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No matter what type of physical activity you partake in, it is possible for injuries to occur. Whether you enjoy taking walks at night, playing sports on the weekends, or training for athletic trials throughout the week, it is important to make sure you are always being as safe as possible. (continued inside)

INSIDE: Tips You Can Use To Help Prevent Avoidable Injuries With PT! How Can I Prevent These Injuries? How Can You Improve Your Sleep?



Tips You Can Use To Help Prevent Avoidable Injuries With PT!


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Tips You Can Use To Help Prevent Avoidable Injuries With PT!

Perhaps the most common injury that people endure from physical activity is an overall feeling of soreness, caused by overusing the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When the muscles, tendons, or ligaments are over-stretched, the tissues experience minor damage in the form of microscopic tears. This typically occurs when completing an exercise that the body is not used to, or exercising for the first time after a prolonged period of rest. The soreness may linger for a few days but usually goes away on its own. However, the severity of the damage determines how long the body will need to recover. What are some common injuries? At Nestor Physical Therapy, our licensed physical therapists can guide you through proper exercises, stretches, movements, and body control, in order to prevent future injuries from occurring. Many injuries occur due to improper techniques or overexerting your body. Some of the most commonly sustained injuries include sprains, strains, and tendinitis. Many people think “sprains” and “strains” are synonymous; however, they have one distinct difference. Sprains occur when a ligament is stretched beyond its limits or torn, while strains occur when a tendon is stretched beyond its limits or torn. Tendons are tissues that connect muscles to bones, and ligaments are tissues that connect bones to one another. Sprains and strains can both range from mild to severe, and even mild ones may take up to 6 weeks to heal. When they become

more severe, braces or surgical correction may be necessary. This will require a longer recovery time, up to 8 weeks or longer, and physical therapy treatments will likely be prescribed. It is important to note that it is in your best interest to have a physical therapist make sure a sprain or strain is fully healed before returning to your normal level of physical activity, as it is common for old sprains and strains to develop again in the future if they have not been properly rehabilitated. Tendinitis is an overuse injury that causes the tendons to become inflamed. There are several reasons why tendinitis may occur, but whatever the case may be, we know that it has developed as a result of unnecessary amounts of strain. For example, some people may develop tendinitis in their shoulders or elbows because of improper posture. If the neck and back are not properly aligned, unnecessary stress is placed on other parts of the body. Movements in the shoulders and arms are altered as a way to compensate, causing increased strain on the tendons. Tendinitis can be corrected with physical therapy treatments, since PTs are trained in relieving pain, decreasing inflammation, and restoring you to your normal posture, motion, and function. For more information on how you can prevent severe injuries, contact Nestor Physical Therapy today.

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How Can I Prevent These Injuries?

While it is always a wise decision to consult with a physical therapist, there are some tips you can implement into your personal life as well, in order to decrease your risk of sustaining an injury. These include: • Stretching. This is one of the most important ways to prevent injuries. Your tissues require water in order to be elastic, and stretching helps to bring water into the tissues. This increases muscle flexibility and prevents them from becoming stiff or tight, thus decreasing the chances of them over-stretching and/or tearing. • Hydrating and eating nutritious meals. Did you know that your body is over 70% water? Because of this, it requires water in order to remain supple and function properly. Without adequate water and nutrition, your body’s tissues are more prone to over-stretching and injury. Make sure you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, and always keep a water bottle with you when you are working out. If needed, you can also replenish your electrolytes with sports drinks, such as Gatorade. • Staying within your abilities. It is important to train and practice for any physical activity you’d like to try. Start small in the beginning and build up from there. For example, if you aren’t used to running but you’d like to complete a 5k, don’t start off with 3-mile runs. Begin with a half mile and slowly build up. When you push your body past its current limits, you make yourself more prone to injuries because your body is not prepared for the physical demands being asked of it. A physical therapist can help you understand the limits of your body and can create an exercise plan for you to reach your physical goals.

• Using the proper equipment. When engaging in any type of physical activity, it is important to make sure you have the right equipment. For example, running shoes, hiking boots, helmets, and more can help you avoid injury and stay safe while doing the activities you enjoy. They can make all the difference when it comes to preventing injuries. What should I do now? If you are suffering from aches and pains, you think you may have sustained an injury, or you’d like to learn more about injury prevention, contact Nestor Physical Therapy today. One of our dedicated physical therapists would be happy to meet with you for a consultation and discuss how our different programs can help you remain active and pain-free!

