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Sharing the Wealth Our Latest Educational Resource and How to Use It

As a multifamily investment firm, we field dozens of inquiries every month from current and prospective investors wanting to know more about commercial multifamily investing. More than a few of these inquiries are from our current clients looking for ways to refer their peers to us and encourage them to invest in this steady, equity-building asset class. in-depth resources to anyone who wants information about what we do and how we do it. We want to ensure that our investors understand our investment process. We also want prospective investors to know the ins and outs of multifamily investing before they invest any of their hard-earned capital. At 37th Parallel, education is a significant part of our mission. We’re dedicated to providing

In the past when these individuals wanted to learn more about what we do, we would direct them to our website or one of our webinars. While our investors have positively received both of these resources, we wanted to add a comprehensive review of multifamily investing to our educational resources. That’s why we wrote “Your Guide to Smarter Investing Through Commercial Multifamily Apartments.” We’ve been working on this publication for some time, and we are thrilled to finally have it published. The 35-page booklet may be a relatively short read, but it’s packed with vital information for anyone curious about or currently involved in the multifamily investing world. It not only outlines the unique benefits of multifamily investments, but it also provides varied and reputable third-party analysis of the asset class.

Basically, it provides a complete breakdown of how commercial multifamily investing works.

We’ve designed the booklet to be an all- encompassing, detailed resource that you can give to any of your friends or colleagues interested in multifamily investing. If multifamily investing has been beneficial to your portfolio, sharing this booklet is the perfect opportunity to help others achieve the same level of success. I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to all of our clients who have sent their friends and family our way. There’s no greater compliment we can receive than a referral from a satisfied investor. It shows us that our clients are happy with their investments and are eager to share their experiences with their friends, family, and colleagues. In the next few weeks, you should be receiving a few complimentary copies of “Your Guide to Smarter Investing Through Commercial Multifamily Apartments.” I encourage you to read the booklet to reinforce your wise decision to become a multifamily investor. And, if you have someone you think would also benefit from this unique asset class, please share a copy of the booklet. – Chad Doty

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