MEMBERS: A. Babcock, C. Be rlinghoff, B. Brooks, F. Bnmo, D. Bumbar, N. Burgio, J. Cameron, A. Derengowski, J. Droit, li brarian, T. EJliolt, M. Embs, A. Foyer, A. Freiner, J. Ge lsomino, R. Gelzin, D. Hardy, R. Jennette, Pres., J. Kishi B. Muir, F. Odenwald, N. Ordian, W. Ottowitz, R. Patterson, V. Pellegrino, A. Phillips, B. Ronkie, J. Rouhe, P. Roberts, E. Rothman, It Roush, R. Simpson, D. Smith, H. Taylor, J. Welty, V. Pres" T. Widzinski, M. Woodall, J. Wincenc, Foe. Adv. a nd Director.

Wednesday, four to six, practice hours ..... members assemble ..... rehearsal begins ..... violi ns cnd string bosses are quiet ..•.• new symphonies mean more practice ... .. a concert at the Crippled Chi l- dren's School ..... music of strings, brass, and wood- winds ..... weaving a beautiful melody,


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