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The Hawkesbury Royal Canadian Legion Branch 472 welcomed Robert and Nicole Lormand as new members, on March 9. Present for the photo were Sergeant-at-Arms Alexandre Castonguay (left), Legion President Mervin Ward, Robert and Nicole Lormand, first Vice-president Jack Hume, Secretary June Elliott, and past President Garry O’Neill. —supplied photo

The Oschmann Forest Conservation Area, home to the South Nation Conservation Authority’s Maple Sugar Education Program, is one of a series of live-action videos in the new Nature at Home series available through Facebook for homebound students and residents interested in learning about local environmental and conservation issues. —supplied photo



A made-in-Prescott-Russell nature video series is now available for homebound local students and residents interested in the region’s natural history treasures. The South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) debuts its family-friendly series of edu- cation videos, Nature at Home, live-streaming on Facebook every Thursday afternoon, at 1 p.m., starting May 7. “We’re excited to be bringing natural spaces and environmental education directly into the homes of families during these uncertain times,” stated Taylor Campbell, SNC communications specialist. “Our videos will cover a variety of SNC’s operational functions, everything from dam operations, to tree planting, to watershed monitoring, with ample takeaways for kids, teenagers, and adults too.” The SNC Nature at Home series will be available through live-streaming from Face- book via home computer, smartphone, and other means for accessing the social media networks. The first episode, May 7, features a guided walk through the Oschmann Forest Conservation Area in North Dundas Town- ship, home to SNC’s flagship Maple Syrup Education Program. The virtual tour will feature information on the history of maple syrup production in the region along with details about the forest ecology. SNC provides hands-on environmental outreach and education programs to more than 2000 students at schools within the South Nation River watershed region. The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired SNC staff to find new virtual methods to continue its outreach education work. “Shooting live allows us to grab our cam- era, go into the field, and deliver content almost instantly,” stated Campbell. “We hope that people will feel as if they’re on-site with us in real time, learning about the natural environment and the work that we do.” Other episodes on the Nature at Home May lineup include demonstration tours to various sites in the SNC’s 4,441-square- kilometre area of operations, to learn about tree planting, water control systems for flood monitoring and prevention, and a special video on invasive species. The Nature at Home series is at the SNC’s Facebook page, at www.facebook. com/SouthNationConservation.






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