George, J. Boker, M .. Dickerson. Row 4: C. Ackland, E. Mosvidol, S. Bolt, G. Tennant, M. Huntington, G. Harter, R. Beebe. G. Davis, B, Glad, C. Nelson, N. Shoemaker, E. Forrester, A. Harnish, C. Dean.

Row 1: M. LaMont, D. Schl,l9, M. Shay, M. Anderson, K. Meyerhons. Row 2: E. Gil bert, S. Emmons, E. Nel,lmonn, J. Marshall, A. Rosch, Treas., J. Dean, V. Pres., R. Garrett, Pres., M. Connor, Sec., S. Potchen, M. Grant, E. Kahler, l. Taylor. Row 3: D. Prittin9, J.

Student Christian Association

Students brought together by a common bond .... . fellowship and worship. Sponsors State Fair .... . vesper services ... .. camp retreats ..... denomina· tiona I stud y groups.


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