C. Gray, L. GHbert, R. Rogers, J. Mitchell, M. Hesch, B. Tucker, G. Kohut, G. Andrews, M. Dunn, N. Rodenbaugh.

Row 1: N. Dorn, B. Gugino, C. Smith, E. Gotti, J. Cotter. Row 2: J. Sespico, Pres., J. Sibbie, Treas., f.J udge, V. Pres., H. Ensminger, Sec. Row 3: K. Fischer, G. Garofalo,

Residence Centers Life away from home ..... on or off campus ..... Working together for a common couse .. ... "adopted family" .... . annual mixer dance . . . .. Professors Promenade ..... solving problems ... .. learning to be an adult .. .. . gaining independence.

Pioneer Building lasting friendships ..•.. life in the Freshman Women's Dorm. Taking inconvenience with a smile learning to live with others. Picnic ..... open house.

On Floor: P. De Ventier, Pres., Seated: B. Olshanski, Sec., Standing: R. Lewis, Trees., J. Lewis, V. Pres.


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