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Vo l ume 26 , I s sue 9 Sept embe r2019

Jim Fox

AJ & Kate Bos

Islands 5 August 23rd

Ricky & Lindsay Kostner

Fehma Tufail & Shahid Hafeez

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Tuesday - Sunday 6am - 9pm

Oak Room

Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 9pm *Pasta Night: Wednesdays 6pm - 9pm

*Sunday Brunch Buffet: 10am - 2pm

** To-Go Line: 241-5900 **

Mixed Grille

Tuesday - Friday 10:30am - 9pm

Saturday & Sunday 7am - 9pm

** To-Go Line: 241-5910 **

Grand Island Café

Committee Chair


Friday - Sunday 9am - 4pm

Neetu Jhaj


** To-Go Line: 664-6069 **

Mike Handren


House / Social

Oaks Snack Bar

Jeremy Brehmer Secretary


Tuesday - Sunday 7:30am - 2:30pm

Bruce Powelson CFO

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Mitch Bronson


Dan Corriea


Golf Course

Rich Gargan


Tuesday - Sunday 7am - Dusk

Ryan Newman




Dianna Prather



Monday - Sunday 6am - 10pm

Tuesday - Sunday 5:30am - 9pm

Grand Island Fitness Center

Monday 5:30am - 3pm


Tuesday - Sunday 5:30am - 9pm

General Manager/COO Mike Stanton, CCM

Clubhouse Manager

Enrique Contreras, CCM


Jay Ervine

Golf Director

Joe Haggerty, PGA

Catering Director

Marie Joseph

Tennis Director

Dave Krueger

Fitness Director

Nikki Billiard

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Erica Sabin

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Tonya Bower

Member Services

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Tasha Moon

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Lance Schneider

The Seven Oaks Scene

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by Joe Haggerty, PGA Director of Golf

Here is a little practice drill to check if you are swaying on the backswing: Place a ball under the back foot (right-handed golfer, right foot; left-handed golfer: left foot) , in the middle of the foot where you can push off the ball on the downswing toward your target. When the ball is in the right position, it will prevent you from “swaying” your knees backward and start making you pivot your hips on the backswing. Remember to never let your weight get “outside” your back leg on the backswing.

Ball tucked under the foot...


Don’t let your back leg get “outside”...

Perfect finish!

September 5th & October 3rd

Call 664-6404 for reservations

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by Mary Anne Dixon, S.O.W.G.A. Vice President

Ladies’ Thursday Winners:

July 25 1 st Gross - Josephine Shih, 1 st Net - Claire Boone, 2 nd Net - Louise Arreola Chip-ins - Claire Boone and Josephine Shih August 1 Ace of the Month - Linda Ho ff , 2 nd Net - Sloan Holmes Chip-ins - Linda Ho ff and Kay Bardin Closest-to-the-Pin – Linda Hoff August 8 1 st Gross - Sun Song, 1 st Net - Josephine Shih, 2 nd Net - Louise Arreola L-o-o-o-n-g Chip-in – Louise Arreola Closest-to-the-Pin - Betty Lim With school back in session and the weather starting to cool, we hope to see more ladies come out to play in the Ladies’ Games on Thursday! Don’t forget to sign up in the Golf Shop for the Away Trip to Alisal on September 19 th . In return, we will be hosting the ladies from Alisal on September 26 th . This should be a really fun exchange. A lot of effort has been made to put on this event and we really need our ladies’ participation to make it successful. Additional information and cost is available in the Pro Shop. Our Fall Quarterly Scramble is on September 12 – we hope to see a lot of new faces! Sign up in the Golf Shop. Last year we had a “Wine and Cheese Chiller” kicking o ff our Fall play and we are planning another get-together in October. Be on the lookout for more information this month. Most Improved Player for June was Sharold McBride; from 22.5 to 20.4 Most Improved Player for July was Josephine Shih; from 18.0 to 15.8 Last, but certainly not least, our Invitational Tournament is November is 5, 6, 7. We had a full tournament last year, so don’t wait to sign up! Invitations will be e-mailed out on September 3 rd – contact our Member Services Director, Eryn Urban for an invitation if it didn’t hit your Inbox! August15 1 st Gross - Sun Song, 1 st Net - Kay Bardin, 2 nd Net - Linda Ho ff Chip-in – Claire Boone Closest-to-the-Pin - Linda Ho ff

