Delegate Terms and Conditions for 10th October 2018 BSSW

2. Your obligations

2.1 Tickets are not transferable and you may be asked for identification at check-in.

2.2 Your lanyard with namebadge grants full access to all the Exhibition and entry to keynote/seminar/workshop sessions. Please ensure your namebadge is visible at all times.

2.3 You are responsible for ensuring that your activities and materials do not cause any danger, offence, annoyance or inconvenience to others.

2.4 You must not advertise or operate any competition, lottery or draw without BSSW's prior written approval.

2.5 The distribution of promotional materials by delegates is expressly forbidden. Exhibitors have reserved the right to present their businesses and BSSW's event team will ask any delegate or person who is ‘flyering’ or distributing promotional materials anywhere in the venue, to leave and re-entry will not be granted. 2.6 The event lanyard / delegate ticket does not grant access to the early ‘BSSW Breakfast Networking Event ' . This is a separate paid ticket event though guests to that will also need to register for delegate tickets and register on arrival at the venue. 2.7 In addition to these terms and conditions you also agree to comply with any law or regulation of any competent authority (including but not limited to health and safety and fire regulations) and any rules, regulations, instructions and terms given or imposed by the owner or provider of the venue and, if applicable, any third party managing the event.

3 BSSW rights and obligations

3.1 BSSW will have complete discretion to determine the allocation of floor space and reserves the right to amend or revise the floor plan.

3.2 BSSW reserves the right to postpone, relocate the venue or alter the times and/or date of the event. Such changes shall not affect the validity of this agreement, however BSSW shall, as far as is reasonable, ensure that any such changes do not substantially affect your rights.

3.3 BSSW reserves the right to refuse entry to the venue and/or require you to immediately remove any material or personnel.

3.4 BSSW will at all times comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will hold your information and use the same solely for the purposes of this agreement or informing you about future events or services that may be of interest to you. BSSW will not pass your information onto any third party (other than is necessary for it to carry out its obligations under this agreement) without your express permission.

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