Row ·l: A. Robinson, M. Ta(hco, N. R02.iono, J. Kauffman, S. Clieman, S. Wo rd, L. Mifofsky, G. Eldridge , C. Wolfe. Row 2: A. Purdy, J. Teresi, J, Merlo, D. Dahar, G. Monk, S. Goldfarb, D. Delahunt, R. Gelole, A. Scheer, C. Gallo, A, Nelson, D. Pilarra. Row 3: M. Marshall, J. Sojewicz, J. letta, R. Rool, P. Miller, G. Rought, K. Clark, D. Woodcock, A. Bergman, D. Aakesson, D. McGregor, B. BUettner, C. luidens. R. Ferraro, M. Sepcich, D. Cook.

Art Kraft Klub

Requirement: to be original and creative. Writing original letters ..... costume boll zany pranks ..... spirited meetings. , .. . fun. Serious projects ..... approving posters .. maintaining high publicity standards ..... toy drive .. . .. scholarship for a creative student.


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