Row 1: Y. Minet, K. Murphy, J. Korkowicz, Rec. Sec., R. Mary, V. Trees., W. Burns, A. Z~ppia, R. Van Housen. Row 2: C. Smith, J. Hutzler, W. Thomes, C. Beeman, R. Smith, Sgt.-aiĀ·Arms, R. Root, Carr. Sec., A. SchwarzmuelJer, Treas., G. Stephenson, Pres., R. Thrun, V. Pres., R. Aquino, V. Pres., J. Carr, S. Selig, R. Ruocco, J. Rindfleisch. Row 3: D.

York, W. Petillon, J. Welt. R. Worner, K. Kommire, l. Gage, A. Robinson, l. Borkowski, M. Van Dyke, N. Malter, P. Wooda ll, J. Graham, E. Mock, M. Martin, C. Dean; D. Aakesson, C. Mitche ll, M. Marzolf.

Student Congress

Promotion of college citizenship ..... fourth year as stud ent governing body ..... class and division representatives ..... seven officers ..... appointment of commission and boards .... . administration of college activities ..... "Sorry, sir, Rockwell Rood is for private use" ... .. active traffic commission ..... an introduction to State traditions in freshmen ori- entation ..... community services _.... Thursday night meetings in activity rooms ..... change of Christmas vacation ..... sponsorships of a foreign student. . .. aid to Cambodia book drive ..... se rvice to the State students ..... voice of the student body.

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