24_Confair_Catalog 2022-2024

440 range Confair

design: wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Justus Kolberg | Andreas Störiko

Model 440/00

The most attractive original for maximum flexibility and efficiency in project offices to confer- ence spaces to executive boardrooms Confair is all about encouraging people to engage actively with processes of innovation and change. The folding table is the star of the range and, even a quarter of century on, still unrivaled in terms of functionality, quality and aesthetics. No tools are required and a spring-loaded mechanism makes it child’s play to fold up, roll into another room and reassemble. And it’s a table that’s ideal for any story because it fits into any elevator. The table’s excellent design, variety of formats and surfaces guarantee agility in both project spaces and executive boardrooms.

Not all the awards apply to all variants.


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