Project S.K.I.E. excerpt


Chapter One The M.E.S. Program

Selennia walked to the TeliPort stop just blocks from her house. She had never taken a TeliPort so far before. Instead of taking the regular local TeliPort, she had to take the larger one. Selie pushed her shoulder length wavy dark brown hair out of her face. She squinted her bright hazel eyes against the rays of sun cascading down. While her eyes were a unique almost golden hue, her wavy hair tended to be more messy and uncontrollable. Without spending an hour on her hair spraying anti-frizz and taming sprays, it would be a disaster. Taking in a deep breath, Selie hesitated at the TeliPort stop. The large building towered over her. There were virtual signs in the air hovering over her in front of each floor stating what TeliPort stop went where. Looking for hers, she saw the purple translucent writing in the air on the seventh floor. Selie approached the building and the double doors pulled apart, sliding effortlessly across the ground as it opened. There was a 3D virtual sign in the air that read Elegliders. She followed it to the Eleglider which was a large rectangular device that could fit more than fifty people at one time. It was made out of Flexiglass, a new popular material that could mold to any shape and could absorb a lot of shock, but had a shimmer like glass. Inside of the Elegliders were individualized squares to stand on that were barely visible. Once Selie stood on a square, she saw it light up momentarily and felt her legs become warm and tingly. It was a gravity device that activated and would not only keep the person in their spot if the machine malfunctioned but also provide shock absorbency if it ever hit the ground. The second the doors closed she felt the brief flutter in her stomach. A split second later the doors opened and revealed the underground station where all the TeliPorts were. As Selie stepped onto the platform, she swallowed her gasp. In front of her was the inside of the TeliPort station. There were a ton of different colored tracks all suspended in


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