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HALLOWEEN TRADITIONS Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve looked forward to the last day of October with anticipation. Years later, as an adult and a dad, I look forward to the big day with just as much anticipation, if not more, now that I get to share it with my family. FROM THE KONECKY HOUSEHOLD

When I was younger, I loved putting together elaborate costumes. I would plan ahead and craft my own. I was (and still am) particularly fond of monsters. When I was in my teens, I was able to get my hands on some professional Hollywood special effects makeup. For a teenager who loved movie monsters and dressing up as those monsters, getting the same makeup used in Hollywood was a big deal. This was the same stuff used in a lot of horror films, and you can be sure I made the most of it. I was able to take my costumes to an entirely new level. As much as I loved donning a costume, that wasn’t the only reason I looked forward to Halloween. Another reason had to do with family. When I was younger, Halloween was very much a family affair. My grandparents would come over to our house and we would make a night of it. And, as you would expect, every Halloween was capped with a night of trick-or-treating. I showed off my costume and tried to hit as many houses as possible. It was every kid’s dream to come back at the end of the night with a bag full of candy, and you can be sure I lived that dream! These days, Halloween traditions in the Konecky household are alive and well. Last year, Ashley and I dressed up for an adult Halloween party as a couple of kids from the Netflix show “Stranger Things.” Ashley went as Eleven, and I was Dustin. It is no surprise that our 3-year-old daughter has already discovered a love of Halloween (and dressing up). By the end of August, she had already brought out her Halloween books and last year’s costume. I can see her anticipating the day just as much as I did when I was younger.

gets to pick out her costume. She can be anything her heart desires (as of this writing, she hasn’t settled on anything yet). Then, mom and dad will follow suit, and we’ll dress up to match her. It should be a lot of fun! We also have another tradition for the month of October — a tradition more for the parents and not so much our 3-year-old. As a big fan of horror movies, we try to watch as many “Halloween” films as possible. I’m talking about the “Halloween” series of films, all 10 of them, from the original 1978 “Halloween” directed by John Carpenter, all the way through “Halloween II,” which came out in 2009 and is the 10th film in the series. I can’t wait for October 31. It may be on a Tuesday this year, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be any less fun. That said, I hope you and your family have a fun and safe Halloween, with plenty of tricks and treats! -Matthew Konecky

The day after Labor Day — the day when all the Halloween stores opened — was a big day for our daughter. This year, she


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