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led him to success. With award- winning author Steve Jamison, Walsh’s decades of experience are distilled into a comprehensive guide that can be used by coaches and CEOs alike. One theme throughout the book is the idea that sound fundamentals trump instincts. As Walsh aptly puts it, “Hearing someone described as being able to ‘fly by the seat of his pants’ always suggests to me a leader who hasn’t prepared properly and whose pants may soon fall down.” For long-term success, you have to have a game plan.

The term “game changer” gets tossed around so much these days that it no longer seems to hold enough weight to describe a legendary coach like Bill Walsh. But how do you describe someone who quite literally changed the way football is played at its highest level? It takes incredible willpower to defy conventional wisdom and turn a struggling team into a powerhouse. In Walsh’s memoir on leadership, “The Score Takes Care of Itself,” he explores the philosophy that guided him through his coaching career and


This month we’re featuring another member of the Sprouse family: our maintenance technician, Chad! Having come to the company with his brother, Shawn, 7 years ago, Chad has witnessed a lot of changes in his time at Pye-Barker. In his time here, he has worked his way up from doing maintenance in our shop to his current role providing technical assistance to plants directly. Knowing Chad’s background, there couldn’t be a more perfect fit. “I’ve always enjoyed building things with my hands,” Chad reflects. “I’m always doing wood and metalwork in my free time — when I’m not working on my truck.” Chad’s passion for craftsmanship made him an ideal addition to our in-house team all those years ago. Now, with years of experience working on our equipment, it was clear to us that he was more than ready to make the jump to maintenance technician. What Chad likes most about his new position is the travel. “It’s great to see all the plants we serve. I get to see a lot of different processes and help people directly.” He adds with a laugh, “It beats being in the shop all day.” Along with experience, Chad’s years at Pye-Barker have also brought him perspective. I’m glad that we’re growing and getting better as a company,” Chad says about the changes he’s seen. Remarking on our recent string of new hires, he explains, “Watching more people come on has been a good feeling.”

As for Chad’s most recent handiwork outside of the office, he just finished refurbishing the interior of his grandfather’s boat, so the Sprouse family should be cruising in style come spring. Whether Chad is on the clock or not, you’re sure to find him tinkering with something to make it better.


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