. Ogden, W. Ottowitz, R. Patterson, E. Pattison, M. Phatiger, A. Phillips. M. Przemielewski, 6. Rankie, J. Rauhe, T. Richards, A. Riebennachl, P. Roberts, E. Rothman, $. Russell, A. Saxton, J. Scott, G. Seibert, V. Shay, R. Slade, M. Spinner, J. Stefanski, J. Sutton, J. Szczypkowski, N. Talbot, D. Trost, 6. Thorley, J, Tuttle, V. Pres., J. Vontina, l. Walker, D. Weaver, L. Wel– goss, J. Welty, R. Wettlaufer, Pres., C. While, D. Willert, C. Wolffer, N. York, J. Zefers.


S. Hoas, Capt., D. Dahor, C. Shulman. M. Dickerson. D. Davy, R. Block. J. Kennedy, M. Sepcich, G. Eldridge, l. Mclennan, B. Turner, B. Fine, S. Schwartz, J. Granite, Co-Capt., J. Higley, J. Bermann.


"Attention!" ..... The shrill blast of a commanding whistle . .... "Right shoulder arms!" ..... the sound of well-trained hands against polished rifles . .... preci– sion and grace while marching ..... an exhibition of . skill in pep assemblies ..... the thrill and distinction of representing State on television.


Women's Sports . ..




A. Roth, S. fitzg erald. Y. Minet, F. Manko, S. Phelps, C. Sarr, B. Milanovich, B. Mason, A. Keirn, E. Dickson, .captain.

Pride in a uniform of b lack and orange .... , dexterity in perfection of marching drills ..... the added accent of a silve r baton ..... this is a drillette .. . .. a true represent– a tive of State's spirit.


Row 1: S. Radomski, M. 6urzinski, R. Sprenger, H. Dowski. Row 2: C. Garfinkel, H. Sengbusch, Coach, R. Olear.

. . . a serve, a weak return, 0 sliced backhand ... at the net, a smash ... a good forehand straining it . .. not always reaching it ... a win ... or a loss ... Tennis ... at State . . .


Row 1: E. McDonald. Row 2: L. Travers, H. Wolfe, J. Shanahan, W. Ottowitz, B. Smith.


..... tough competition, a windy day ..... well-played golf .... . . . . . . the tension, a sport of supreme concentration ..... birdies .... . double bogies . ..


Food Services

Serving Stote's students, snack bar ..... State Room. , ... cafeteria. A cup of coffee .. , .. a big dinner. Food ..... plus a smile.


Row 1: C. Shutts, P. Bell, M. Feucht, D. Stettner, I. Andersen, B. Kaufman, M. Gray, J. Sibbie, G. Ryerse, P. Watson, C. Hale, S. McQueen, J. Babcock, S. Carberry. Row· 2: G. labouseur, V. Jacques, A. Cole, A. Saxton, P. Palmer, D. Dempsey, J. Kolvow, S. Higley, D. Darrow, E. Kahler, Pres., A. Howard, Sec., S. Sherman, V. Pres., B. Tucker, Treas., S. ,selig, S. Sgroi, M. Borne, S. Connor.

Row 3: C. Von Etten, P. Rudd, M. Suitar. J. letta. J. Higley, F. Parmelee, l. Griffin, A. Miskinis. J. Zefers, M. Dieflstbier, V. Hooko. L Taylor, J. Mundhenke, M. Seaman, J. Yauchzy, J. Underwood, R. Snyder, S. Stage, M. Hodgins, A. Roth, J. Miller, K. Thompson, S. Patchin, C. luidens, E. Ross, N. Mudge, M. Hoff, A. lander.

Developing awareness of place in college ..... family ..... community life ..... fur- thering participation .. ... leadership in its professiona l area ..... aid to a foreign student .. ... IA-Homec weekend at College Comp.

Home Economics Club

Row 1; R. Garrett, J. DingeJdey. Row 2: B. JakieJ, V. Pres., M. Hickey, Pres., D. Maul, D. Rice, N. Symington. Row 3: D. Pelletier, G. Stephenson, D. Hammond, R. Rosati.

Alpha · .... the silver A . .... a goal .. ... an honor .... . a darkened auditorium ..... the roving spotlight · . . . . solemn ushers ..... they pause ... . . the tap · ... . recognition of a leader ..... . . . . . banquets ..... leadership conference ..... conferences within -the organizations.