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Patient Success Spotlights

“I had a knee injury a year ago. I have been to two orthopedics but I could not alleviate the pain and discomfort I was feeling. I decided to see a physical therapist, which is when I did my research online and found Nestor PT. It has been the best decision thus far. I am now able to do lower body workouts that I was not doing for a year. Thanks to Dr. Nestor and his team I can now go back to training how I was before.” - Yaribel Velez “Thanks to Dr. Nestor and his team I can now go back to training how I was before.”

“I have been an athlete my whole life and I have been gaining strength in the wrong ways. Instead of feeling strong and healthy, I would just feel aches and pains. The therapists here at Nestor Physical Therapy have taught me the right way of gaining strength to avoid those constant aches and pains. Everyone here has been awesome and I’m so glad I came to Nestor PT!” - Sydney Blais “Everyone here has been awesome and I’m so glad I came to Nestor PT!”

How Can You Improve Your Sleep?

There are some steps you can take to make sleeping as comfortable as possible for you and try to make up some of the sleep debt you experience each night. The environment in which you sleep is one of the most important factors in creating a good night’s sleep. This includes:

room dark will help you stay asleep through the night, even as the sun is rising. It is a great way to gain as much sleep as you can before your alarm goes off in the morning. 3. Temperature. Have you ever woken up sweating, only to throw the blankets off and wake up freezing a couple hours later? The temperature in which you keep your bedroom has a large effect on your sleep. Your body temperature naturally decreases as a way to initiate sleep, so keeping a cooler bedroom can help facilitate your slumber. According to The National Sleep Foundation, the optimum bedroom temperature for a good night’s sleep should be between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. If you feel cold, wearing socks or keeping a hot water bottle by your feet can help dilate blood vessels and increase your internal thermostat. 4. Mattress. It may come as no surprise that what you actually sleep on also has a profound effect on the way you sleep. According to Tuck Sleep, mattresses with mid-level firmness ratings (4-6 out of 10) tend to help the most with alleviating pain, as they provide a balance between comfort and support. Mattresses that are too soft or too firm can actually increase pain levels during sleep, as they can create more pressure and target certain pain points.

1. Noise. If you experience sleep sensitivity, it is important to make sure that any unexpected noises are limited in your bedroom. Sleeping with a white noise machine or fan can help eliminate any additional environmental noises that may wake you up in the middle of the night. 2. Light. If your room lets in excessive amounts of light in the morning, it may be beneficial to invest in some blackout curtains. Keeping your

Smoke Roasted Beet Salad

No joke, this might be one of the most flavorful dishes I have ever made! This recipe is all about the beets…Fresh beets, not canned. Red and golden beets are washed and trimmed and placed on a charcoal the grill for indirect grilling. Add wood chips to up the smoke flavor. Smoke roast for 45-60 minutes until fork tender. Let the beets cool for 10-15 minutes. Peel and slice the beets and pour 2 tablespoons of the smoky golden raisin vinaigrette over the beets. The beets will absorb the dressing while still warm. Beets can be added to the salad warm after slicing. I let the beets sit the in the golden raisin vinaigrette in the fridge and served them chilled. If you make the beets ahead of time this is an easy and quick salad to pull together. Toss the salad greens with some of the golden raisin vinaigrette. Now build you salad with your favorite ingredients. I used goat cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries, and pancetta crumbles. Drizzle some additional dressing over the salad and add the chilled beets. Golden Raisin Vinaigrette: Add 1 cup of golden raisins, 1 shallot, 3 garlic cloves, ¼ cup champagne vinegar, ¾ cup of water to a food processor and mix. Then slowly add the olive oil when the processor is running. I made the dressing smoky by smoking the raisins, shallot, and garlic during the first 10 minutes of smoking the beets (see picture). I served the salad with smoke-roasted salmon seasoned with mustard, lemon zest, and dill. Spread a “thin” layer of mustard over the salmon. The mustard adds flavor and helps the lemon zest and the dill stick the salmon. Add salt and fresh cracked pepper. Indirectly grill for about 25-30 minutes depending on the size of your salmon.

The salad can be prepared ahead of time and grilling the salmon is quick. Enjoy!


