Dianthus 2022 PPL-Solution No 2

WHETMAN EARLY BIRD™ | PATENTED The Early Bird Collection of Dianthus has early flowering and a compact habit.These varieties are ideal for 4" production, spring or autumn planted baskets and will repeat flower all summer if dead-headed and fed regularly. Vernalization is not necessary.


WHETMAN SCENT FIRST ® TALL | PATENTED This award-winning Scent First Collection of Dianthus is ideal for larger pots and containers, being naturally compact and free flowering. The air will be filled with their beautiful, spicy fragrance and they will repeat flower after the main flush of blooms if dead-headed and fed.

Ideal for compact containers, this Scent First Collection of Dianthus is characterized by its delightfully spicy fragrance, compact free- flowering habit, silver-blue foliage and lengthy bloom periods.

Varieties include: Coconut Surprise, Coral Reef, Eternity, Raspberry Surprise andTickled Pink.

Varieties include: Chili, Fizzy, Frosty, Radiance and Sherbet.

Varieties include: Memories, Passion, Romance and Sugar Plum.

usda zones 5-9 | 4-6 " x 4-6 "

usda zones 5-9 | 9-10 " x 9-10 "

usda zones 5-9 | 9-11 " x 9-11 "

WHETMAN STAR DOUBLE™ | PATENTED The Star Double Collection of Dianthus has double bloom appeal.These varieties produce attractive, deeply fringed, double pink flowers for the early season. Neutral with perpetual flowering, they are heavily budded in spring.Vernalization is not necessary.

WHETMAN STAR SINGLE™ | PATENTED The Star Single Collection of Dianthus has attractive, compact, mounding foliage.These varieties are heat tolerant, with a vigor that is unsurpassed by other Dianthus. Perfect for spring promotions.

Varieties include: Eastern Star, Fire Star Imp., Neon Star Imp., Peppermint Star, Stargazer and Superstar.

Varieties include: Popstar and Starlette.

usda zones 5-9 | 7 " x 7 "

usda zones 5-9 | 6 " x 6 "


DIANTHUS PICKABLES™ COLORPOP | *NEW* The new PICAKBLES series, exclusive to the Sunset Plant Collection is part of theWhetman breeding line.TheWhetman breeding shines through with the extremely vibrant silver blue foliage and excellent landscape performance.The big highlight is the flowers, a cool fuchsia color with tones of blue, which really POP against the foliage. Flowers are single, 1-1.5" across and work great as cut flowers. PICKABLES ColorPop is a Sunset Plant Exclusive.


usda zones 5-9 | 10-12 " x 10-12 "

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