E. Ahrens, C. Anderson, M. Anderson, S. Andolina, C. Andolino, E. Batcheller, A. Bauer, J. Bauer, J. Biggie, S. Bolt, M. Bound, L. Bragg, A. Bryce, D. Dumbor, J. Came:ron, E. ,Campbell, A. Craig, M. Crom, N. Curio, T. Czarnecki, R. Davies, A. DeNoon, B. Donn, J. Droit, H. Enoch, A. Foyer, A. Freiner, Sec., N. Gallagher, J. Gelsomino, R. Getzin, L. Gilb ert, M. Guenther, I:. Haywood, V. Hooko, R. Jen– nette, J. Kaiser, 8. Kaufman, G. Kohut, D. Kowalski, P. Lamb, W. Lamb, M. Lewis, B. Ma bie, R. Macaluso, M. Marcks, D. McGregor,

A baton taps against the conductor's stand ..... orange and black figures come to attention ...... flashing instruments are poised , .... clarinets begin ..... trumpets sound ..... drums odd finishing touches , .... a concert at the Veterans Hospital ..... a Christmas serenade in the lounge ..... the B.S.T.e. band is proud to be a part of State's spirit.


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