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Solutions for managing medication

Combatting isolation and loneliness

cation. The help of a family member may be required in order to program the device.

Managing medications is a major source of worry for seniors, as the complexity of their treatment often requires careful orga- nization. Which pills have to be taken in the morning, in the evening, or at mealtimes? What to do if you forget to take a pill or if you’ve taken two by mistake? Don’t worry; there are a few simple solutions that can help you avoid this sort of situation. The most popular option is to use a pill organizer. Several different models are available in stores. These range from the classic seven-day box with compartments, which allows you to plan one day at a time, to a more elaborate box where each day is separated into four time slots. Some companies also offer digital pill organizers. These come equipped with a programmable alarm that makes it virtu- ally impossible to forget to take your medi-

Solitude is a state of mind that can be positive, when it’s desired, but when it turns into isolation and loneliness, it can become unbearable. Unfortunately, many seniors reach this point and don’t know what to do about it. Combatting isolation is vital, as it can have a negative impact on the lives of seniors, including increased anxiety, depression, food and sleep disorders, suicidal thoughts, and an increased risk of developing a chro- nic illness. Isolation has many causes. When a spouse dies, the surviving partner often isolates him- or herself for fear of becoming a bur- den to their families. A change in living accommodations can also lead to a similar reaction. To counter this type of situation, family members and friends should take concrete action. Both regular and unplanned visits and telephone conversations help to break isolation. Talking about day-to-day happenings

Organizing family dinners where the differ- ent generations can spend time together is another solution. Seniors appreciate the company of children as well as that of adults. It is also advisable to encourage seniors to register for activities that allow them to mix with people of their own age, such as bridge, dancing, or gentle exercise class- es. Weekly activities will ensure they have more active social lives. Zootherapy is another solution. The pre- sence of an animal in the life of a senior is an ideal complement to human contact. Whether it’s a new pet of their own, or visits from family members’ pets, a little cuddle now and then can bring a lot of sunshine into a senior’s life.

Placing your medication in a pill organizer requires a great deal of care. Seniors who are nervous about making mistakes can ask for help from their pharmacy. As well as organizing the medication properly, the qualified personnel at the pharmacy will know when your prescriptions need to be renewed and can clearly explain the importance of each pill and the best way to take it. Some simpler solutions are to use the alarm on your watch or to put reminder stickers on the fridge door or bathroom mirror. Seniors who have a precise daily routine can also take their medication at routine points of reference, such as the start of their favourite morning and evening tele- vision programs.

and asking how the senior is getting on can do a world of good.

Using a pill orga- nizer can help seniors remember when to take their medication.

Break a senior’s isolation with regular visits, family gatherings, and activities outside the home.




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