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This month’s Fore the Golfer Video:

by Jay Ervine, Director of Agronomy

I wanted to give you an update on where we are with our construction project on the original Back-9 and what to expect in the coming weeks. As of this writ- ing, we have the greens complexes cleaned up and about ready for sod on holes 1-4, sod laying will begin on September 4th. The final shaping of bunkers on holes 1, 2, & 4 is done and #3 will be finished by the end of the week. The crew has begun installing sand this week in greenside bunkers to stay ahead of sod. Irrigation is now complete with the new additions and they are finishing up wiring repairs as we reprogram the irrigation computer for the new heads. The rough shaping on holes 5-9 is complete around all the greens, including bunkers. The final shaping on these holes will be complete next week. All sod should be laid around greens by the end of the second week of September. With the fairway bunkers to follow. When the sod work is complete around the greens they’ll be seeded. We’re shooting for the second week of September, the same time frame as the Oaks last year. The project is on time to date and we should be playing the new greens in early December, as long as Mother Nature cooperates.

Naturalized Areas on Golf Courses

Sand being installed at # 1 green

The Seven Oaks Scene

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by Dave Krueger, Tennis Director

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable heart pumping fitness class on a tennis court, open to everyone, and no Tennis experience is needed! You can burn up to 700 per class with dynamic stretching, hitting lots of tennis balls and engaging in other cardio activity to energetic, motivating music!

Mondays 6:30 - 7:30pm. $15 per class. Call Jonni at 714-366-2985 to sign up.

Jonni’s Adult Beginner Tennis Drills

Wednesdays 9 – 10:30am. This is the best way to get in to tennis. Whether you have never played before or it’s been a really long time, this class is for you! If you don’t have a racquet or you feel your racquet is outdated, don’t worry, we have plenty of Demo racquets you can try out. Wednesdays 6:30 – 8pm & Thursdays 8 - 9:30am. $15 per person. This program is a fast moving, very intensive hitting and drilling course. The emphasis is on playing points and hitting ‘zillions’ of balls. Must have a USTA rating 3.5 and above. For Wednesdays call Jason at 661-717-4217 and Jonni at 714-366-2985 for Thursdays. Liveball

Red Ball Future Stars begins September 5 th ! Red Ball is every Thursday from 4-5pm, ages 5-8 years old. This Quick start program uses fun games and drills to help develop good ball tracking skills. Students will also learn proper court movement and basic swing patterns to enhance hand-eye coordination and ball striking skills. Big, easy-to-hit red balls will be used to accelerate their learning process. Orange Ball Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4-5:30pm, ages 7-10. Players ready to play on a slightly larger court. The classes are designed to continue building athletic skills while learning or refining the skills necessary to serve, rally and score. Green Ball Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4-5:30pm, ages 7-10. Green ball is designed for beginner to intermediate level players ages 7-10. We coach using a rally-based curriculum and focuses on scoring, serve and serve return with sound footwork. Players learn how to properly position themselves to execute groundstrokes and volleys, hit with purpose, serve and ultimately sustain a rally of varying speed and duration. Yellow Ball Tuesday and Thursday 4-5:30pm, ages 11-18. On court drills will include point play, dead ball drills, fitness drills and mental toughness skills. Match play focuses on players using tactical and technical skills developed during practice. It consists of players understanding the fundamentals of scoring, using tactics to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses and playing to their own strengths.

4.0 Women’s League (4.0)

Fridays 9 - 11am. This 6 week league will start September 6 th . Contact Jonni to sign up 714-366- 2985.

