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Ardmac Pharma Solutions Bi-Monthly Newsletter July 2021

We’ve got News Ardmac Fit-out & Refurbishment Solutions Bi-Monthly Newsletter Sept 2021

Hello from Ardmac, Welcome to our bi-monthly newsletter, where we will keep you up to date with current developments and innovations within our Interior Fit-Out Division. Firstly, introducing Andrew Winstanley, Business Director of Ardmac’s Interior Fit- Out Business , talking about his background in construction, his inspirations and key takeaways from his years in industry. We go on to showcase our fantastic projects at Royal London in Alderley Park & One City Square in Leeds and feature our offsite construction capabilities. This month our feature focus is on Sustainable Development and we are proud to share with you some of our goals relating to the environment, climate change, responsible business, innovation and community. If you would like to know more about our sustainability strategy, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Finallywe are delighted to be raising awareness of our Cycle for Hope charity fundraiser which takes place on the 10th of October in Dublin. We hope you enjoy reading this issue and if there is anything you’d like to see in future issues, please let us know.

AndrewWinstanely Business Director Uk +447786 334505

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Having been with Ardmac for over 5 years, I am proud to be part of a fast-paced, evolving company that prides itself on innovation, “Smart”working and excellence as a standard. I joined Ardmac back in 2017 following 11 years of working in London for an architectural and interior design and build construction company that specialised in the luxury high- end residential sector in the centre of London. Through hard work and diligence within “Janine Stone,” I was rewarded by being promoted to Commercial Director responsible for all the construction team output. At Janine Stone I led a team who built the most inspirational projects that brought our clients dreams and vision to life. Our designers worked with innovative and sophisticated materials, including beautiful marbles, exotic timbers, fine leathers, crafted metals, and artisan mirrors which, when put together with fine detailing, created wonderful living spaces for high, net-worth individuals. Crossing over to the commercial office fit-out sector allowed me to move back up north and join Ardmac. The commercial and strategic skills I had generated in London became key in my new role as MD with the remit to form a strategy and build the UK business. My first few months at Ardmac were all about fact finding and learning about Ardmac as a brand, our strengths and weaknesses and understanding what our customers said about us. This, coupled with some key nuggets from the board, allowed me to devise a strategy which defined our future direction. We made some big decisions but at the centre was to build the Ardmac brand into a leading fit- out specialist in the commercial office and TMT sectors in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool with a diversification plan around Higher Education and Life Science.

M E E T andrew winstanley



The plan worked and Ardmac is now a multi award- winning business and one of the top premier fit-out businesses in the NW, Manchester and Leeds. Ardmac are now undertaking projects with creative, complex environments ranging in value from £2m to £20m for leading global brands across the sectors. Having recently handed over the MD role to Phil Chadwick, who now runs the business operationally, it has allowed me to focus on developing the 3-year business strategy and diversification plan and concentrate on the front end of the business. My inspiration When I think about why I do what I do, it really comes down to one thing and that’s seeing creative designs and the customer vision’s come to life. At Ardmac, there is a spirit of excellence and innovation driven fromour CEORonanQuinn right theway through the business. This has helped us to define our position in the marketplace and to distinguish ourselves as a business. Key Learnings Industry is always adapting to change, such as the effects of COVID which has irreversibly changed the way the office will be used forever. But the key learning I’ve taken is plain and simple, it’s all about the customer! It’s not enough to have a “Safety First” policy with the right people who have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the management procedures. You must listen to and understand your customer to deliver their vision and provide a customer experience second to none that ensures they will come back to Ardmac time and time again. The key is to do exactly what we promised at the beginning

and through regular interaction with our customers – at Ardmac director level throughout the project – we are able to give good, solid feedback to the project team and put corrective steps in place, if required. Breaking it down to the simplest format. “Say what we will do and do what we say.” Looking forward to the future Dealingwithoffices and laboratories in a post COVIDera brings with it change and a sense of urgency to provide the best solutions quickly. The corporate agenda is to provide a culture of diversification and equality with the “wellbeing” of the workforce and sustainability and the environment at the top of their agenda. One of the benefits to COVID has been that future environmental targets have been brought forward to the here and now. Corporates now realise that the office needs to be a place to entice workers back into the workplace by creatingdifferent types of environments. Fromdifferent styles of break out zones which cater for creativity and collaborative thinking, to areas of quiet and serenity for thinking and planning. Creativity and collaborative environments will entice people back into the workplace. The design elements have and are evolving continuously in this area and over the next month we will be sharing with you some of our insights into this subject. On the pharma side, the speed at which pharma companies need to come to market or respond to demands for manufacture is so fast that Ardmac have partnered with US company Germfree to provide a modular flexible cleanroom offering which allows us to provide a rapid turnaround.


