35_Insit_Catalog 2022-2024

780 range Insit

design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

Model 783/5,783/51,783/55

From lounges to areas in the middle of rooms, co-working spaces or restaurants – the attractive seating unit is ideal for working or relaxing on, or simply for enjoying your own company. The design of contemporary offices needs to convey a distinct corporate identity, foster collaboration and instill a feeling of well-being. All three aspects were the inspiration for the Insit upholstered furniture range. Whether as a standalone piece or linked to form sectional seating – the characteristic design with its stylishly modeled frame, flat upholstery and distinctive backrest positioned on top is a symbol of collaborative working with a feel-good flair. Insit looks as if it’s floating on air with firm upholstery to guarantee agile comfort. At a seating height of 45 cm, it enables people to hold


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