Dianthus 2022 PPL-Solution No 2


BEAUTIES™ | PATENTED A popular type of Dianthus due to the ease of growing, flowering in the first year and great cold and heat tolerance.These varieties will flower all season and can be cropped year-round.


CONSTANT BEAUTY ® | PATENTED Flowers constantly, even in the warm summer conditions, with double flowers and a delightful, subtle fragrance. Varieties include: Crush Burgundy, Crush Cherry, Crush Orange, Crush Peach, Crush Pink, Crush Red, Crush Rose, CrushWatermelon, CrushWine, Pink, Red,White andYellow.

A carnation look that overwinters better than most with excellent uniformity.

Varieties include: Burgundy, Purple and Red.

Varieties include: Annabelle, Kahori, Kahori Pink, Kahori Scarlet and Kate.

usda zones 3-9 | 4-6 " x 12 "

usda zones 5-9 | 10-14 " x 10-12 "

usda zones 3-10 | 6-10 " x 10-12 "


DIANTHALOT™ | PATENTED A super-tough spreading series that blooms in Spring and continues throughout the summer. Dianthalot™ does not require vernalization making it an excellent fast crop perennial.

EVERLAST™ | PATENTED Everlast™ bloom early and then rebloom as night temperatures drop in late Summer.These are the most cold-hardy Dianthus in the Selecta assortment and can work for both perennial or premium annual programs. Varieties include: Burgundy Blush, Lavender + Eye, , Magenta, Orchid, Pink Star, Pink to White, Purple, Raspberry Cream, Red + Pink, Velvet,Violet Blue andWhite + Eye.

A double-flowered series selected for uniformity, with all varieties flowering at the same time.

Varieties include: Cherry Red, Milk Cherry, Peach Milk, Potpourri, Raspberry, Red, Salmon andWhite.

Varieties include: Dark Red Star and Pink Star.

usda zones 4-10 | 6-10" x 8-10"

usda zones 5-9 | 8-12" x 14-20"

usda zones 5-10 | 8-12" x 10-14"


OLIVIA™ | PATENTED A series of perennial Dianthus that are similar to the Beauties only with much wider leaves and green foliage as opposed to blue-green. Olivia are easy to grow, first-year flowering and have uniquely colored flowers.

PEMÁN | PATENTED A new series with semi-double flowers and extreme flower count. Series is compact with a medium growth habit and 100% matching.

A tidy, mounding habit that is great for landscape borders. Mountain Frost™ require no vernalization to bloom and will rebloom from Spring until Fall. Varieties include: Pink Carpet, Pink Pom Pom, Pink Twinkle, Red Garnet, Rose Bouquet, Ruby Glitter, Ruby Snow, Silver Strike andWhite Twinkle.

Varieties include: Pemán, Pemán Fancy Cerise, Pemán Fancy Lilac and PemánViolet.

Varieties include: Bella, Cherry, Sweet and Wild.

usda zones 4 b -9 | 6-8 " x 12-14 "

usda zones 5-9 | 4-6 " x 12 "

usda zones 4-9 | 8-10 " x 6-8 "

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