25_Timetable_Timetable Shift_Catalog 2022-2024

610/614 range Timetable/Timetable Shift design: Andreas Störiko

Model 614

These team players come in first-class design and are easily configurable by users themselves when setting up seminars, conferences or project spaces. Timetable’s table tops flip up in one easy step and the foot sections turn inward in the process. As a result, they’re easy to move from room to room and nest very compactly into one another. Intuitive handling, exceptional quality and a strong aesthetic inspire a change of methods and save resources, time and space. The frame design of its big brother (Timetable Shift) means it can be combined perfectly with Confair folding tables and Logon tables. The U-shaped aluminum profile to help connect the legs also provides a spacious cable channel at the same time. Timetable comes in lots of different formats, shapes, edges and surfaces.

Not all the awards apply to all variants.


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