USDA Inspected Bone-In Center Cut Pork Chops 2.58 Lb.

Preferred Angus Boneless Eye Of Round Steaks 3.98 Lb.

Preferred Angus Boneless Top Round Roast 2.78 Lb.

USDA Inspected Bone-In Country Style Pork Ribs 1.68 Lb.

USDA Inspected Center Cut Pork Loin Roast 2.28 Lb.

Jamestown Bone-In Smoked Pork Chops 2.58 Lb.

3-Lb. Hormel Canned Hams 8.98

Frozen Turkey Wings .98


16-Oz., 85% Lean Butterball Fresh Ground Turkey 2 /$ 5

16-Oz., Seasoned Butterball Fresh Turkey Burgers 2 /$ 7

16-Oz. Roll,Mild Or Hot Gwaltney Pork Sausage 2 /$ 3

14-Oz.Turkey, Polish Or Eckrich Smoked Sausage 2 /$ 5

12-Oz., Selected Oscar Mayer Meat Bologna 1.38

22.5-Oz On-Cor Chuckwagon Beef Patties 3 /$ 10

2.25 To 4.5-Oz., Selected Oscar Mayer Lunchables 4 /$ 5

24 To 27.5-Oz., Selected On•Cor Frozen Entrees 3 /$ 10

9-Oz., Selected Butterball Turkey Deli Inspirations 2.98

2-Lb.Cole Slaw,Macaroni Or Star’s Potato Salad 2 /$ 5

USA/Farm Raised Catfish Nuggets 1.58 Lb.

Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets 7.98 Lb.

16-Oz., 21 To 25-Ct. EZ Peel Sea Best Raw Shrimp 7.98

Catch of theWeek



Dinner is Solved! Stop by and pick up dinner tonight... save time & money!

Bakery Fresh! 48-Oz. Two Layer Coconut Cake 8.99 24-Oz. Hershey’s Or Reese’s Bundt Cakes 6.99 4-Pack,Selected CafeValley Muffins 3.49

32-Oz.,Selected Savannah Classics Side Dishes 6.99 Pepperoni,Supreme Or Sausage/Pepperoni 14-Inch Take N Bake Deli Pizza 7.49 14-Inch Cheese Pizza...$6.49 Cornbread Dressing...$5.99 Sliced To Order! Selected Butterball Turkey Breast 5.99 Lb.

Amish Classic Colby Longhorn Cheese 3.99 Lb. In Store Baked 8-Inch Dutch Apple Pie 3.69 Bakery Fresh 6-Ct. European Kaiser Rolls 2.79

Fresh FromThe Deli Pasta Roma Feta Salad 4.99 16.9-Oz.,Selected San Benedetto Tea 1.49 4-Oz.Breaded Or Grilled Clux Delux Chicken Sandwich 1.99

12-Count Fresh Glazed Donuts............................2.99


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