Dianthus 2021 PPL-Solution No 2


BEAUTIES™ | PATENTED A popular type of Dianthus due to ease of growing, flowering in the first of the year and great cold and heat tolerance.These varieties will flower all season and can be cropped year-round.

CONSTANT BEAUTY ® | PATENTED Flowers constantly, even in the warm summer conditions, with double flowers and a delightful, subtle fragrance. Varieties include: BurgundyWhite, Crimson Picotee, OrangeWhite, Pink, Pink Red, Red, Rose andWhite.


A double-flowered series selected for uniformity, with all varieties flowering at the same time.

Varieties include: Cherry Red, Milk Cherry, Peach Milk, Raspberry, Red, Salmon andWhite.

Varieties include: Annabelle and Kate.

usda zones 3-9 | 4-6 " x 12 "

usda zones 4-9 | 6-10 " x 12 "

usda zones 4-9 | 6-8" x 10-12"

CONSTANT PROMISE ® | PATENTED A semi-double, compact series selected for uniformity, all varieties flowering at the same time.

KAHORI ® | PATENTED A very popular series of border pinks that are super hardy yet also have great heat tolerance. Good for use in rock gardens and now come in three colors.

MIGHTY™ MINI MISS ROSE | PPAF A new groundcover Dianthus that is continuous blooming withVibrant Rose colored flowers.

Varieties include: Kahori, Kahori Pink and Kahori Scarlet.

Varieties include: Peach *NEW* , Raspberry, Red *NEW* , Strawberry andVanilla.

usda zones 3-9 | 4-6 " x 12 "

usda zones 5-9 | 4-6" x 12-14 "

usda zones 4-9 | 6-8" x 10-12"


OLIVIA™ | PATENTED A series of perennial Dianthus that are similar to the Beauties only with much wider leaves and green foliage as opposed to blue-green. Olivia are easy to grow, first-year flowering and have uniquely colored flowers.

VIVID™ | PATENTED Loads of single flowers on a compact habit, reblooming from spring to fall. Great for mass planting, mixed containers and perennial borders.

A tidy, mounding habit that is great for landscape borders. Mountain Frost require no vernalization to bloom and will rebloom from the spring until fall. Varieties include: Garnet Red, Pink Carpet, Pink Pom Pom, Pink Twinkle, Rose Bouquet, Ruby Glitter *NEW* , Ruby Snow *NEW* , Silver Strike andWhite Twinkle.

Varieties include: Bella *NEW* , Cherry, Sweet andWild.

Varieties include: Bright Light and Cherry Charm.

usda zones 5-9 | 6-8 " x 12-14 "

usda zones 5-9 | 4-6 " x 12 "

usda zones 5-9 | 8-10" x 10-12"

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