Littlejohn Law LLC - May 2020




get a burger without cheese, it just seems like it’s lacking something, even with all the other toppings you might put on it. While our legal team is incredible, I take that necessary component of our firm, and I make it better. THE BUNS A pair of really tasty buns can make even a bad hamburger taste a little better. Likewise, I’ve noticed a great introduction and sendoff can have a profound impact on our clients. Just like how a great pair of honey buns (my personal favorite hamburger buns) encapsulate a great burger and add to its taste, how we greet our clients and see them off really adds to their experience with our firm.



May is the inaugural month of barbecue season, and no cookout would be complete without a generous helping of tasty burgers. In fact, May being National Hamburger Month is a testament to the enduring popularity of a well-made burger. There are plenty of opinions when it comes to what constitutes the perfect burger, but the basic elements — buns, cheese, toppings, and patty — are almost always a part of the equation. Funny enough, I realized the other day that the elements that make a great burger correlate pretty well with the elements that make up a great business. THE PATTY The ground beef is what makes a burger, well, a hamburger. It’s what you expect when someone makes you a hamburger. If a burger has anything, it should have a patty that’s well made to your satisfaction. At Littlejohn Law, our hamburger patty is our legal knowledge. We’re the people knowledgeable about Real Estate, Business, Estate Planning, and Personal Injury cases. You expect us to know the law and analysis how it affects your specific facts. THE CHEESE On the burger that is our law firm, I am the cheese. When you need to take a good burger and make it great, you add some cheese — preferably cheddar or maybe pepper jack if you’re asking me. When you

THE TOPPINGS Everybody likes the toppings on their

burger a little different. Lots of people like the standard fixings, like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard, and mayo. But, not every person is the same — some people

really like jalapenos, or maybe bacon, on their burgers. Similarly, not every client is going to have the same needs and desires for their case. In that way, the toppings are kind of like the client experience that the buns encapsulate. We’re not just a bare-minimum burger kind of law firm. We’ll make sure you get whatever toppings you need for your case. THE SECRET SAUCE You can have a perfectly good burger without secret sauce. If you do have it, though, it can make your burger a cut above the rest. In this area, many law firms aren’t able to take your case as a team. At Littlejohn Law, however, we take every case as a team. That way, at least one of us can be available to answer any questions you might have at any time of day. That’s our secret sauce — what makes us a cut above the rest.

As barbecue season starts up, I wish you all a summer filled with tasty hamburgers. And if you ever need the best legal team around, you know who to call.

–Edward Littlejohn


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