Row 1: C. Shutts, P. Bell, M. Feucht, D. Stettner, I. Andersen, B. Kaufman, M. Gray, J. Sibbie, G. Ryerse, P. Watson, C. Hale, S. McQueen, J. Babcock, S. Carberry. Row· 2: G. labouseur, V. Jacques, A. Cole, A. Saxton, P. Palmer, D. Dempsey, J. Kolvow, S. Higley, D. Darrow, E. Kahler, Pres., A. Howard, Sec., S. Sherman, V. Pres., B. Tucker, Treas., S. ,selig, S. Sgroi, M. Borne, S. Connor.

Row 3: C. Von Etten, P. Rudd, M. Suitar. J. letta. J. Higley, F. Parmelee, l. Griffin, A. Miskinis. J. Zefers, M. Dieflstbier, V. Hooko. L Taylor, J. Mundhenke, M. Seaman, J. Yauchzy, J. Underwood, R. Snyder, S. Stage, M. Hodgins, A. Roth, J. Miller, K. Thompson, S. Patchin, C. luidens, E. Ross, N. Mudge, M. Hoff, A. lander.

Developing awareness of place in college ..... family ..... community life ..... fur- thering participation .. ... leadership in its professiona l area ..... aid to a foreign student .. ... IA-Homec weekend at College Comp.

Home Economics Club

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