Early Childhood Education Club

Row 1; J. Besenfelder, G. Becker. Row 2: J. Stachowiak, L. Whittaker, J. Walker, R. Cantor, P. Caplan, J. Baker, M. Pratt,

Creating .. . .. ma intaining an interest in the Early Childhood sequence ..... making it better known ..... information about its advantages ..... speake rs ..... movies. , ... workshops ..... projects.


Row 1: M. Marcks, E. Armstrong. Row 2: M. Nadin,-Pres., F. Hepindall, Foe. Ad ...., J. Droit, Sec. State Ed. Associ– ation, R. Hyde, V. Pres., E. Silverman, Librarian-Historian, D. Hall, Sec:.

Ideals . .. . . purposes .. . .. pre-professional experiences .. ... to help members become better teachers . .. .. tours of the college with interested hi9.h school seniors ..... lec- tures .... . panel discussions .. . .. community services .... . social activities .. . . . develop- ing a well -rounded personality.

Future Teachers

of America


Row 1: 8. Edward$, P. Grant, P. Wiegand, J. Duffy, L. Mitofsky, V. Schmidt, L. Smith, K. 8rown, M. Ego, E. Jenne, E. Thompson, M. Curro, J. Kochendorfer. Row 2: T. Curtin, L. Borkowski, Sec., J. Bancroft, V. Pres., J. Strauch, Pres., R. Sabudo, Treos., V. lhomas, O. Neville, B. Logsdon, J. Morrison.

International Council for Exceptional Children

Professional organization ..... interests in handi· capped and gifted_childre n ..... creating an interest in teaching of these. Speakers ..... display in Butler library showing visual aid ..... methods ..... equip- ment ..... parties at Association for the Help of Retarded Children.


Science Club

Row 1: Dr. SengbU5th, Foe. Adv., Dr. Eckert, Fac, Adv" B. Vantine, F. Judg e, Pres" D. Heeden~ reich, Sec., N. Thorne, M. Lawler. Row 2: M. Ego, 8. Kulow.

Experimentation and expression . . . . . friendships .... . common interests ..... a chance to learn ..... using advanced equipment .. . .. discussion. Developing the art of critica l thinking.

11 9


Row 1: J. Demyan, V. Pres., M. Norenberg, Adv., R. Rosati, Sec., J. Kauffman, D. Payne, J. Fisher. Row 2: R. Sabuda, P. Levine, M.J..add, Treas., P. Geiger, Pres., G. Weisman, S. Putnam.

Gamma Lambda Chi

Honorary literary sorority ..... ability and interest in writing. Foster appreciation of literature ..... promote original composition .. " . advance the ability to criticize literary works.






Row 1: K. Lynch, R. Zirnhe ld, E. Askloff. J. Herrsche r, L. Ianni, R. Stein, H. Smith, R. McClellan, J. Panko. D. Jettos, Row 2: K. Kern, R. Van Housen, W. Burns, J. Nelson, Rec. Sec., S. Zimmerman, Pres., It Mertens, Treas., J. Szczypkowski, Corr. Sec., P. Cline, E. Novak, R. Turgeon, G. Pack, T. Beachy, S. Desantis, P. Rollain. Row 3: M.

Pirowskin, H. Snialecki, R. Pratt, F. Scoglione, W. Kaczmarski, E. Booth, D. Kowolski, l. Alexander, P. Muck, J. Clark, J. Ezynczak, D. Farrell, J. Hill, E. Drake, T. Hobart, e. Scofle ld, D. York, R. Knauer, p, Scalia, J. Sherwood, l. Bragg, Mr. Brossman, Advisor.


Industrial Arts Club


Drawing together those of common interests .. , .. striving to develop balanced growth ..... helping to plQn , .... carry out annual Industrial Arts Conference ..... annual picnic.


Vet's Club

Row 1: J. Creem, R. Knauer. Row 2: l. Fabiano, J.. Lamp, R. Westover, 2nd V. Pres., R. DePentu, Treas., T. Queeno, V. Pres., S. Gil– lIer, Advisor, G. Kontos, Pres. Row 3: D. Horton, K. Smith, P. Voigt, D. Dobbins. A. Craig, J, Marsala, R. Devitt, J. Scott, D. Conley, j. Fe llner, E. Dobbins, A. Kamokawiwoole.