BUILDING OFFSITE Ardmac have extensive knowledge on designing production spaces for critical environments and we understand the ever- increasing challenge of speed to market. Our offsite building solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of the life sciences, data centre and advanced manufacturing industries. Our modular approach considers all aspects of the build, from the architectural aesthetics to themechanical, electrical and process services for the particular application, and our modular services provide a rapid and effective turnaround on predictable timelines. Our solutions are designed to be flexible, scalable and repurposed on a portable platform allowing for transportation to another facility/location should the need arise.

At our Manufacturing site in Ireland we manufacture the purpose-built modular units to the highest standards.

All our modules are fully tested in the manufacturing facility prior to shipping, ensuring full compliance. Once on site and connected to the permanent utilities they are then tested, reiterating swift compliance in the field following installation.



Are corporates enticing people back to the workplace?

Not all companies are enticing their employees backtotheoffice. Somebelievethatproductivity in remote working is higher than ever, but this can come at a price. With employee’s working in isolation, writing reports or sending emails until the early hours of the morning, it leaves employers with the inherent risk of mental health issues within the workforce or even employee burn out. Surveys undertaken have shown 65% of employees are now wanting to return to the office in one form or another and the trends suggest that most companies are now adopting a “hybrid” model which embraces “working from home” and embedding it into their company’s philosophy and culture while also enticing people back into the office three days a week.


The Hybrid model provides benefits to both employers and employees alike. We all know the benefits of both as they are well documented, the office’s primary function is culture, mentoring, creativity, collaboration and staff retention while “WFH” allows flexibility and can provide a work/life balance. As part of “enticing”people back to the office, companies are willing to repurpose the workplace providing a more agile, flexible, inclusive environment where creativity, collaboration and “Employee Wellbeing” can be found. It’s important to instil confidence in employees prior to their return to the office. Ensuring covid measures are in place and providing complete transparency advising of the clean and safe working environment they will be coming back to. It’s best to give employees the option, choice and control over where they work to promote trust in working practices. The use of smart technology is also putting employers at an advantage. Having the appropriate software to ensure working from home is as efficient as being physically in an office, access to shared files/resources in real time. In addition to the traditional desking areas, companies are now employing designers to create different environments within the workplace to appeal to all types of employee personalities both introvert and extrovert. Designing areas around stillness, quiet and intimacy will promote thoughtful thinking and consideration while areas designed to be vibrant, exciting and funky workspaces will promote collaboration and creativity. The goal shouldbe to facilitate the different personalities.

It’s an exciting time for the commercial office sector and one that we are going to watch with interest.


live projects • FTSE 100 confidential client Labs | R&D | Cat: A | Cat: B - £10m • Park Row Cat A+ with areas of cat B - £4.5m • Linely House Cat A | Cat B | Cat C - £4.5m • MDC Linely House CL3 BioSafe Lab - £3.5m • Manchester Goods Yard Cat A + £3.5m • Cardiff University ISO 3 Microelectronics - £5m • Delta House Cat A+ with areas of cat B • Confidential Pharmaceutical client – 3 Cleanroom projects - £2.5m

We can’t wait to show you when we are finished.

The capability document link below will showcase our Live and recently completed projects.

Click here for Capability document



ROYAL LONDON, ALDERLEY PARK Hello from the UK Interiors Team, We wanted to show you something we are very proud of: Royal London, Aderly Park. Form Design consultants was appointed by The Royal London Group to develop a new workplace strategy. The brief was to help RLG to transition from a traditional environment to a flexible Workplace that promoted creativity and Collaboration.

BDP architecture and interior design employed by RLG took Forms concept designs to Riba stage 3 and employed by Ardmac, BDP completed the design providing Ardmac with a seamless continuity and deep understanding of the design. The Royal London Group HQ Cat B & C fitout was won through a single stage competitive tender run by G&T project management and cost consultancy, Ardmac were employed under a JCT D&B contract.



