Women's Athletic Association

Row 1: P. Bell, M. Kaczynski, B. lomako, M. Morris. Row 2: B. Betsc:hen,-V. Young, J. lou, D. Goodheart, Set., M. Huntington, V. Pres" J. Fischer, Pres" J. Carberry, Treos., Miss Spaulding, Advisor, C. Dean. Row 3: J. Yauchzy, S. lou, G. Becker, J. McNess, C. Gesl, M. Szpakowski, M. Grzech, M. Hendricks.

Development of athletic skiU~ . ... . increase in variety of skills ..... promotion of cOMed ath letics . .... co-ed sports night .... . inter-col,legiate sports days ..... Athletic Federation of College Women affiliations ..... Side out! Your serve .. ... Strike three! All these efforts to accumulate points for awards. Splash! Blurb! Foul! My serve ..... Hold the reins tightly ..... a spare! Pick it! On guard! Be careful with the foil! Arrow straight! Fire! .... . two more points to win.


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