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My 55-Year Journey with Refrigeration

At 13 years old, I began my part-time job to pay for school, which started my 55-year career in refrigeration. I found that I had an aptitude for the work, and more importantly, I enjoyed it. It didn’t take long until it wasn’t just about raising money for school. I kept at it, and I dropped out of college my freshman year to start my own refrigeration business. I invested my last $30, taking a risk that paid off. It grew rapidly, and when I was 25 I founded South Korea’s first plant to mass-produce commercial refrigerators. In 1985, I emigrated from South Korea to Los Angeles, where I continued to follow my passions. I opened my business selling and repairing refrigerators. I also constructed restaurants and grocery stores, finding the refrigeration systems and layouts that best fit their needs. Through my combined experiences, I became an expert on the environments which refrigerators operated in and all my competitor’s products. As I built my expertise, I noticed that there was little-to-no technological advancement. The products had remained the same over several decades, across all major manufacturers. I knew there was a better way. I founded Turbo Air with innovation and consumer convenience at the forefront. Turbo Air was the first company to apply digital control in commercial refrigerators, in 1997, and now it’s the industry standard. I pioneered the use of automatic fans, temperature control and external monitoring, and indoor illumination for under-counter and salad/sandwich units. I work towards improving Turbo Air products every day, and I continue to lead the charge with my patented Self-Cleaning Condenser. This revolutionary device marks the end of the 100-year-old problem, rooted in ill-maintained condensers. My innovation goes beyond technology, as I am the trailblazer of innovation in customer service. One of the many precedents I have set in this industry is direct delivery to dealers, with 13 warehouse locations nationwide. Multiple locations ensure damage free delivery within 1-2 days. Also, I utilize in-house technicians, who complete 95% of service calls within 3 business days. I am also the first to implement the MSP (minimum sales price) program in the refrigeration industry to alleviate excessive competition among dealers. I am always looking to improve, not only the products but your experience with customer service.

It has been 55 wonderful years, and my journey still continues.


Brian S. Kim Chief Engineer & CEO

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