Project S.K.I.E. excerpt

Project S.K.I.E

the air, programmed with electromagnetic technology that allowed the TeliPorts to run smoothly on electric power. Each track was a different color depending on the destination. The tracks ran parallel either to the side, above or below the other tracks. The Transporter system had taken over all other modes of transportation back in 2073. Now in 2098 every city had them. The tracks led to anywhere in the world, even places overseas. She had never taken an underwater TeliPort before, but her best friend Maeva had, and Maeva had told her how amazing the clear underwater tunnels were that the tracks ran through. She had always wanted to take one. Selie walked toward the moving platform that raised her up to the track for TeliPort 33, which was the purple track near the top. The TeliPort was sleek. The purple lines that ran across the top and bottom were phosphorescent. The TeliPorts all traveled in underground tunnels or TeliPort skyrails above ground, lit with a phosphorescent material that allowed them to see in the dark and didn’t use up energy like electricity. She clutched the ID bracelet around her wrist, which had an AI chip stored inside the silver wristband. It was her lifeline. All of her money and identification was stored in the one tiny chip. She stopped in front of it and the TeliPort instantly detected her ticket, which had been downloaded into her chip. The compartment door detached with a click and slid open. She stepped inside and was completely in awe at how large it was. There were three levels to it, although it was hard to tell from the outside. There were moving platforms that took people to the second and third levels where there were plush seats. Selie saw a spot on the second floor and stepped onto the platform. It rose up and she stepped off, walking toward the open plush seat. The minute she sat down a virtual map came up. At the same time a robotic female voice said: “Ashmore University.” The speed of the TeliPort was five times the speed of the older modes of transportation like buses and trains so instead of taking two hours, it only took fifteen minutes to get to her destination. When they arrived at Ashmore University, there were already several other TeliPorts parked in their respective areas. Students were filing out. Selie’s stomach churned. When she stepped off the TeliPort, she went up one of the Elegliders with the rest of the students and emerged on campus. The other students around her could produce 3D virtual maps right in front of them from their phones, but she only had the


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