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Turning a Tough Situation Around

Jordan Jackson on Righting Wrongs

I haven’t been a part of the Herrman & Herrman team for long, but it’s been an amazing couple of months. I joined in August 2017 after having practiced law since 2012. I’ve dreamed of practicing law since childhood. When anyone asked me what I wanted to be, I had my answer ready. There was no question about it. Everyone was supportive of my aspirations, and that reinforcement stuck with me as I went to college and then on to law school. I followed my dream and made it happen. It took a lot of hard work, but I got there. Achieving that dream was a big deal, but what has become an even bigger deal is the opportunity to help people. Working as a personal injury attorney, there are some days when you really make a difference in someone’s life. It may sound clichéd, but it’s true.

Sometimes, righting a wrong is simply getting someone a few

thousand dollars so they can move on. Other times, we aim to make an even more significant difference in

people’s lives. Either way, the size of the case doesn’t change the fact that we can change the course of someone’s life and get them the help they need.

Occasionally, people find themselves in tough situations. For instance, maybe they were involved in a serious car accident and suffered injuries. This can severely disrupt a person’s life. Somehow, they need to overcome the setback. Insurance companies that don’t want to do the right thing further complicate matters. Serious situations don’t happen every day, or even every week. But when they do, I’m glad I’m in a position to help people get the justice they deserve. It’s all about righting a wrong.

“the size of the case doesn’t change the fact that we can change the course of someone’s life and get the help they need.”

And help isn’t always just money or a settlement. It can be resources, such as connecting them with the right doctor or even another attorney who specializes in a different area of law. We can leverage the professional connections we’ve made as attorneys for our clients should the need arise. I’m excited for the months ahead. There are many cases in the pipeline, and I’m here to dedicate myself to helping our clients get what they need to move forward. When I’m not at work, I relax by watching a game. I’m a huge Dallas Cowboys and San Antonio Spurs fan. The Cowboys have sometimes let me down, but in the end, they’re my team. I’ll support them through thick and thin.

-Jordan Jackson




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