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August 2017

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Making the Grade What Back-to-School Means to My Family

My youngest son, William, also decided to dedicate the next several years of his life to

The beginning of school can inspire different reactions depending on where you are in life. I know most kids wish the first day of school would never come, while many parents wish it started back in July! My family faced our own challenges entering the back-to-school season as my boys moved up through their grade levels. These days, the start of the fall semester is a very different time for us. My sons both graduated from high school years ago. In fact, my oldest son, David, graduated from college this past spring! He finished with a Major in History and Minors in Spanish and Sociology. Seeing your child graduate from college is a proud and somewhat surreal experience. At the beginning of the summer, David studied in Spain for a while to learn more Spanish. He had a great time, and I think the trip proved to be an eye- opening experience. As a History Major, he gained a deep appreciation for Spanish culture as he visited the buildings and battle sites that he’d studied. It gave a lot of real-world context for history as a whole. Beyond academics, David came back home with great respect for what we have in the United States. David told me about seeing places where people lived 10 to a room, and even something as simple to us as air conditioning was a luxury they couldn’t afford. His experiences reenergized his drive to go out and do more in the future. After he returned, David spent the summer studying for the LSAT and completing an internship at a law office in Texas. He plans to become a lawyer and hopes to attend Drake University Law School in Iowa or Texas Tech Law School. I couldn’t be more proud of him. There are some long years of hard work ahead of him, but I know David is capable of handling it.

school. Entering his junior year of college this fall, William is

currently pursuing a Biology Major, with a Minor in French. You may have noticed that languages are a reoccurring theme with my sons. That’s because languages are a big deal in our family. My father speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian, and a little bit of German. I speak both Spanish and English myself, and I like to see my sons follow in their granddad’s footsteps when it comes to language and education. William’s taken an extra step in following the family legacy. He’s already pre-dental, like I was in college, and wants to be an oral surgeon. That means there’s a lot of education in his future, but like his brother, he’s going to take it all in stride. Both of my sons have done really well, and I am so proud of them. I know school can be a challenge at times, for both students and parents, and I want to wish everyone good luck as we enter the new school year. May you start the semester on the right foot and have the best year ever!

— Dr. Valerie Drake

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