Spring workshops ..... letters

.. identification tags.


That first meeting recognition ..... a friendly smi le .. ... questions to be answered ..... someone to turn to.

Orientation ..... registration . a guiding hand through those

first rough freshman days .. and whenever needed .

Row 1: M. lawler, J. McNab, F. Foltasz, M. Egensteiner, C. Buckley, R. Aquino, J. Pancio. Row 2: S. Selig, R. Sob· uda, M. Ralicki, J. Worley, M. Van Dyke, G. Monk, J. Wuertzer, F. Schroder, J. Sibbie, C. Kosciuszko, P. Kolbe.

Row 3: S. Adom$, B. Britmont, N. Gibson, J. Stearns, E. Mack, C. Piver, R. Thrun, H. Wolbesser, R. Worner, D. Schultz, J. Woskey, L. Gage, W. Blizard.

Junior Councilors

Row 1: R. Hyde, M. Hlle, R. Ruocco, M. Ryba, M. Rindfle isch, J. Mill- G. Andrews, l. lodestro, S. Goldfarb, M. Case, M. Dunn, C. Verta– spaugh. M. Dietrich. Row 2: N. lalonde, R. Root, S. Word, A. lino, A. Zappia, E. Kahler, J. Korkowicz, C .Beeman, P. Geiger, C. Schwarzmueller, Cho irman, R. Levine, K. Murphy, J. Droit, W. Dean. Thomes, P. Woodall, F. Judge, L. Borkowski. Row 3: N. Rodenbough,


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