King's Business - 1913-01

Noté the Corrected Form of Bequest, On Page 48.



NO. 1

What Will You Do With the Bible ? HIS question is of supreme importance to those who profess to follow Him. As to others they are at liberty to believe what they like; but those who call themselves disciples of Jesus have no alternative but to renounce Him or to accept what he says. His Court is the Court of Last Resort for them.. It is just as well to remember this in these controversial times. There are teachers and teachers, but there is only one teacher for Christians. When Hillel and Shammai have spoken their last word, we await his “Verily, verily, I say unto you.” Any man is at liberty to quit Christ; but no man can cleave to Christ and withhold aught of loyalty to Him.” - I). J. BURRELL, O.D., LL. D.


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