The installation included a beautifully designed ‘corporate guest area’ designed to the highest specification which included walnut timber panelling, bespoke ceiling rafts that incorporated feature lighting and high specification furniture. RLG’s commitment for staff “Wellbeing” is evident in their games area and the 120 seat capacity auditorium used for seminars and “movie nights” with a tranquil planted seating area on the internal roof to promote creativity and learning. The 48db acoustic rating on the auditorium applied to airborne and impact transference due to the seating area above. supply chain partners to reduce the environmental footprint of the project and creating new employment for local labour.


Royal London Manchester 100,000sqft




26 weeks

“A great experience with Mike and the team from Ardmac, they really care and understood our vision for Royal London House. The collaborative and transparent process promised at the beginning has been there throughout the project, and we are delighted with our new offices.” Clare Ashley - Programme Manager - Operational Estates Programme, Group Technology & Change,Royal London



One City Square Leeds

Hello from the UK Interiors Team, We wanted to show you something we are very proud of: One City Square Leeds. Through an open and collaborative 2-stage negotiated JCT D&B contract, Ardmac is currently delivering the high-end Cat A fit-out of the landmark building One City Square in Leeds for Apam and the Britannia fund. In line with Ardmac’s vision “to be the contractor of choice” this is the fourth project that Ardmac have undertaken for Apam. During the first stage Ardmac identified the project team with the relevant experience, developed the programme, provided our OH&P

and a fixed prelim cost and worked up an initial cost plan together with a risk mitigation plan. The second stage process involved early engagement at RIBA Stage 2 and through collaborative design team workshops the design was developed taking into account constructability, programme constraints, value engineering and risk mitigation. At RIBA Stage 3, through an open and transparent process the design was tendered to four subcontractors per package to ensure a competitive tender. The cost plan was updated and through a further VE process the costs were then finalised at RIBA Stage 4.



The second stage process involved early engagement at RIBA Stage 2 and through collaborative design team workshops the design was developed taking into account constructability, programme constraints, value engineering and risk mitigation. At RIBA Stage 3, through an open and transparent process the design was tendered to four subcontractors per package to ensure a competitive tender. The cost plan was updated and through a further VE process the costs were then finalised at RIBA Stage 4. The works were undertaken in a live environment with Deloittes and two other incumbent tenants present throughout the works. Through daily communications, weekly and daily work plans were agreed to eliminate disruption and noisy works were undertaken out of hours. Dust cubes were used as part of our dust suppression plan. Working alongside TP Bennett, Hilson Moran and Paragon, the works comprised of extensive modifications to the atrium area. Constructing a three-storey steel portal frame structure created new feature ‘suspended’ office pods, break-out areas, new lift, reception and café area. All new energy efficient lighting and MEP were installed and a complete Cat A fit-out to six of the 11 floor plates. Works also include all WC core areas, showers, bike storage and a gymnasium. Sustainability – the extensive refurbishment has re- invented the atrium space and breathed new life into an older building.


One City Square

Location: Project Size: Duration:


80,000 sq. ft.

38 Week



building better for our future Ardmac are fully committed to ethically and responsibly managing all aspects of our operations, every day. We are committed to protecting our environment by embedding our LEAN practices on reducing waste and support sustainability. We monitor suppliers in line with our code of conduct and drive efficiencies and we source locally and ethically in the first instance to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our impact on the environment. In 2015, a total of 193 countries committed to the UN Sustainability Development Goals. These goals (SDG’s), address global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation and stand as a blueprint for achieving a sustainable future for all; designed to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. For our part, Ardmac have identified where we can take action. Climate change, environment, communities, responsible business and innovation .


Created by Wichai Wi from the Noun Project

Created by Kamin Ginkaew from the Noun Project

Created by Lima Studio from the Noun Project

Created by Carl Holderness from the Noun Project







S U N D A Y O C T O B E R 1 0 T H

Ardmac are delighted to invite you to our Cycle for Hope charity fundraiser, in aid of Pieta House. The cycle will take place on the 10th of October in Dublin. Beginner 15k, Intermediate 60k & Advanced 100k. We have a corporate team package and you can also opt to Cycle from home on your own local route. Ardmac will match any donation made. Cycle for Hope is a guaranteed great day out in aid of a fantastic charity and we hope to see you there.



Ardmac Dublin Swords Business Campus, Swords, Co. Dublin, K67 D8H0, Ireland. E: T: +353 (0) 1 894 8800 Ardmac Manchester 4 Scholar Green Road , Cobra Court,Trafford Park, Manchester M32 0TR, England. E: T: +44 (0) 161 8668086


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