A Cappella Choir

MEMBERS; J. Ackerman, B. Selchen, M. Bound, T. Brown, Sec.·Treas.• J. Corberry, A. Corswell, J. Chisholm, R. Clark, P. Cline, B. Claeman, F. Conrad, J. Covel, S. Covel, M. Crotty, H. Doerler, I. Docrler, .H. EricKson, T. Fillipponi. Pres., D. Fooselh, B. Getzin, B. Gertz, l. Griffin, J. Hohman, M. Holmon. D. Horton, W. Huber. A. Jones, H. King, C. Klein, E. Koeppel, B. LaBarge, N. Leinback, R. Logon, R. Macaluso, S. Mann, M. McArthur, W. Merrick, C. Mills, G. Ressue. P. Sehlehr, J. Scolzetli, F. Shory, A. 5innigen, J. Sispico, D. Skidmore, E. Stewart, N, Strauss. E. Stull, B. Thorley, M. Tousey, L. Travers, M. Volentine. S. Tuyn, B. Walloce, G. Weinferlne r, M. Whiting, R. Williams, B. Winters, S. Zimmerman, S. Boyd, Director.

Men's voices. , . , . women's voices. , .. , al l dressed in rob es of b lue and go ld .. , , , new music, , . ,. a close blending of beautiful har– mony without accompaniment , ... , known off campus as well as on . , .. , truly a rep– resentation of State's musical abi lity,


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