Arthritis InTheNeck


Theproblemwitharthritis is the lossof rangeofmotion in theneck joints. Asbonewearsonbone, the surfaceof thebones actually start to change shape.This thins thebones in the neck in someparts leading to a lossof heightbetween thebones.Due t abnormalwearand tear,newbone forms where it shouldn’t, creeping into the holeswhere the spinal cord passes through. In addition it can rub on the nerves out to your neck, shoulers, arms and even hands. This can lead to a condition called cervical spinal stenosis,whichcanbequitepainful. Whatcanbedone tohelpneckarthritis? Whilepainmedicationscanhelp control pain, they don’t address the root cause of the pain,which is poor strength and lackofnormalmovement.Theneck jointson the sideof the spinenormallyexperiencewearand tearover theyears.However,when this wear and tear is accelerated due to poor posture,weakness or injury, this cn lead to limited,painful rangeofmotion. Inaddition,withneckarthritis, thesmallermusclesthatguide themotions of theneckbecomeweaker,eventually leading tomore rubbingandarthritis. Bygentlystretching these tightand restricted jointswithspecifichandson therapyandexercises,rangeofmotioncanbereturned.Whilephysicaltherapy cnot restore the cartilage or change the bony structure, it can certainly helpyourneckmovebetter,becomestronger, reducepainandgiveyou the pwer tostayhealthier longer. imple test. See if you have restricted cervical joints.Standwith yourbackagainst thewall.Canyou touch thebackofyourhead to thewall whilekeepingyourchin level? Ifyoucannot, thenyourneck jointsare limited andyouneedphysical therapy to restore the range fmotio. Try this

This is a great appetizer for the holidays. It looks fancy but is quick and easy tomake.Yourguestswill think you are agourmet chef!

Thecheesecanbe smokedonagasgrill if youmakea smokerpack. Iused the charcoalgrill.

Youwillneeda cedarplank, camembert cheeseorabrie (soft creamy cheese), pepper jelly, and1-2 jalapenos.

Place theplankon thegrill for1-2minutesa side.Youwill see somegrillmarksand youwill start to smell the aroma of the cedar plank. (See thegrillmarks in the picture).

Spread the pepper jelly on the cheese. Slice the jalapeno in half, remove the seeds if you like it on themildside,andarrange jalapenosliceson topof thecheese.Slice the jalapenocrosswisewith the seeds if you like it spicy.Place the cheese in the plank. Place the plank on the grill (indirect heat) no flame under the plank. (See picture).Add a fewwood chips to the charcoals.Use smoker pack if using gas grill.Cook about 10minutes until the cheese becomes soft.Some of the cheesewill start to ooze out.

Is your neck pain affecting your balance? Have you ever seen a person with thir head protruding forward and their body bent over?This can be subtle or quite noticeable.With neck pain, limited neck posture results in loss of balance. Just pull anyone by thir nose and youwill see theywill falter forward.This isbecause thenormal linesofgravity through thebody changewhen thespineposturechanges. If youorsomeone youknowhas poorbalance, itcouldbeaproblemwith theirposture. Gtyourneckmovingand feelingbetter.Callus to learnmoreaboutour programs today!

Servewithgrilled bread or fancy crackers. Enjoy!

Try thismovement forneckpain relief. RelievePain InMinutes:

Patient Success Spotlight


CERVICALROTATION Turn yourhead towards the side, then returnback to looking straightahead.

“Sincemy initialonsetof injury, Ihavebeensufferingmajor tingling inmyarmandneckpain. I'vebeen to2otherphysical therapistsand Dr.Nestorhaseliminatedmysymptoms.Hehasgivenmehope that Icanmakea full recoveryandgetback to theactive life that Ihad!” -MichaelOrsini

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Exercise Essentials Flexibility, strength, and stability are needed to keep you moving. Share this with a friend or family member to help keep them healthy too!

BRIDGING While lying on your back, raise your buttocks off the floor/bed. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat this move 5 - 7 times.

BILATERAL LEG LOWERING Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on the front of your pelvis. Straighten both your knees as you slowly lower your legs towards the ground with control. Return to the starting position. Repeat 5 - 7 times.

Exercises copyright of

Strengthens Your Core





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Call today as spots are limited!

Expires: 4/30/20


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