Promoting fellowship between veterans and other stu– dents ...•. making college life more enjoyab le. ,' .. , working for better school spirit. Annual Autumn Dance ..... Christmas party ..... spring picnic ..... socia l parties ..... intramural pro– gram ..... all these things form doser ties.


B. C. M.'s


R. louchren, J. Coppola, F. Conrad, A. Kamakawiwoole, K. Seifert, T. Galvin, D. Kears– ing, D. Horton, E. Schultz, J. Shanahan, R. logan, W. Majewski, D, Conley. B. Steele. M. Eberwein, R. Haines, T. Maloney, Alumni Adv.

Row 1: B. Mokski, B. Hoiler, F. Sciasckl, A. Gracie, A. lomm, S. Monspeoker, J. Merlo, D. Ellis, D. Krug. Row 2: H. Meyers, Trees., D. Daboll, D. Michalak, Treas., F. O'Shei, Chairman, A. Bean, Sec., P. Luczak, T, Ahern, J. Ciszewski, D. "night. Row 3: F. Lovell,

I 'I

Building Campus Spirit ..... supporting school functions ..... intermural program ..... parties ..... dances. Black jackets with red and white letters ..... denoting a "S.C.M."


Row ·l: A. Robinson, M. Ta(hco, N. R02.iono, J. Kauffman, S. Clieman, S. Wo rd, L. Mifofsky, G. Eldridge , C. Wolfe. Row 2: A. Purdy, J. Teresi, J, Merlo, D. Dahar, G. Monk, S. Goldfarb, D. Delahunt, R. Gelole, A. Scheer, C. Gallo, A, Nelson, D. Pilarra. Row 3: M. Marshall, J. Sojewicz, J. letta, R. Rool, P. Miller, G. Rought, K. Clark, D. Woodcock, A. Bergman, D. Aakesson, D. McGregor, B. BUettner, C. luidens. R. Ferraro, M. Sepcich, D. Cook.

Art Kraft Klub

Requirement: to be original and creative. Writing original letters ..... costume boll zany pranks ..... spirited meetings. , .. . fun. Serious projects ..... approving posters .. maintaining high publicity standards ..... toy drive .. . .. scholarship for a creative student.


Butler Library





Row 1: Pres. H. Rice, C. Grant, Dean R. Horn, R. Sugarman, F. G. Hepinstall, M. l. Carroll, Row 2: J. Urban, K. Brown, C. Messner, ~ean G. Klopf, R. Al– bright, B. LaBarge, S. ezudes, R. MacVittie, A. L. Bradford, M. Ryba, R. J. Cher-

kauer, R. S. Ebert, H. Mann, H. F. Peterson, W. D. Baker, O. E. Hertzberg, D. P. Smay.

Educational Policies Council Respo~sible for existing curriculum in all divisions .... improvements ... • . revisions ... . . course content. Determining policies ..... procedures of registration .. . .. scheduling of classes . . ... exams. Policies related to Summer Session ..... outdoor education • ...• elective program .... all under their jurisdiction.


Student Personnel listening to problems . . .. . helping to find solutions . .... intellectual, social and professional develop– ment is their concern. . .. guardians of our "home away from home" ... . . coordinators of student personnel services.

Row 1: M. Dupre, K. Harries, Dean G. Kropf, Dean W. Prllitt, A. A. Martorano, M. L. Carroll. Row 2: J. Rickert, J. Strauch, G. Stephenson, D. Schultz, N. Cor-

riera, M. Lone, Dean R. Horn, J. Spence, L. lange, Dean S. Gittler, T. C. Moss, W. D. Baker, R. Jennette, A. G. Pirro.


College Cabinet

Row 1: Dean R. Horn, Pres. H. Rice, G. Stephenson, R. Sugarman, M. Grant. Row :2; K. Brown, R. Albright, Dean G. Klopf, S. Czurles, R. MacVittie, D. G. Brossman, J. Spence, R. lampkin, W. D. Baker, C. Cook.

The administrative heads of the college .... . plus two faculty representatives. Determining and enforcing genera l administrative policy . .... suggestions from other groups.


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