Detroit Compressor - October 2019



Every company, like every person, has their own unique set of values. These values inform your goals, the way you do business, and your differentiating characteristics. If you don’t take the time to define and develop your core values as a company, you’ll end up with aimless initiatives, listless team members, and an overall lack of direction. That’s why we take our core values so seriously. The creation of our core values wasn’t a “one and done” process. We thought about them and produced multiple iterations before arriving at a list that we feel represents our mission as a

can also expect to be treated with care, consideration, and honesty. The standard of customer care in our industry is far too low. Our culture is all about raising that standard. WE ARE RESOURCEFUL AND FIND A WAY Every job we take is different. That means problem-solving and creative thinking are essential to what we do. When we encounter a unique hurdle, we find a novel solution. “Cookie-cutter” is not in our vocabulary. WE HOLD EACH OTHER ACCOUNTABLE When accountability only comes from a top-down perspective, team members feel micromanaged and uncared for. But when you create a culture of lateral accountability, where everyone is invested in the overall mission, team members have the autonomy to do their job with confidence. WE LAUGH AND HAVE FUN This one may seem nonessential, but I assure you it’s just as important as the rest. Creating an environment where people enjoy going to work can’t be overlooked. Happier employees stay longer and work harder. We want to be the type of company you spend your entire career with. It’s hard to achieve that if we don’t make our team members smile. WE DO WHAT WE SAY WE’LL DO Pretty self-explanatory, right? However obvious, this value has been lost in the modern marketplace. We, as a society, don’t take it as a given anymore, but it’s integral to who we are. We like to think of this value as a nod to our old-school approach. I hope these values give you some insight into how we operate. They aren’t just sayings to put on a wall and forget about; they are the traits that make up our collective character. We seek to embody these values every day on every job. In short, they are the essence of our business.

company. It is easy to create a value like “we strive to be the best,” but that is so vague it has no personal meaning whatsoever. Far from being hastily constructed, our core values are custom designed for who we are as a company. Come to think of it, that’s the exact same approach we take when it comes to creating solutions for our clients. While I don’t have space to thoroughly analyze each of our core values here, I did want to take the time to share what a few of them mean to us. I hope that in discussing them I can give you a glimpse into the ethics and ideals we constantly keep in mind. CULTURE IS THE KEY TO OUR SUCCESS This value comes first for a reason. Technical prowess is essential in our industry, but culture is what sets us apart from our competitors. You can expect more than just an expertly designed system from our team; you

–Morty Hodge

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