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Did you know that dirty condenser coils are the main reason for most service calls? Turbo Air is proud to introduce this astonishing, convenient device as a great solution in the refrigeration industry: Self-Cleaning Condenser Turbo Air Solves Challenges

Self-Cleaning Condenser HOW DOES IT WORK? Turbo Air’s patented Self-Cleaning Condenser is an innovative feature that uses a fine mesh filter to catch the dust, while the rotating brush moves up and down 2~3 times a day to remove the excess outward and away from the condenser, effectively preventing dust from accumulating in the first place. This allows your system to maintain the highest efficiency while mitigating premature system failure.

Busy marketplaces and restaurant kitchens with heavy traffic accumulate massive amounts of dust. Dust is drawn through the fan and builds rapidly in the system, increasing energy consumption and the workload of the compressor which shortens its lifespan. Though condenser cleaning is one of

the most important maintenance procedures in refrigeration, whether you do it yourself or hire a technician, manually cleaning the condenser regularly is both costly and time consuming.

Major Issues



Fine Mesh Filter

Rotating Brush



Prevent Dust Build up

Save on operating cost & maintenance cost = Low ownership cost With Turbo Air’s Self-Cleaning Condenser, operators could potentially save from $200~$800 on professional cleaning services per call, and save on repair costs related to compressor replacement. Self-Cleaning Condenser is a standard feature at no additional cost and applicable on most of our product lines. Turbo Air’s customers can enjoy warranty coverage without maintenance requirements.

Let’s Watch Turbo Air’s Self-Cleaning Condenser Video! www.turboairinc.com

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