Men’s Advanced Doubles League (4.0, 4.5)

Mondays at 6pm. September 23 – October 14 th . Sign-up before September 9 th . Contact Jason Broussard 661-717-4217.

Tennis Tip Work on your Mental Toughness. I recommend reading The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance by W. Timothy Gallwey. This book has helped many top tennis pros and other top athletes with their “mental game” (Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks and former USC Football coach, makes all his players read this book). In one sentence I will give you the main point of his book: Only take on one task at a time and perfect this one task before you move on to another.

The Seven Oaks Scene

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Aloha, Everyone! Come join Seven Oaks for our Cheeseburger in Paradise Pickleball Tournament. You heard that right - a tournament with all the Island Vibes! This fun event is open for ALL skill levels: beginners (3.0), intermediate (3.5), and upper intermediate (4.0). Let’s Pickleball our way into an exciting evening. At 5pm, the Party begins! Did someone say, ‘margaritas?’ Even if you didn’t play during the day, come out and join the fun anyway! Don’t miss out on our delicious island-inspired food and cocktails. It’s time to pull out your favorite Hawaiian shirt and grass skirt! Get ready to shake your coconuts as we hula the night away! Pickleball Tip One of the easiest ways to take advantage of your opponent is to find the gaps and spaces on their side of the court. One player positioned at the net and the other at the baseline creates a big cross-court target for you to place your shot. Whenever they are spread out you’ll see more game winning opportunities. But don’t let this happen on your side of the court!

Twilight Pickleball Results: August 6 th

1 st Place Tie !!!

Ian & Maria McGilvray (left) and Clare Gilliam & Adrian Magallanes (right)

3rd Place

Denise Skacic & Ali Bakoo

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by Nikki Billiard, Fitness Director

Weight Loss Challenge Why wait for the New Year to start on the path to better health? Join us for our 6-week Weight Loss Challenge, September 16th - October 28th! The cost is $30 per person and includes weekly weigh in/tracking from 8 - 11am every Monday or Tuesday ( if you can’t make weigh in, please talk with Nikki about alternate tracking) , Trainer Advice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 - 10am and... Cash prizes will be awarded to the Top 3 Members that have the lost the largest percentage of body weight. Prize amounts will be based on the number of participants. E-mail, call or text Nikki at or 661-205-8287 to sign up for the Challenge.

Free Nutrition Seminar

Have you ever wondered about the importance of nutrition with exercise or get confused on what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to help accomplish your physical goals? If you have these questions or just want to know what role food plays in obtaining your fitness needs, join us from 5:30 - 6:30pm on Wednesday, September 18th for a free nutritional seminar. Nicole Giumarra, registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and Seven Oaks member, will be here to talk about simple nutritional and lifestyle habits to support your health and fitness goals. Nicole has worked as a clinical dietitian in hospitals and long-term care and has provided medical nutrition therapy to patients with a wide range of health conditions. She also does one on one coaching for sports nutrition and lifestyle choices. With the start of our 6 week weight loss challenge that week, it is the perfect time to “bulk up” your nutritional health knowledge!

RSVP on Clubster or call 664-6404 to sign up.

Hydrostatic Weighing The Hydro Truck is coming back on October 6 th ! If you are just starting your fitness journey or want improve and dial in on the one you are already on, this is the Gold Standard way of testing.

Why get tested? You will get to see:

~ Your fat & fat free body mass ~ Calories you burn each day without exercising ~ Calories you burn from different exercises ~ Where you compare on a scale of age and gender

If you have any questions you can call Nikki at 661-805-8287 or check out

The Seven Oaks Scene

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The Seven Oaks Book Club meets each month to discuss books on a reading list which is selected by mutual consent of the Book Club members. All members of SOCC are cordially invited to attend.

This month’s selection is …

Drop your car off next to the Tennis Pool area or give your keys to the Golf Shop and we will do the rest!

Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana, Jr .

This is a hand wash interior and exterior service, including tire dressing .

Our next meeting is September 26th at 5:00 pm.

You can charge it on your member account! Give it a try!

We would love to see you there!

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