05_Modus_Catalog 2022-2024

27/28 range Modus

design: Klaus Franck, Werner Sauer, wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Justus Kolberg

Model 275/71

An office chair to reflect the culture: Low on the materials used, high on comfort, ground-break- ing sustainability and ideal for receptions or executive offices. Almost a quarter of a century on, this classic chair is just as pioneering as on day one. The elasticity of the back, the firm cover with the cut-out sections at waist level and the stylish swivel arms that are part of the synchronous adjustment technology offer dynamic seating to perfection. The compact 27 series comes with three different backrest-frame heights and cantilever chairs to match. The medium and executive 28 series with their bigger seat widths, elegantly curved armrests and superb upholstery fulfill the most discerning of requirements for a prestigious look. All models offer a stylish aesthetic, excellent comfort, and easily replaceable covers and expend- able parts to guarantee they last for a long time.


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